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Come With Me (Ranboo Adoption Au) by GalaxyGamer0960
Come With Me (Ranboo Adoption Au)by GalaxyGamer0960
In a world where Y/n feels lonely at home, she goes to a far away forest to find something to adopt. She finds and adopts this hybrid and they spend a ton of time togeth...
Fatherly Instincts  by whyiseverythingtak
Fatherly Instincts by Thegayssss
(Y/n) had always lived a very nomadic life style, when on his adventures he runs into a blonde boy. His instincts drive him to care for the boy, having been in a similar...
The Snow Girl (A Minecraft Story) by OliviaLovesSnow
The Snow Girl (A Minecraft Story)by ❄️TheSnowGirl❄️
"I've... Died?" The Snow Girl choked. She clutched her heart, and fell to her knees, looking at the ground. "Ah, nay child. I am the one who determines th...
How to flirt with tall ender boys. (Reader x Ranboo.) by Reaper_Reap_13
How to flirt with tall ender boys...by Colell12
Y/n is Philza's youngest child and Tommy's twin. She was always more of a wild card then Tommy or wilbur. And was closet to her older brother techno. But one day off on...
What if Deku was Ranboo by DuskTheFroggo
What if Deku was Ranbooby Dusk
What if Deku's life had a strange turn? What if he never encountered all might? What will happen when he is brought to a different dimension? And what if 1-A accidentall...
||Minecraft X Twisted Wonderland|| Various X GenderNeutral!Ender"man"!Reader by HugFromUncleYoriichi
||Minecraft X Twisted Wonderland||...by When You Get A Hug From Uncle...
(!!Cover is temporary at the moment!!) In which an Ender"man" from Minecraft somehow finds themselves stuck in Twisted Wonderland, unable to teleport between d...
A Discarded Memory (M!Creepypasta x M!Reader) by Sleepysheepy11
A Discarded Memory (M!Creepypasta...by Floofy hair
One day Slender accidentally speaks of someone that he shouldn't have, and the proxies get curious. As they begin to investigate, they stumble upon the story of an old m...
The Special Enderman by PlayerWolf063
The Special Endermanby Player
This story is about an Enderman that is much more different than a normal Enderman. His life is terrible. All the other Enderman hated him without any good reason. When...
『PURPLE  EYES』Endermanxreader by Amina0786
『PURPLE EYES』Endermanxreaderby Amina0786
You are suddenly transported into a magical world of creativity and destruction with everything made of... Blocks? What happens if a girl suddenly sleeps one night to...
Monster School Oneshots and Scenarios (Read Desc) by Lexie_xXD
Monster School Oneshots and Scenar...by Lexie
!!PLEASE READ!! I'm doing this again. My other one was decent, but I much prefer to make a new one with (somewhat?) better writing and detail. And since the other book w...
Lesson One - A Monster School Fic by p0tat0-g0ddess
Lesson One - A Monster School Ficby potato goddess
14-year-old Y/N is the lucky recipient of a full scholarship to a prestigious, if mysterious, private high school. But they're in a big surprise when they arrive- all th...
Wither x Skeleton~ A Monster School Au by thatsmolgrape
Wither x Skeleton~ A Monster Schoo...by 星辰大海
!!My first attempt at a Minecraft story, please bear with me!! ·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ This book was inspired by Platabush's Monster School Au. The characters will be the same, except...
Lycoris || Technoblade x OC by Readerobsessions
Lycoris || Technoblade x OCby Readerobsession
Lycoris, a flower more commonly referred to as Spider Lily. The flower means death and reincarnation, known for its long and thin pedals.
奔跑後的落葉- Wither x Skeleton Fanfic by thatsmolgrape
奔跑後的落葉- Wither x Skeleton Fanficby 星辰大海
//奔跑後的落葉// bēn pǎo hòu de lùo yè ** I looked through the clear glass of the classroom, hoping to see him. The wind was becoming a lot stronger now. My classmates looked...
Not All Of Us Are Evil (Wither x Skeleton)[BEING REWRITTEN- THIS IS THE OLD ONE] by Lexie_xXD
Not All Of Us Are Evil (Wither x S...by Lexie
This is basically just a Wither x Skeleton fanfic. I'm not gonna make this go too quickly, I find those types of stories a little boring. There will be swearing. Xx
○quackbur OneShots◇ by sapnapsleftbuttcheak
○quackbur OneShots◇by Big Q
i don't know what the fuck i'm doing these are are all mainly fluff and some angst lemon and maybe smut idk I will try to update this books as much as I can but I will...
tommyinnit oneshots by bisexual-queen
tommyinnit oneshotsby bisexual-queen
not my cover probably some angst when I feel like it, probably a lot happy ones.
Action Stations! (TubboxRanboo) by Lightsmack
Action Stations! (TubboxRanboo)by Lightsmack
Newly promoted Captain Mark Ranboo of the Federal Navy was given command of the Farragut-Class Battlecruiser FNS Dauntless. There, he meets an unusual Lieutenant called...
The Assassin & The Royal  A Ranboo x Reader by Glitch_Dragon_
The Assassin & The Royal A Ranboo...by Glitch
"You promised..." Y/N was raised from birth by the residents of the nether, and they hated hybrids from the End kingdom. They kept telling her that endermen an...
A New World. (Herobrine x Reader) by AngelHeartSunGoddess
A New World. (Herobrine x Reader)by wa wa wee wa
You spawn in a new world, not knowing where you are, all you know is your name, (y/n). You meet a new friend, defeat some monsters and get creeped out by the two white...