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Pent Up 🔒𖦹 ⋆。♡ by SubmissiveAuthorBoy
Pent Up 🔒𖦹 ⋆。♡by SubAuthorBoy
After meeting a new girl, Malakai, Leo quickly discovered they had a few things in common- their love of each other, their eagerness to experiment sexually, and a newfou...
Kevin's edging party (and he can't cum) by _ac3ofspad3s_
Kevin's edging party (and he can't...by ⭐🦇Jaydin🎧⭐
Kevin solo masturbation (also the cover is /j I promise)
Eli Sunday Smut book by Moistcuticles69
Eli Sunday Smut bookby ♡Xavier♡
Basically just what the title says.
It's a long way down by localbwean
It's a long way downby localbwean
Dramatic romance with twists turns and kidnapping
Storage room by 6Make_Me_Scream9
Storage roomby ♡make♥me♥scream♡
you and graves get locked in a storage room together. what else is there to say
Her's by arlecchinostraprider
Her'sby fuhua's fav♡
Your master uses her dear pet
An Exchange (Andy x Reader - The Coffin of Andy and Leyley) by chokehxld
An Exchange (Andy x Reader - The C...by chokehxld
(AN: This was originally a one shot, which is why scenes escalate very quickly in this.) Ever since you've been locked up for a sickness that you're not even sure exists...
Coffee by 6Make_Me_Scream9
Coffeeby ♡make♥me♥scream♡
After chatting with Aether and Sodo about Terzo's sexual interests, you decided to make you way to his office with coffee in hand, only when you made it down there you d...
Enough. (mxm BDSM short story) by Kaiah_Love
Enough. (mxm BDSM short story)by Kaiah_Love
Mischievous little Lance and his two best friends, Seth and Ezra decided it was a good idea to meet up with each other one day without telling their dominants. What coul...
Tiny uwu bean by tinyuwubean
Tiny uwu beanby tinyuwubean
Family drama uwu bean can't chose (this is for sigmas only) with writing help of my alpha friends
Dsaf Kinky Oneshots  by AngelMasterMind3
Dsaf Kinky Oneshots by ✨Skid✨
uh yeah I'll do requests ig
LOST CONFUSED AND AFRIAD by ___thumper____
this book is about a young boy who was beaten and treated wrong threw out his child hood this book will bring many mixed emotions to the reader so have your tissues ready
The Summer Everything Changed.                                  (Coming April 1) by omfg_imhottt
The Summer Everything Changed...by omfg_imhottt
Ivory Wren perfect family everyone dreamed of having both parents still in love and together best little sister, best friend group or at least she thought until they sta...
Scar x Oliver  by lawdexplosionmurder
Scar x Oliver by Anglebee
This is abt a tall man and a short Pearson
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas by kissme3D
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Veg...by Angelíca
It all started in a casino somewhere in Vegas, celebrating her 21st birthday with her friends, Alexa somehow ends up in a poker game with the man who would soon turn her...