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Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2) by MikaelaBender
Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)by Mikaela Bender
Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired...
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Exposed [Book 4 in the Expiring Series] by MikaelaBender
Exposed [Book 4 in the Expiring Se...by Mikaela Bender
Book Four in the Expiring Series
Expiration Date Mothers Day by Kasity_Mihinnic
Expiration Date Mothers Dayby Kasity
This is a Mother's Day fan fiction, and all the credit goes to expired and expiration date.
Cards Against Humanity: Living Glory [Editing✏] by Electricbluriots
Cards Against Humanity: Living Glo...by Riot ft.Undead
"Good Fortune is like a kite. It flies away as soon as you lose the string" Glory has only ever dreamt of two things: fame and ecstasy. Living the perfect, gl...
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The Secret Family by choeygirl
The Secret Familyby choeygirl
Everything in the Society returned back to normal, except for one thing; Iris finally expired. Or so people thought after she died when the maze was blown up. Colton had...
Expired by DontBeNormalxoxo
Expiredby DontBeNormalxoxo
Everyone is born with their own fate. Well, you are literally born with your the day your going to die written on your arm. Skylar Peterson is nervous about her Expirati...
The Duty (One Shot) by Giorja29
The Duty (One Shot)by Giorja Chance♥
" The girl I loved, my everything was now gone... All because of my Duty. After all Society always come before everything else..." -Nathan *------* This is a F...
A Broken Sapling by Anonnamuss
A Broken Saplingby The one, the only
Exploring the idea of a small action having large consequences
What REALLY Happens To Your Webkinz After Your Account Expires? by MarielKayBergman
What REALLY Happens To Your Webkin...by 🌹Mariel Trixina MCDaniels🌹
Have you ever wondered what happens to your Webkinz after your account expires?
New Year Guardian 2 by _Love_my_Penguin_
New Year Guardian 2by AJ
So Change Firework is back. She's going to go through her guardian life trying to fix her and her sister America's relationship. Change will have to concur her fear of c...
Moⁿ⁰ zone  by 1_delbo_1
Moⁿ⁰ zone by Delli
You push past the Moⁿ⁰ zone to discover darker parts to learn more about it.
Decimation by fictional-writer
Decimationby anon
We're supposed to die in year 3000, or so the Society says. We've been living in fear since we could remember. After all, with only 137 days left to live before the Deci...
Expired by susun01
Expiredby SUN
Everything has an expired date, friendship, relationship, love, crush, everything
Adjusted by pididle
Adjustedby pididle
Humanity is dying, sickness and pollution taking over, everything is failing but science. Scientists have come up with a way to alter human genetics to make us stronger...
❌Potion [(Soon)]❌ by kaizy2500000
❌Potion [(Soon)]❌by ☕ #kopikoBlanca ☕
This story gender is;not usually a horror/Fantasy/Teenfiction/RomanceABit/Sacrifation/UnLoveS/Friends/Z's(Zombies) Inspired by: Plaguers/Day of the dead/Walking dead/Han...