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The Girl Who Lived Beyond the Veil of Titans : Blossoms of Destiny by SansevieraKana213
The Girl Who Lived Beyond the Sanseviera Kana
In a world where magic intertwines with the unknown, a tale unfolds that diverges from the well-known legend of The Boy Who Lived. Amidst whispers of the extraordinary...
Isolation Second Chance by HungjuiChiu
Isolation Second Chanceby Ray Chiu
After the manga events, Eren is revived by the Founder Ymir and he gets to live a second life. Will he continue to stay isolated with his new friends and family? Or will...
You are my Soul by SansevieraKana213
You are my Soulby Sanseviera Kana
Living a comfortable life with my family in Europe, I never anticipated the imminent upheaval that would shatter my world. A seemingly ordinary day, on my route back hom...
The Royal War Hammer by HungjuiChiu
The Royal War Hammerby Ray Chiu
What if the War Hammer Titan shifter also has a Royal Blood of Fritz and defects her family to join Eren's side? What if other than Hizuru, there are other nations who w...
Tail of Two Souls by alex_wdw
Tail of Two Soulsby alex_ackerman
Sawyer never fit in on Paradis. With the island's large infestation of dragons, her scrawny build and brilliant mind wasn't really useful when brawling with a flaming be...
Secrets  (Eren x Oc) by loveadmin
Secrets (Eren x Oc)by Angelica Praise
"I knew I should have told you this before..." Haruka, a fourteen year old, found outside the walls. A cold and rude girl falls for the total opposite of her...
Attack On Titan: Fire Away || Eren Jaegar X OC by BesideBlueSide
Attack On Titan: Fire Away || B
"A loud, crunching sound filled the air of the courtyard. And . . .just like that, everything changed. At that terrible moment, deep in our hearts, we knew that hom...
Levi x Kayla Yeager Oc season 1 by izumibakugou352
Levi x Kayla Yeager Oc season 1by Iris
She Kayla Yeager Ackerman Eren Older sister and married to Levi Ackerman and have a child name. Maya Yeager Ackerman
I think, Therefore I am by alex_wdw
I think, Therefore I amby alex_ackerman
Raising kids has never been easy. In fact it's probably the hardest job to ever exist or be given out. Levi swore he would never have kids. In fact, his life didn't see...
She Devil (Attack on Titan fan fic/ErenXOC) (DISCONTINUED) by Ciel_Vargas_1907
She Devil (Attack on Titan fan Atlas Strickler
When little Danniele Vilareal finds the gigantic walls just outside of the forest, she can't help her curiosity. Then she realized how much she'd eaten in the past few d...
The End (Crimson Roses) (AOT Eren x OC) by so_static
The End (Crimson Roses) (AOT K. T.
[Title in the works] Everyone knows the story of Captain Levi; Humanity's Strongest Soldier, but what they don't know is the story of his little sister, Elizabeth. This...
Fairy x Aot : Fighting for humanity (Levi/Eren/Mikasa love story) by FaiqahFarouk
Fairy x Aot : Fighting for Puteri Raisya
Lucy Fullbuster, Luna Heartfilia and Akira Heartfilia were finishing their mission. When they arrived at the train, they met an injured unknown soldier who was wearing a...
Inured | Eren Yeager by marieecadavre
Inured | Eren Yeagerby hiatus
in·ure /əˈn(y)o͝or/ ; to accept or grow accustomed to something undesirable. The Fall of Shiganshina revealed all the sins that have been hidden for a long time in Para...
The girls not from this world (Attack on Titan version, Ft. @cloudstrxfed) by TheCuteBeanUwU
The girls not from this world ( bnha_fangirl.x
Two girls, Being best friends and cannot be taken apart. Both really big Attack on Titan fans, as they had their favorite characters. They were planning for a sleepover...
DATURA by mafyce
DATURAby mafyce
For the love of all that is holy. Attack on Titan / Eren Jaeger
SLOW DOWN || e.jaeger by hearts4maeline
SLOW DOWN || e.jaegerby maeline :)
In which two racers have a hidden secret... eren x oc modern au/racing au
Love in the eyes Of a Dragon (Eren x Oc) by VoidsofCapria
Love in the eyes Of a Dragon ( VoidsOfCapria
After living outside of the Walls for five years, nine year old Raven Dragar is found by Squad leaders Hanji and Levi after saving their lives thanks to her abillities...
Pretty titan - (Levi/Eren love story) by FaiqahFarouk
Pretty titan - (Levi/Eren love Puteri Raisya
The scouts were have retreat after fail catching female titan who kill more soldiers from survey corps. Levi's squad were going to face against female titan. But Levi's...
Captain Lucy - (Levi love story) by FaiqahFarouk
Captain Lucy - (Levi love story)by Puteri Raisya
Captain Lucy Fullbuster was the strongest humanity soldier like Levi Ackerman or more strongest than him. This is her life. Will she success save humanity?