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Seven Zero Days with Space by jeffelyncosme
Seven Zero Days with Spaceby jeffelynC
Novel is not mine. For reading purposes only. Category: Through Novel author: Quifeng Xiaoxiao Size: 206 KB Progress: Completed Time:...
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
My Twilight by Pinkperel
My Twilightby Pinkperel
A completely new spin on Twilight. Join the beloved characters as they meet in a completely new setting: Bella is already a vampire.
Muntazir by erumsiddiquiii
Muntazirby Erum Siddiqui
What is meant to be will always find its way. ~Muntazir | awaited/anticipant
[Book 1] ★A Series of Unexpected Twist of Events★ •Twisted Wonderland X Reader• by AiEevee16
[Book 1] ★A Series of Unexpected Lore Gremlin
(Twisted Wonderland X Fem!Reader) Join Y/n and her friends on Events that happen around and outside of Campus. Let's see how much chaos Y/n can take with a series of une...
Detention (ASOUE) by heytherebro12
Detention (ASOUE)by ☆𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙮 𝙚𝙮𝙚𝙙☆
What happens in detention, stays in detention. (Kladora AU)
Replay (A Neymar Fanfiction) by wildestdreamsxx
Replay (A Neymar Fanfiction)by queen.
Cara Mielle Romero has finally graduated from college and she's trying her best to finish her final year at the University of Barcelona. However, her best friend, Bella...
Hamilton Historical Facts(Including Pictures, Comics, Drawings, etc.) by mocking_gale
Hamilton Historical Facts( EME
(Cover photo from by ?) Wanna learn more about the American Revolution and the people involved in it? Alexander Hamilton fun facts and such...
MATILDA (A Series of Unfortunate Events) by GingerBuzz
MATILDA (A Series of Unfortunate GingerBuzz
A Series of Unfortunate Events Fanfiction When the Baudelaires entered Count Olaf's house, it contained so much more than just misery and fear. It held: MATILDA. ...
I Can't Lose Her Again (Sonamy) (COMPLETED) by RoxylitasSonic
I Can't Lose Her Again (Sonamy) ( RoxylitasSonic
Amy gets her heart break from Sonic the hedgehog,they go to London with all this friends to do events,Amy hangs out with a black hedgehog name Shadow and Sonic gets jeal...
Unfortunate (Duncan Quagmire x Reader)(discounted) by AquaWolfosamermaid
Unfortunate (Duncan Quagmire x Eris Wolf
14 year old Y/n is the forth Baudelaire she and her siblings when through a bunch of a unfortune events. When she met Duncan Quagmire she though everything was right. T...
Meet the Memversheep: World 2022 Events, Celebrations, Observances and Holidays by RitchellLozares
Meet the Memversheep: World 2022 Ritchell Lozares
An art book of world events, observances and celebrations for 2022, featuring the characters of Meet the Memversheep, that are minor characters from my musical novel her...
FALLEN AGAIN🥀🌹 by Ruan_29
FALLEN AGAIN🥀🌹by Ruan_29
She's Keila Taylor a 19 year old girl . Not so fund of sociality but does it better than anyone . She's sweet loving and all that but one her past always strikes her but...
oc lore events by Splendor_Husband_Hun
oc lore eventsby Blurry
just the entire time line of my lore with important lore events
Alyssa Mae Radcliffe was called miracle of love by her parents because she was born on the 14th of February which was the month of love. She brought not only love but al...
between us by louvrmia
between usby mia
everything started at school .. Reeana seorang remaja perempuan yang duduk di kelas ke- 2 di dalam sekolah menengah itu . Gadis itu tidaklah pandai mana dia duduk di kel...
HTNLA  by code0071
HTNLA by misslzyss
Kakagaling lamang ni Kylie sa breakup and whenever she was asked by people especially those who were close to her what have happened to her four years relationship with...
Luckiest (Midorima Shintarou x Reader)  by Asyhiiee
Luckiest (Midorima Shintarou x Nomnomnomnomi
Events where you are going out with the Green haired Tsundere Megane Carrot Oha-Asa Obsess Three point shooter and now a doctor Midorima Shintarou.
Loomian Legacy: The story of Eva and the mysterious stone tablet by Bunnybunch206
Loomian Legacy: The story of Eva Bunnybunch206
After her father's research project scatters itself around the whole of Roria, a young girl named Eva must go on the journey of a lifetime to find it. Join her as she le...
✅Make me happy {CADE} by Axin_Venus
✅Make me happy {CADE}by Axin Venus
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE❗❗❗❗ by: thestrong96 Cade (CatxJade) love story that takes place during the first season of Victorious...