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Vampire and Prejudice by Eerienette
Vampire and Prejudiceby Eerienette
She is a barely tolerable girl, and he is a vampire who has no time for such nonsense. In 1811 England, a duel of feelings is nigh as the characters must wage battle wit...
Eliza and Will by fantasy_daydream
Eliza and Willby fantasy_daydream
In a modern day adaptation based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, follow the lives of Eliza Bennett and William Darcy as their paths cross. WARNING: **Not to be rep...
Love Comes Softly [Pride & Prejudice] ↠  Fitzwilliam Darcy by arrthurpendragon
Love Comes Softly [Pride & Prejudi...by ˗ ˋˏKassandraˎˊ˗
Beatrice did not want to marry her intended, but she had no choice in the matter. Her reputation was in tatters and no other prospects would dare look at her. This mar...
Licorice and Ink | Mr. Darcy by willingly
Licorice and Ink | Mr. Darcyby 𝐕𝐈
All of her life, Elodie Bennet had expectations set upon her, expectations that all young women had. As the second eldest, she was meant to care for her younger sisters...
Christmas at Pemberley by megosbornewrites
Christmas at Pemberleyby meg
Newly-married Mr and Mrs Darcy are excited to celebrate Christmas in Derbyshire, and Georgiana with them, but Elizabeth is eager to matchmake just a little...
Pride and Prejudice ✔ by RedneckxAngel
Pride and Prejudice ✔by Tiffany
Elizabeth Bennet lives with her mother, father, and sisters in the English countryside. As the eldest, she faces mounting pressure from her parents to marry. When the ou...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The beginning by rochellewriter
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, T...by ElizabethDarcy98
After a great tragedy strikes the Bennet household, the Bennet sisters must find a new purpose in life. One in which the undead stay dead. After meeting the acquaintanc...
A Continued Affection by megosbornewrites
A Continued Affectionby meg
Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet acknowledge their true feelings for one another - Follows on from The Beginning of Hope
Mr Darcy's Summer Surprise - A Pride and Prejudice Variation by megosbornewrites
Mr Darcy's Summer Surprise - A Pri...by meg
Romance at Rosings... Persuaded to visit his aunt and cousins by his sister Georgiana, Fitzwilliam Darcy is surprised to run across the very person he has tried for mont...
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculum by JanaWilde
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculumby JanaWilde
Elizabeth Bennet didn't need distractions, she was just attempting to make it through college with good enough grades to get accepted into med school. But she hadn't co...
Darcy's Cinderlla - A Pride and Prejudice Variation by BellaBreen3
Darcy's Cinderlla - A Pride and Pr...by Bella Breen
Is Mr. Darcy Too Late? While Mr. Darcy rushes to London to help Lydia avoid ruination, the unexpected death of their father throws Elizabeth Bennet's future into doubt. ...
First Impressions: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Adaptation by DirectorPurry
First Impressions: A Modern Pride...by DirectorPurry
The timeless classic "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen updated and retold for the 21st century. Liz Bennet lives with her parents and four sisters in the r...
Overcome (A P&P fanfiction) by Ansujali
Overcome (A P&P fanfiction)by Ansujali
A Pride and Prejudice fanfiction. Regency setting. Based on the 2005 movie - picking up the story with the trainwreck proposal in the rain which ends with Darcy actually...
Heiress of Austenland by JadenSeptum
Heiress of Austenlandby Gem
Fanfiction for the book "Austenland" written by Shannon Hale And of the film "Austenland" (2013) directed by Jerusha Hess An almost parody of Pr...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and You by rosefox_05
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies an...by rosefox_05
This is a world of war. A world only warriors could survive. A world where love is not important anymore for it is your life that is important. Colonel Darcy, a man whic...
The Conqueress by H0llyFost3r
The Conqueressby Girlmeetsbook=fangirl
Elizabeth Andromeda Potter. Twin Who Lived The Gray Light Hogwarts Queen Honorary of all houses Woman with a dragon' s heart The Conqueress Echidna Kampe Mythical queen ...
Impatience is a Virtue by sammymillzer
Impatience is a Virtueby sammymillzer
The lives of the Bennet sisters take a decided turn when Darcy and Elizabeth meet on Oakham Mount the morning of the Netherfield Ball. Follow their adventures, heartbrea...
Pride and Prejudice (Continued in Elizabeth's perspective) by ElizabethsInk
Pride and Prejudice (Continued in...by Elizabeth
This is a continuation of the 2005 version of 'Pride and Prejudice'. It is written from Elizabeth's point of view therefore making the story more about her personal life...
Pride and Prejudice by OldTexts
Pride and Prejudiceby OldTexts
Written by Jane Austen and published in 1813.
Second Impressions by penny_broz
Second Impressionsby Penny :)
What if Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet had met before.... What if they had parted on less than civil terms.... ...And what is they when they meet again sparks fly uncont...