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Tú Y Yo ღ Fernando Alonso by InesFerraz1
Tú Y Yo ღ Fernando Alonsoby Inês
Fernando Alonso is a known name in the motorsport world. People either love him or hate him, he is an idol to many and he is a mentor to others. Cassandra García is work...
F1 Drivers Chat Room by kapoblanka
F1 Drivers Chat Roomby •just L•
Because something very funny is happening there...
Barcelona Sun by Luischen94
Barcelona Sunby Luisa S
The photographer Elena and her son Matteo just moved to Barcelona to be closer to her ex-boyfriend and Matteo's dad, Fernando Alonos, when she meets her new neighbor Car...
I Was Always Near by kapoblanka
I Was Always Nearby •just L•
- Noa, you are just a fan, as all the people in the queue. Not a big deal, why are you so nervous? - Because I am not a fan.
F1 groupchat by nyxwillowf1
F1 groupchatby Nyx
Drivers get stuck in an endless chaos of their own stupidity with the only female who is an IT engineer. P.S; This is was born from boredom so do not take this very seri...
midnight rain, carlos sainz  by strawberrydixon
midnight rain, carlos sainz by MEGAN 💋
in which alejandra moretti and carlos sainz want different things for their lives carlos sainz x oc lovers to strangers to lovers
F1 Groupchat by SandraAnneMaria
F1 Groupchatby Sandra
Daniel decides to put every driver in one groupchat, it will follow the timeline from the Turkish GP 2021. Including ships, team bosses and private chats. Sequel behind...
F1 One Shots by ascarichicane
F1 One Shotsby ascarichicane
FORMULA 1 ONE SHOTS-REQUESTS:CLOSED ~publishing dates:wednesday, 6PM (CEST) if one shot is not published then-saturday, 3PM (CEST)
G-G-Griiid by antcdilluvian
G-G-Griiidby Puff.
As chaotic as their lives on track might be, off-track is where all the history get stacked up. [SOCIAL MEDIA AU]
F1 group chat by ABlackLune
F1 group chatby ABlackLune
Seb decides to create group chat with the 2023 grid, Kimi, Daniel and mick. Including Max and Charles. They hate each other but everyone think there's a huge sexual ten...
F1 Groupchat 2023 🏎️🚦 by Flx_16
F1 Groupchat 2023 🏎️🚦by Flx.16
2023 Grid + few extras (oldies)
F1 Group Chat and House by F1fan5and7
F1 Group Chat and Houseby Jaél
Welcome to my book. It's a group chat and a house. The wives don't exist (like Seb's and Kimi's wives) or they are divorced (like Checo's Wife). I hope you enjoy it :) ...
F1 Groupchat by F1fan5and7
F1 Groupchatby Jaél
We all love the drivers, that's just a fact. And we all ship them. That's a fact too. This book is full of memes, pictures, comments, happiness, sadness, anger, and the...
F1 University.  by DragonracerF1
F1 University. by Lestappen ♥️
F1 drivers that are going to college.
Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo by Lottie1824
Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardoby Hannah
5 times that they nearly get caught PLUS 1 time that they expose themselves
Fernando alonso: Insta by DragonracerF1
Fernando alonso: Instaby Lestappen ♥️
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F1 House - Christmas 🎄  by Flx_16
F1 House - Christmas 🎄 by Flx.16
A sequel to the F1 2023 Groupchat. The drivers are all in the house celebrating their Christmas.
Loud and Clear  by formulawriting
Loud and Clear by Suus
Brigitte (24) drives for Toro Rosso in the 2019 season. Her best friend, Pierre Gasly, is her former teammate. They are inseparable. But this season he races for RedBull...
F1 Chaos Squad! by F1fan5and7
F1 Chaos Squad!by Jaél
I think the title explains most of the topics. The 2023 grid is chaotic. Very chaotic actually. And that's, what I'm gonna show you! It's basically an F1 House.