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Sister Location: Michael Afton x Reader by Sansxkenzie
Sister Location: Michael Afton x Sansxkenzie
Sister Location. Michael Afton got a job at Freddy Fazbear's Sister Location. But the thing is.... this isn't the video game this is real life. And u are the helper...
The Bond by Hansel0611
The Bondby *Hansel_L 「Rai」ツ
Warning: MY AU, slow build romance, miss typos, cursing word, slow update Contains only a small daily life between Michael Afton and the animatronic that killed him; Enn...
Michael Afton x Reader by stay__connected
Michael Afton x Readerby stay__connected
after moving to a new town for a chance at a brand new start, you become the newest staff member at a children's pizzeria, thinking it will be a normal, simple job. howe...
Aftons Stuck in a Room for 24 Hours by BluAndTheAftons
Aftons Stuck in a Room for 24 Hoursby BluAndTheAftons
Years have passed since the Afton's last met. Buy what happens if they must meet again for 24 hours? Will there be happiness, sadness, fear, anger and more? But a lot of...
One For All (Five Nights at Freddy's) by DatPinkTomboy
One For All (Five Nights at DatPinkReptile
'One for all' is the story of four friends working in the loved 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza'. Gabriel Flores, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Susie Cowan and Michael Schmidt,or Afton, ha...
Afton family meets BNHA by Cornbreadcaity
Afton family meets BNHAby Cornbreadcaity
Did you ever wonder what would happen if the Afton family met BNHA? Well now you don't have to wonder anymore, because I'm giving it too you! Also, none of the character...
Where You Go - A Kai Satou Fanfiction by street-rat
Where You Go - A Kai Satou aladdin
Kai Satou, the tallest man in all of the land gets kicked out but his ugly dead-beat father. This tale tells us his adventures across the magical country Egbenedia. most...
My Eggs (A Michael Afton x Reader) by SunnyGum_
My Eggs (A Michael Afton x Reader)by SunnyGum_
She/Her pronouns First book Not my art. All credits to Derekcchu on Pinterest I'll try to post every week
-My Burnt Spaghetti- Mennard by Reading_Gay_WrtesGAY
-My Burnt Spaghetti- Mennardby |They_Boss|
After Michael got scooped, Ennard escaped SL in Mike's body. Michael wakes up, they become friends. Family reunion, dating, illusion disks, and more. Art in this book i...
Emma? - FNaF Story by 1se___
Emma? - FNaF Storyby 1se__
i do not care what any of you say. i am making michael trans and you cant do anything about it <3
𝐓𝐀𝐃𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐀 ;; Michael A. by peaachygranger
𝐓𝐀𝐃𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐀 ;; Michael ┇𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖆 🌷 ݈݇⎼
In an attempt to evade the police, William Afton escaped to the Philippines with his son. Adjusting to a foreign environment was not easy for Michael, luckily a certain...
Circus Baby x Fem!Reader  by sleepinthrumyalarms
Circus Baby x Fem!Reader by lilac and gooseberries
-> OneShots -> Headcannons -> Would Includes this is not exactly an AU, but CB has a more human appearance here. she is still a robot tho. idk if the fandom is...
Of Course You Did (Michael Afton/Mike Schmidt x Rick Maxson/Jeremy Fitzgerald) by Deztrap1987
Of Course You Did (Michael Afton/ Ya Boi Rick~!
Rick Maxson and Michael Afton had been friends for as long as they can remember, and they trust each other with their lives. Then, a grave injury tears them apart for ye...
Ask or Dare FNAF Sister Location! by TheStoryteller9
Ask or Dare FNAF Sister Location!by sion
Eggs Benedict: Hey, this is an ask or dare book or uh something *looks at notecards* Don't forget to try The Granny Smasher at Perkins? Who wrote these notes?! Baby: We'...
Forgive by gooberW32710
Forgiveby Gabriella willrich
this is an Afton family story, about them reuniting.
Daganrapa headcannons! by XxWeirdRiceBallxX
Daganrapa headcannons!by Stay Safe!
I don't really know what a Headcannon is, but by reading a lot of them, seems like it's stuff that you make up- sorry if these will be bad!
Ask the Afton Family Family ft SpringTrap and Ennard by This_Random_Weirdo
Ask the Afton Family Family ft This_Random_Weirdo
You can ask the Afton Family! You can also ask them Dares as well! There are rules: No heat and other inappropriate questions and dares!
In Too Deep  by Written-By-A-Writer
In Too Deep by Written-By-A-Writer
Harmless little story between Fritz smith and Eggs Benedict ( First story sorry if it's not perfect)
RANDOMNESS!!! by -_-Blueberry_-_
this is my first ever book! so don't be mad if there are grammar mistakes! my sister is helping learn!!