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Memories (One Chicago/Station 19) by DharmaWinter
Memories (One Chicago/Station 19)by Dharma Winter
Olivia Kate Fuller is the newest member on Truck 81. After transferring to Firehouse 51 from Seattle, Olivia joins the close net of friends where she becomes friendly wi...
New Blood, One Family  by lauren_j17
New Blood, One Family by Lauren <3
Meet Harper Bailey, A new paramedic on ambulance 61. After being unable to save her best friend seeks a new life in Chicago. Harper then gets placed at multiple firehous...
Lucky ➳ Kelly Severide by 888love888
Lucky ➳ Kelly Severideby 888love888
In which, Avery Sloan moves to Chicago to escape everything thats happened in her past, only to meet someone who shows her what it feels like when someone stays. + "...
Saint (Kelly Severide Fan Fiction) by Big_turd_blossom
Saint (Kelly Severide Fan Fiction)by <3 Kacey <3
"Sunny, I want to be honest with you." He took his hand off of hers. "I'm not good with relationships that are more than friends, and half the time I can'...
Long Lost Daughter by lauren_j17
Long Lost Daughterby Lauren <3
We all know that Trudy and Mouch were a lot older when they fell in love but what if they had a summer filled with romance in their 20s? It was the summer of 98' and Tru...
Chicago's Girl (K.S.) by Gerlithequeen
Chicago's Girl (K.S.)by Gerli
Florence Michaels is the sweetheart of Firehouse 51. Florence is with 26 years in the Rescue Squad 3. She had moved to Florida after the Chief had put her in Squad 3 to...
ON HOLD! Hakuna Matata - A One Chicago Fanfiction by ChloeOgrady1
ON HOLD! Hakuna Matata - A One Chloe O'Grady
Cameron Halliday is 15 years old. She's in the care system and has been since she was young. She's never known her mother or father. All she knows that her mother is in...
Fire Meet Gasoline by horcruxhunt
Fire Meet Gasolineby horcruxhunt
Chicago Fire fan fiction! Under going major editing and many chapters are being rewritten. Eleanor Henstridge is an independent woman who comes into Kelly Severide's w...
New Life in Chicago (English Version) by alice_readsandwrites
New Life in Chicago (English ALICE RAW
Malia Ryland has just arrived in Chicago and is starting her first shift as a nurse at the Chicago Medical Center while waiting for a vacancy in one of Chicago's firehou...
The Blue Eyed Lieutenant // Kelly Severide by defschoice
The Blue Eyed Lieutenant // Halstead x Malfoy
Skylar Casey or now known as Skylar Collins is one of the new additions to the firehouse being placed on Truck under Matt and Stella, but what happens when she gets intr...
Burnin' Love (1) by Profiler2610
Burnin' Love (1)by Profiler2610
Nicole Severide grew up with her older brother Kelly as one of the only people she could trust. Then she started work as a paramedic on Ambulance 61. She rose through th...
The Flame That Never Went Out. by Severides_Angels
The Flame That Never Went Severides_Angels
Elizabeth Cardiner was a shy, nerdy girl throughout high school and dated Kelly Severide for a short period time. They broke up due to Elizabeth heading off to join the...
Searching for Home.  by chicagokiddx
Searching for Home. by Chicago.Kiddx
Kiana is just 16 and she's pregnant. She's on the search for her birth mother who was in the same boat she was just 16 years ago. All Kiana has is a photo and a firehous...
One Chicago one shots and stories by littlemisslabcoat
One Chicago one shots and storiesby
A bunch of one shots and mini stories relating to one Chicago characters Mainly lots of fluff haha Open to requests! Just send a scenario and a character <3 Started...
the secret child by stormymeghand08
the secret childby Meg
Sophie casey has had a crazy life but it about to get a whole lot crazier when a whole lot is about to happen... what happens when one day your life gets changed from th...
Mr Loverman  by lauren_j17
Mr Loverman by Lauren <3
Gabriella Dawson! A name we all know and love! We also know her as Matthew Caseys first wife but what if she wasn't? And that's exactly the case! Her name was Maya Aver...
Lost ~ A Chicago Fire story  by lauren_j17
Lost ~ A Chicago Fire story by Lauren <3
"Firefighter, Andrew Darden lost his life tonight after battling a high rise fire. Leaving behind a loving wife and 15 year old Daughter" That's what the head...
Fire Drill - Matthew Casey by EnnaMars123
Fire Drill - Matthew Caseyby Enna
"I SURVIVED BECAUSE THE FIRE INSIDE WAS BRIGHTER THEN THE FIRE AROUND ME." - Joshua Graham Running head first into fire is not something you would assume Harle...
Detective Logan Rayner, a 24 year old woman from Chicago, Illinois has been in the Special Crimes Unit at the 31st district for a year and a half with her partner, Mark...
Love, Dad | Joe Cruz by LexiWrites200
Love, Dad | Joe Cruzby Lex
Being a firefighter is a dangerous job. Everyone knows this, no more than the men and women who do the job. But for one 9-year-old girl in Chicago she knows just how dev...