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Some Bafathernanic Story by GlitchyDude
Some Bafathernanic Storyby Glitch
THIS IS IT!!! ALL BAFATHERNANA'S IN ONE BOOK(ok there is one book already but who cares?). PLS READ, SHARE, AND VOTE (that sounds like an ad) NOW OR WREN WILL PUNCH YOUR...
Strange by rhevior
Strangeby rhevior
Can such a strange friendship turn into love? He never realized she was so lovely. She never noticed how charming he was. Miles Bridgerton and Vanessa Everleigh have kno...
The Warrior Princess by my-dark-heart
The Warrior Princessby Avalon Lykaios🖤
You all know the story of Aine's daughter, Amberle, but what about her cousin that lives in the castle walls as the outcast? This story follows the story of Everleigh, A...
a thousand smiles (Austin Porter Fanfic) by gilinskyroses
a thousand smiles (Austin Porter F...by a
Everleigh and her best friend Chelsea are going to a Jack & Jack concert, they have liked them for almost 4 years now and can't believe they're finally seeing them. But...
Love Within For A 100 Days by Cicellion_08
Love Within For A 100 Daysby cicellion Writes
She's a kind and beautiful woman who always brings happiness to everyone with her natural lovingly charm,a type of person who values every piece of memory she has,But in...
Cell Mates by Synonymous_Boost
Cell Matesby Synonymous_ Boost
"So, tell me what should I call you ?" "You decide." "Why not tell me your real name ?" "Cause you call me when you don't wanna get ju...
UNTIL I  LOVE YOU (Hope of heart series 02) by _ChielChiel
UNTIL I LOVE YOU (Hope of heart s...by _dilaorhiz
How many times does Everleigh have to accept that she has no right to be angry and jealous because they have no relationship with Lorenzo but only friendship. How many m...
Love Made of Cheese by Felicity_626
Love Made of Cheeseby Flisss
Are you in the mood to read a cheesy chick flick? Do you feel like laughing at cheesy romance? Then this is the story for you! In this book, Everleigh and Chase create a...
Played by Destiny by Lian_Nika
Played by Destinyby Niciana
Lahat ba ng may karelasyon ay masaya? lahat ba ng magkarelasyon ay panghabang buhay na? Sabihin na nating Oo... pero wala ka nang magagawa kung mismong tadhana na ang na...
Who murdered my Maths teacher ? #bookiestars  by bookloverrika
Who murdered my Maths teacher ? #b...by bookloverrika
School is my refuge from my abusive aunt and uncle . School is my ray of hope to escape the shackles they tied me to . Everything was bad until it got worse when my Mat...
The next Generation of Vks by Astriod_Skywalker
The next Generation of Vksby Astriod_Skywalker
Is been about 15 years since the VKs and their partners have had to give up their children. And every day they think about what their family s could have been like. Espe...
Waves of tommorrow(EL VENTURI SERIES#2) by KAKITS
Waves of tommorrow(EL VENTURI SERI...by ASHIEL_RAVEN
leigh is a marine biologist she is known worldwide because of her intellegence and beauty graduated magna cum luade from a prestigious school and also a liscensed scuba...
The Boyfriend (Experience) by justsujy97
The Boyfriend (Experience)by justsujy97
Dillon is a jerk. He never takes care of his girlfriends each time that's why he gets dumped every time. But one day, he would change by his mishap done to a mysterious...
Midnight Broadcast by EsmerayWild
Midnight Broadcastby Esmeray Wild
Iona Everleigh is the last heir to the Everleigh family. Carrying the burden of the name, she has to live on being an heiress. Alone. Until one night, something fateful...
Uma história de Covannah by larissabdcarvalho
Uma história de Covannahby Lariss
Savannah Rose Soutas é uma mãe solo, que acabara de sair de um recionamento com seu ex namorado, e que vivia com muitos problemas. Certo dia ela conhece Cole Richard LaB...
Wherever It Takes Us by ambiebambie2468
Wherever It Takes Usby Amber Susee
Adrien Anderson recently fled New York City with his baby sister and brother to Seattle, Washington to get away from his abusive father and alcoholic mother. He thinks t...
Three Shades of Blue (UNEDITED VERSION) by MadisonJanuary
Three Shades of Blue (UNEDITED VER...by Madison January
Daniel has always been the outspoken, friendly, talkative guy, and when his sister starts having major insecurity issues, due to bullying, he decides to confront the bul...
Soon He'll Know (Bughead Story) by reesey_cupz
Soon He'll Know (Bughead Story)by reesey_cupz
Betty was alone and had nothing. Her mother disowned her and her boyfriend left her so he didn't have to deal with their "problem". Betty had finally gradua...