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Broken but Healing~{2} by staymagic
Broken but Healing~{2}by ~keep on dreaming~
"I'm coming for you son.. and I will make your life hell!" Precisely 1 year after the police Gabriel Agreste for child abuse towards his only son Adrien Agres...
Warped Reality by HyruleAtWar
Warped Realityby HyruleAtWar
When Hawkmoth begins attacking only at night, our two heros Ladybug and Chat Noir begin suffering from sleep deprivation. Which unfortunately led to mistakes being made...
A Price To Pay by miraculousluver0306
A Price To Payby hey
After Adrien brings his mother back, it leaves a devastating effect on Marinette. *Short story* Disclaimer: I don't own any character
Afterlife (Miraculous Fanfic) by bugichaton
Afterlife (Miraculous Fanfic)by em
After Hawkmoth has been defeated, the heroes reveal their true identities. However, they forgot something, which led to a worse nightmare for Paris...
Half Way by alvares715
Half Wayby alvares715
Marinette finally confesses her feelings to Adrien. And that leads to a series of events that no one expected. Set after season three. #1 Halfway #1 AdrienAgreste #1 La...
No Way Out  by alvares715
No Way Out by alvares715
The fourth part of the 'Halfway - All the Way - One Way or Another' series. Set 5 years after the ending of 'One Way or Another.'
Under The Surface by OmenWryte
Under The Surfaceby Omen Wryte
You all know Marinette has secrets, she's ladybug for goodness sake! But what if there was more to her story then just being the spotted heroine. What if there were thin...
Removing the Mask (Book Two) by suniboba
Removing the Mask (Book Two)by Sun
This is a sequel to Behind the Mask. If you haven't read that book yet, please do so before reading this book. Adrien struggles with his depression after his father was...
Back to Back 2 by alvares715
Back to Back 2by alvares715
You guessed it, this is the sequel to 'Back to Back.' Please read that story first, which is an alternative season five.
That Day by Arolla_Pine
That Dayby Lena Klimka
The story begins on the day when Adrien was rescued from the crowd of fans. It turns out that it was the very important day. Warning! A lot of season 2 spoilers!
Gabenath One shots by Editcenteral
Gabenath One shotsby QueenNath
Gabenath Oneshots !PROMPTS NEEDED!
Ladybug Gone Bad by zeetheshipper
Ladybug Gone Badby zeetheshipper
here's the gist. Ladybug wasn't raised by her mom and dad, Sabine and Tom Dupain-Cheng, she was trained as a ruthless assassin and daughter of the one and only Hawkmoth...
A Miraculous Tale: Peacock by goldenbooks2020
A Miraculous Tale: Peacockby A.G. White
(Fanfic #6) When Adrien and Marinette start working on a school research project together, they happen upon one of Emilie's old diaries. They begin reading it and find o...
gabenath oneshots by ParisianAmour
gabenath oneshotsby ParisianAmour
If anyone has any prompts, I will be writing them on here, and maybe turning them into chapters. 🎉 🥰 PROMPTS NEEDED! 🙏
Dark Coccinelle by RoseCatulus
Dark Coccinelleby RoseCatulus
Marinette is under pressure. She is the new Miraculous box holder. She still fights as Ladybug and has lots of homework to do. Lila decides to turn her friends against h...
A Miraculous Tale: The Reign of Lila Rossi by goldenbooks2020
A Miraculous Tale: The Reign of Li...by A.G. White
(Fanfic #8) After the defeat of Hawk Moth, Lila Rossi stole the butterfly miraculous. Now that she has powers, she is on a rampage to rid Paris of its beloved heroes. So...
You On Your Own Nath by nathalieswiftie13
You On Your Own Nathby 🦚
even thought emilie is gone her lover boy is gone and gabriel is fallin to his madness nathalie always thought that she is meant to be alone eminath and gabenath nathal...
Nathalies Diary by PeppermintKatt
Nathalies Diaryby Peppermint Kat
Read to find out. Agreste angst and love <3 GABENATH!!!!!
Lies in Paris --A Nathalie Sancoeur Story  by RED068
Lies in Paris --A Nathalie Sancoeu...by Red
What if Nathalie is not what it seems to be , what if she in fact wants the miraculouses for her own?? I don't own any of the Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir cha...
Blue Peacock (UP FOR ADOPTION!) by funtom_bunny
Blue Peacock (UP FOR ADOPTION!)by ♥☆ 🆂🆃🅰🆁 ☆♥
In the finale of the successful "All the Things She Feels" series, players have switched sides. With Ladybug missing for the second time since Marinette's akum...