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Contagion of Madness by JadenSeptum
Contagion of Madnessby Gem
Ah! A new arrival! I'm so happy I could tear out your intestines and strangle you with them! I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm Sheogorath, Prince of Madness. An...
Trick the World -Eater~ Elder Scrolls fan fiction! by Moose-Lord
Trick the World -Eater~ Elder Scro...by Moose-Lord
Karliah, the dragonborn, the kind to sneak around in deadric armour. The kind to somehow trick the World-Eater, Alduin, Bane of kings. (This book is short by the way) I...
Fangs from The Marsh by Himbo-Dino
Fangs from The Marshby Alejandro
The Empeor is dead! The Septim dynasty wiped from the face of Nirn by the hands of The Mythic Dawn, Mehrunes Dagon's cultists bring about anarchy across all of Tamriel a...
Sky Above. Voice Within. by sowen02
Sky Above. Voice Within.by S Owen
Alduin has been defeated & Verdandi asks Tsun to send her back to Tamriel. But what happens when she ends up somewhere else? Was it a mistake or was it fate? What lies i...
What If: Mankar Cameron Beat Wolfgirl? by Wolfgirl_Afton
What If: Mankar Cameron Beat Wolfg...by Wolfgirl
The quest for retrieving the amulet of kings appears to be coming to an end, until Wolfgirl finds herself on death's doorstep, only to be saved from being pulled in his...
Locks ( an ES universe story ) by TheScarletHoodie
Locks ( an ES universe story )by ScarletHoodie
This story takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe because it's just a darn cool place, I might make some lore up to fill in blanks on the way, but I'm kind of a lore...
The Hero's Wife by EmeraldDraegon
The Hero's Wifeby Tauren O'Shea
What if the Hero of Kvatch had been married? How would his wife feel about his adventures? Let her tell you all about it in this one-shot based on Bethesda's Elder Scrol...
A Lucky Day: An Oblivion Short-story by EmeraldDraegon
A Lucky Day: An Oblivion Short-sto...by Tauren O'Shea
Waking up in prison wasn't exactly his idea of a good start to the day. But when Emperor Uriel Septim escapes through his cell, it seems his day may get better... until...
Vampires of The Daedra by Wolfgirl_Afton
Vampires of The Daedraby Wolfgirl
Waking up to the apocalypse was not the ideal way for her to start the next day, but before she could stop it, Wolfgirl is plunged into the middle of a vampire invasion...
In Love and War by kendrixtrixie
In Love and Warby Kendrix Trixie
Set in 4E 201 Skyrim, In Love and War follows the story of Talia Maro, a young woman from Cyrodiil, who discovers the empire she swore fealty to is not as caring and hon...