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The Enforcer by rova_thive
The Enforcerby Rova Thive
Tired of the clutches of her royal life, and her fake, leech-like friends who only want her for her status and for the King, Sienna decides to quit everything and start...
The 27th by MaliaReeds
The 27thby Malia
Upon the seemingly never ending disappearance of teens from various packs among the nation, the packs began to grow worried. With the build up of grief from those suffe...
The Enforcer's Daughter by Ruellecharlotte
The Enforcer's Daughterby Audrey Dismuke
This is a story about a young teen girl looking for her father. She never knew her mother because her mother put her up for adoption because her mother was hurt. So the...
I fell in love with a war (Vi x Reader ff)  by Ur_localsociopath
I fell in love with a war (Vi x Re...by Freya<3
Y/n grew up in the lanes, parents killed by enforcers and she had nothing until Vander took her in as a kid, she meets new kids her age but as they grow older a certain...
One More Firelight [An Arcane Fanfic] by Expecto_fandom89
One More Firelight [An Arcane Fanf...by SteamHeart
[Various Arcane x reader] Y/N is the best at what they do. A student at the university by day... the best thief in Piltover by night. That is until one job leads to them...
Izuku-The Toxic Enforcer by YavesArch
Izuku-The Toxic Enforcerby TheArch
It all happened right after Izuku had barely gotten his quirk he and his mom got caught up in a hostage situation and didn't end on a good note. Izuku was angry at himse...
Welcome to the loop.  by DJjammer
Welcome to the loop. by DJjammer
Fortnite, a game that enticed so many people of different ages around the world, but what if I told you........it was just a window into another reality. You'd probably...
The Alpha and The Enforcer by chocoluver14
The Alpha and The Enforcerby chocoluver14
Mistakes happen all the time. The Moon Goddess made a mistake when she had ruined the sacred ritual of combining two promised souls to form a mated pair. Victoria Muse...
Enforcing Boundaries (Book 1) by EvaHarper
Enforcing Boundaries (Book 1)by Eva Harper
The wolves were never the most frightening thing in Margo's world. No, the most frightening thing had to be the people under the wolves' fur. Because it wasn't wild wol...
Piltover's protectors | Vi X Caitlyn  | !!Outdated!! by ChaoticLesBean
Piltover's protectors | Vi X Caitl...by Slow asf updates
If you can't read the title, this is a MAJOR TIME outdated fanfic, this was started 4 to 5 years ago when I was in sophomore year high school, and now I'm a college drop...
Nemesis - Book 3 of the Hunted series. by Corinder
Nemesis - Book 3 of the Hunted ser...by Corinder
Werewolf bite. Gift, right? Not really. Anne, and countless other women, were bitten, tortured, harrassed, assulted and held against their will for months before she esc...
Sinner or Saint? by TwilightsPrince
Sinner or Saint?by Nova
After Yuki is killed Makashima decides to make Akane his next pawn in the game.
Psycho Pass: Enforcers Love: Kagari and you by luotaku13
Psycho Pass: Enforcers Love: Kagar...by luotaku13
The Sibyl Sistem controls the world. It decides your future, some people are happy with the judge of Sybil Sistem but other people....The Sybil Sistem has ruined their l...
The Travelling Luna by XxNixonxX
The Travelling Lunaby Nixon
Hill was trying to balance life as a Luna to one of the strongest packs in the world, yet still be enforcing rules of what was right and wrong. Her wolf wanted no part...
Jax Teller old lady  by Teenwolf76825
Jax Teller old lady by #teenwolf07
She was always going to be Jax Teller's old lady... Whether she liked it or not.
Grim Gunman (Black Lagoon OCStory): Hired Enforcer [CANCELLED] by Otel_Moskva26
Grim Gunman (Black Lagoon OCStory)...by Otel
[CANCELLED] This story has the same setting as Black Lagoon: Grim Gunman series, but with gaps that unfold before or after the main events. The Enforcer is basically Ton...
Honey by malsooo
Honeyby mali
"Why do you keep calling me honey!" I pace around her in circles smirking "Because you're as sweet as honey" caitlyn x reader enemies to lovers
Beautiful Rossettes (A werewolf story set in Africa) by Wongile
Beautiful Rossettes (A werewolf st...by Wongile Mbano
A Werewolf Mate story set in Africa. Your pair, your other half, your soulmate, Chauta is generous gifting every leopard with a mate. (Chauta is word for God) Jabulani w...
I gave you all~ Jax Teller  by Teenwolf76825
I gave you all~ Jax Teller by #teenwolf07
25 year old Brooke is the sister of Opie Winston, the daughter of Piney Winston and the long time girlfriend of Jax Teller.
The Enforcer: Akame Ga Kill x enforcer reader by GASTLY42957
The Enforcer: Akame Ga Kill x enfo...by Rhogar
The enforcer, in my opinion, is the best creature in ark. It's powerful, amazing at travel and no robots will attack you while on it! For the longest time it had been my...