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Emma Gilbert - Harry Potter + Vampire Diaries by owlwobble
Emma Gilbert - Harry Potter + Vamp...by owlwobble
I am a witch of the Merlin's Clan. They doubt about me but i guess they had their reason. (This Story is a Vampire Diaries - Harry Potter Fan Fic) Also im not followin...
The Pranksters Sister  •   Remus Lupin  • ON HOLD by NLPrivett
The Pranksters Sister • Remus L...by Tasha Privett
Emma Potter had spent 13 years in America attending Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but when something happens in her second year that leads her to be expel...
Mia & Emma Potter by Mahsapotterhead
Mia & Emma Potterby Mahsa Mohasseli
We all know that J.K.Rowling confirmed that Lily potter was pregnant when she died. But what if she survived and her second child was born? What would happen in triwiza...
If Harry Potter had a sister by harrypotter0826
If Harry Potter had a sisterby harrypotter0826
Harry potter's lost sister what will happen read to find out
I can't live without you! [maraulders fanfic] by BiChocoBee
I can't live without you! [marauld...by Bee
hi, i'm emma potter and i'm starting my first year at hogwarts. its amaizing, I'm now in my 5th year and I love Hogwarts until weird timgs start to happen..... hi, Welko...
WILD FLOWERS [ MEET MY OC'S ] by marauuuders
"kill your darlings, kill all your darlings." in which milli finally becomes her own character trash... { ©copyright 2017 || maliasmccall }
Emma Potter {currently on hold} by accioremus
Emma Potter {currently on hold}by Emma🥀
this book is currently on hold. i don't know how long for, but im just really struggling to write new chapters atm ♡ see ya at some point just another of the same •side...
Hey, Little Potter || Draco x Reader  by riley_hannah_scott14
Hey, Little Potter || Draco x Read...by RHScott14
- Hey, little one -. It was Draco. - What do you want, Malfoy? - you asked. He was walking towards you, with a smile on his face and arched eyebrows. - I just wanted to...
Another Potter by Narcissamalfoy6337
Another Potterby Narcissamalfoy6337
I am Emma Potter. Yes you heard me right Potter. I am Harry Potter's twin sister who lives with his other aunt and uncle. I was lied to all my life that my parents could...
The Magical Gems by HeartSwirlWhooves
The Magical Gemsby HeartSwirlWhooves
Emma arrived back in that place. Figure out why she saw the vision. Take in as Emma takes in a importan role
Samantha and Emma Potter by katysapsford2013
Samantha and Emma Potterby katy_sapsford
~hi my name is Katy and for English homework once I had to write about somewhere unforgettable and I choose Hogwarts and I thought why not post it on wattpad and carry i...