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Something Like Fate by Pingu9003
Something Like Fateby Pingu9003
Do not let your past blackmail your present and ruin your beautiful future. Arnav Singh Raizada, youngest of four siblings. Arrogance and ego are the two words that best...
HIS LAST LOVE by Readers_Latibule
HIS LAST LOVEby book lover
Its a story about a south indian girl who got married according to their parents wish.. YES ITS A ARRANGE MARRIAGE.. But she like it, because there is no way for a love...
Mid Winter Wishes  by PrishaGupta804
Mid Winter Wishes by Prisha Gupta
A story of betrayal , love , agony and healing past . Finding a new self with a new love for life a new motive leaving all trauma and pathetic people behind moving towar...
Love Again! by defne_in
Love Again!by defne_in
Meet Inara Singhania the twenty two year old chubby girl living her life in Mumbai. Soon her marriage was arranged to Rohit Mehta who was settled in London city. Her ha...
Wine With Charlie by Brandon_Zenner
Wine With Charlieby Brandon Zenner
Meet Charlie, an older man who is set in his way. Daily walks to the grocery store, followed by an afternoon glass of wine with his neighbor, Vera, is how he enjoys spen...
Kaarigai Penne Nee Yaaro.... by kattyhobb
Kaarigai Penne Nee kattyhobb
A story about the difference between love and a soulmate... A feel-good soft romance... I suck at description writing... But I hope you like the story...
Starlit Reverie: Love Beyond the Limelight by DAWN_BLACK03
Starlit Reverie: Love Beyond the DAWN_BLACK03
In "Starlit Reverie: Love Beyond the Limelight," Xuyen, a young actor nursing a broken heart, finds solace and unexpected love in the arms of Zhang Yifan, a re...
The Royal Bride by FaridaAliyu
The Royal Brideby Farida Aliyu
Jidda is a caring, loving, religious and she one of the most sweetest person you can ever think of, and she was married into the Royal family based on an arrangement mad...
His girl  by SarahLK88
His girl by SLK - OurGirl fanfic
AU story of Molly and her one true love.
Love: The Beginning  by StephanieLyngdoh
Love: The Beginning by Stephanie Lyngdoh
Ivory an adult of the age 31 with long, curly, blond hair, tall and fair was hoping she would never fall in love again after her boyfriend Gail who she really loves brea...
Memories of Yesterday by ALBR16
Memories of Yesterdayby AlBr
She spent so long trying to forget. Now it's time to live again.
The black queen who saved Levi  by Aaliyahwassup
The black queen who saved Levi by Leah
"Laura I really like you but you been with Levi for 3 years, are you sure you want to mess all of that up?" Liam stared intensely at her and waited for her res...
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the firsts || by heydoctoryehet
the firsts || p.cyby 툥프🌹
A first meeting in the park leads to many firsts in Jung Woori and Park Chanyeol's relationship. However, what Woori doesn't know is that their first meeting wasn't in t...
Fate's Serenade by MathieuHarden
Fate's Serenadeby Maden
In the quaint town of Willowbrook, fate orchestrates an unexpected encounter between Olivia, a talented violinist who has lost her passion, and Liam, a reclusive writer...
I Have My Eye On You.. by MissKelz90
I Have My Eye On Makala 'Kelz' Thomas
Meeting someone new after a break-up. "That fresh feeling..." A short piece that may be continued by Makala Thomas.
Let's Try Again by AkeliaOrridge
Let's Try Againby Akelia Orridge
Dwayne and Emily's relationship first started when they were sixteen. It didn't last because their ideas of how they wanted to live their lives didn't match. They both s...
You Probably Shouldn't Meet Through the Internet by Datumichelle
You Probably Shouldn't Meet Datumichelle
His had not been the particular name in which I'd dreamt to one day see myself marrying-hell, it screams pure adequacy, but once you meet and truly get to know someone f...
The Angel Below [Complete] by quietbynature27
The Angel Below [Complete]by Angie
A chance encounter blew his life open, again.
The World Was On Fire by AnyaWithaT
The World Was On Fireby AnyaWithaT
Ashton is ready to move on with his life after his painful divorce from Luke and the demise of the restaurant they'd built together. With the help of his protegee and so...
Under Bloody Roses by Gentle-Goth27
Under Bloody Rosesby Marina J Contreras
In the woods three girls were running with two seletons, a tough reptile, a tough fish, a smart fish and a smart reptile were running with two robots behind them. With t...