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TeamFortress2's New Addition by _Jessums_
TeamFortress2's New Additionby Jessica
Ms. Pauling took you into another room and gave you a serious look. "Are you sure you want to do this? You won't see many people anytime soon. You will have minimal...
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TF2 x Reader OneShots  by Kai-Shion
TF2 x Reader OneShots by Frenchie
TF2 X READER ONE SHOTS *REQUESTS OPEN Goal: 50- 100 chapters Highest ranking ♡♡ #7/369 in #TF2 ♡♡♡
In Need of Assistance? (TF2) by Woeful_Wordsmith
In Need of Assistance? (TF2)by Moeslinky
[UPDATES FRIDAYS} After all of the convincing and hard work thanks to Miss Pauling, the Administrator extends a job for me to keep a team of mercenaries organized for th...
Team Fortress 2 Oneshots and Head Canons  by MaybeMnWrites
Team Fortress 2 Oneshots and Head...by May
A book for everyone who is also in love with the mercs from TF2! * Type of Chapters: Oneshots, Head Canons, and Scenarios for the Tf2 mercenaries * Characters Included(F...
TF2 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by Miss_Scrub
TF2 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenariosby Miss_Scrub
I'm officially unoriginal. (I don't own any of the photos in this book)
The New Hire || TF2 Reader Insert by -SweetMochi-
The New Hire || TF2 Reader Insertby Mochi
DISCLAIMER: This is an insert, but all relations are platonic You're a burnt out college kid who has no idea what you're doing with your life, and you owe serious cash d...
Tf2 and REEEEEEEEEEEEADER Hope you enjoy it by Warrior267
Tf2 and REEEEEEEEEEEEADER Hope you...by Random Stories
I love tf2 ever since I started watched it And I do write fluffs, action, angst and other stuff :o
Pyro's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Pyro's Instagramby Sugar
°~Well you guys should know by now! Hope you all enjoy!~°
Team Fortress 2 x Reader Stories by Peachie_Bunnie
Team Fortress 2 x Reader Storiesby 🖤Emi🖤
Different stories about you and different mercenaries. Many different stories about every mercenary with you as the protagonist. 💖💖💖 Be in a world where you meet all...
Wastelands (Scout/Jeremy x Reader) by Kai-Shion
Wastelands (Scout/Jeremy x Reader)by Frenchie
Apocalipse Rp that turned into a story, hope you enjoy~ also look out for eastereggs~
Tf2 x Reader ◇( One-Shots )◇ by UniversalTropic
Tf2 x Reader ◇( One-Shots )◇by UniversalTropic
Just request it and I'll do it. boom
TF2 X Reader by BrookieBeserkBerry
TF2 X Readerby Penguin
This is just a bunch of random TF2 one-shots. I hope you enjoy them!
tf2 one shots and shit by gayboyo6969
tf2 one shots and shitby tophat
reeeeeeeeeeee also this is a male reader thing so yeah... I can't do a demoman x reader cause i suck at writing shit for him
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medic's journal by adrimousen
medic's journalby National_TeamFortress2
hello my little sheizes, i made this book cause i needed it. It isnt a good reason but...SCHEIZE! Archimides! no!...SOMEBODY STOP THAT PIGEON!
TF2 X Reader by latravia562
TF2 X Readerby Missy
Um...This is my First X reader thing so bear with me here! I really hope you like it i might make a Fnaf one idk..(I don't own cover art!)
Team Fortress 2 Boy Friend Scenarios ♡♢♡ by Kai-Shion
Team Fortress 2 Boy Friend Scenari...by Frenchie
this is my first Bf Scenarios X3 have mercy on my soul plz Characters in scenario: Scout Soldier Pyro Demo Heavy Engie Medic Sniper Spy -Extra Characters- CBS MS BPP Fre...
Engie's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Engie's Instagramby Sugar
~Howdy! Pyro suggested I do this trend too...so...im gonna!~
Scout's Scout by BeansForFrogs
Scout's Scoutby Beans for Frogs
Scout has found a very special bird. What chaos will ensue?