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Family the real support  by girlwithglasses_1
Family the real support by Girlwithglasses
Swara's story Her life after separation from Sanskar New entry of Swara's ex lover It's not SWASAN fanfiction Arnav Singh Raizada & Khushi Kapoor Rudra Hooda & MayaKaran...
Our past, my present,your future. by Idlelayn
Our past, my present,your Idlelayn
Qi Xiao came back five years before she died, looking at the girl in front of her she take a sharp breath and stand up to bow "Miss Shen I am sorry for the previous...
Tyrant Daddy's Group Pet Little Princess (MTL) by Diabolus_Princeps
Tyrant Daddy's Group Pet Little Violet
暴君爹爹的團寵小公主 Author: White peach sweet porridge ( 白桃甜粥 ) (same author as tyrant father's pampered daughter) Total Chapter: 1884 Status: Completed
Why love hurts? by maryhaggins2007
Why love hurts?by maryhaggins2007
It's a story about a campus love where a young boy was forced to marry a playboy and his bully who he never liked he was 2 years older than him so let's see how the st...
Stolen Heir by MXXX233
Stolen Heirby M XXX
DISCALIMER: This book is a collaboration with @Wolf123moon "Stay by me?" "Forever principessa" Blaire Knight. The youngest sibling of the infamous I...
Rooh (Book 2 - Singhania Brothers) by Amateurmisswriter_
Rooh (Book 2 - Singhania Brothers)by Amateurmisswriter_
The journey of a family bonded by heart and soul instead of blood! The journey of a boy who was left homeless after the death of his parents. Homeless and an orphan! But...
Janiye  by kittymishra29
Janiye by shambhavi mishra
the story of itv popular couples abhira. this story startes after 6 years leap. here akshara and abhinav never get married both are only friends. abhir is aware that abh...
Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter ( MTL ) by Diabolus_Princeps
Tyrant Father's Pampered Violet
暴君爹爹的团宠小娇包 Author: White peach sweet porridge ( 白桃甜粥 ) Total Chapters: 2814 status: completed. Machine T...
Our Stars of Love  by _Aditiwrites_
Our Stars of Love by Aditi
#2 of Secrets of Love Series Can be read as a standalone. It's the Connection we can't explain. ༺•⭐•༻ Aradhika is a 19 year old orphan who prefers staying out of trouble...
Living With Them by cikL91
Living With Themby cikL91
Lea Sarah Jones ran away from the mansion just to escape from the suffering that she had to endure since she was a child. When one of her stepbrother saved her and let h...
Sans' Daughter by internetsansation
Sans' Daughterby Snas
(I'll make a real description one someday) But basically it's what would it be like if sans adopted a daughter after the barrier broke (I'll make a real cover someday) :...
twins diary by Jessica381131
twins diaryby Jessica
the story of a twin and parents thier lifestyle in general.
Deep inside ☆Countryhumans AU☆ by ziqqosick
Deep inside ☆Countryhumans AU☆by ziqqosick
Singapore is an excellent country. He always told himself how he will be alright on his own. He doesn't need anyone help, especially not Malaysia !! ○○○ "She can pi...
You Changed Me by snowball2799
You Changed Meby Snowflake
Evelyn Taylor, a 20 year old most intelligent University girl, the second child of Taylor family.Her heart and mind is shattered because of what happened to her parents...
Hunting the Fairy Tale by MaggieOHighley
Hunting the Fairy Taleby Maggie O'Highley
"Grab a bunch of broken misfits, chuck them in a tribe, add some glitter and loads of weird-as garbage, voila, you've got yourself a fairy tale... kinda... just...
The Words That Hurt Me by ltlmaker
The Words That Hurt Meby LTL-maker
A general rule of thumb for any type of story telling media is to not have more than five main characters. Often, these five are separated into categories, the leader, t...
BAN FARGA BA.. by ayshajb
BAN FARGA A'ishat Jubreel
Hattara dai iyaye masu barin ƴaƴa kuna tafiya aiki maiyasa wasu matan suka fi bawa aikinsu muhimmanci fiye da iyalansu read This novel labarine wadda ya faru a gaske ba...
Rise of the Guardians One-Shots pt.2 by lostgirl2411
Rise of the Guardians One-Shots unknown writer
I've never been good at bios so all I can say is hello to everyone who has found this book. If you're one of my past readers, then you know I can't work with bios to sav...
ဗီလိန်ဖေဖေကို ဖြောင့်မတ်မှန်ကန်လာအောင် ပြုပြင်ပေးခြင်း( မြန်မာဘာသာပြန် ) Book II by MidnightHunterTeam
ဗီလိန်ဖေဖေကို ဖြောင့်မတ်မှန်ကန်လာအ MidnightHunterTeam
Guide The Villain Father To Be Virtuous Author_公子闻筝 English Translator_Chichipeph Burmese Translators_ littlewillow01 & Xiao Shu Start Date_25.1.2021 End Date_ All cred...
SIDNAAZ BABY (Completed) by sidnaazian_forever_
SIDNAAZ BABY (Completed)by Khushi 😘😘😘
by khushi it is the continuation of the short story " WORTH THE WAIT " So plzzzz shower ur love . love uh so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘