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Alone by moonxcandy
Aloneby moonxcandy
!!!WARNING!!! this story contains spoilers for the game Hogwarts Legacy At the end of the fifth year, our heroine Marian 'Mari' Carter is faced with the aftermath of the...
The Red Head | Hyunjin x Reader by Iluvmenn2
The Red Head | Hyunjin x Readerby I<3Men
Y/N can never seem to escape from her abusive boyfriend. But one day after a concert, a specific group of eight find her almost passed out. What will happen when she sta...
your're my cure bun by taekookevergreenlove
your're my cure bunby Mochi
Kim Taehyung the ceo of Kim cooperation have everything anyone ask for loving parent, understanding friends, a big company which he stand it on, his own without someone'...
A Thousand Cranes for a Wish (USHIJIMA X OC) by Piggycats
A Thousand Cranes for a Wish (USHI...by Piggycats_be_mooing
(USHIJIMA X OC) ----- They say that after making one thousand paper cranes you can make a wish and it will come true... ---- Akiyama Umeko was a third year student at Sh...
Dance of song | Soukoku dance au | by Cuteplosion_Xo
Dance of song | Soukoku dance au |by Lu
Music pulsed in the air, it wrapped around their minds, pulling them into a world of their creation. Music brings them together, but tears away reality. Dazai Osamu str...
comfortably alone ○ ellie williams by bellasblunt
comfortably alone ○ ellie williamsby œuf🥚
"please get out.." "i already said im not here to hurt you." "you have guns." "you don't?" "i don't need one. leave now.&quo...
It's Okay, It's a Strategy (to ensure I remain) by careecentisbored
It's Okay, It's a Strategy (to ens...by careecentisbored
( One of the robbers rushed towards the two boys only to be stopped by a dart to the abdomen. He promptly collapsed and started writhing on the ground, shouting profanit...
The Day The World Eclipsed || Lego Monkie Kid by Smiles4Alifetime
The Day The World Eclipsed || Lego...by Smiles4Alifetime
Sun Wukong, Great Sage Equal to Heaven, has only ever had one fear. Being alone. After years of dealing with that fear, he has obtained a successor. Now, he has a new fe...
Romeo and Romeo by stayonbrand
Romeo and Romeoby alicia
Levi wasn't the kind of guy to go around kissing strangers, least of all the insufferable princes these events tended to attract. But something about Prince Charles made...
In The Midst of Snow by wispylingerer
In The Midst of Snowby Łįńg
Following the death of Xiao, Aether went back in time with the help of Lumine to fix things up. But in trying to avoid getting caught by the unknown god, Aether was sent...
Obanai Iguro x M! Reader by BrunosLeftFoot
Obanai Iguro x M! Readerby 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐬 ✧
Y/n L/n is a young doctor who is very well known and good at his job. He meets the Serpent Hashira after an intense battle. Will they become close or will the Hashira dr...
The Broken Arrangement-Royalty AU(Bakudeku) by Doodlewritez04
The Broken Arrangement-Royalty AU(...by Doodlewritez04
Izuku is the youngest prince of the Yaoyorozu family and is betrothed to marry Neito Monoma. A man who's so heartless, spoiled, greedy, and cruel. Meanwhile in his soon...
Tanjiro x Reader Oneshots  by CH3RR7_BL0SS0MS
Tanjiro x Reader Oneshots by Cherry & Blossom
We are simps for Tanjiro and want to write one shots about him. Deal with it. Thank you for 91k!!! HOLY SHIT 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Oneshots include: Fluff💗 Lime 🔥 Smu...
Monarch of the Gates/ Solo leveling by Nanshima_15
Monarch of the Gates/ Solo levelingby Nanshima
This will be a Sung Jinwoo x Fem reader. Your favorite comic Solo leveling you had always wanted to be in it to fight monsters and meet your fictional crush the protagon...
Ink is growing tired and frustrated of Errors increased destruction. He decides that he's done playing around. Ink is ready to get serious with his enemy Error. (Uke Er...
FOTIA - percy jackson by eustelia
FOTIA - percy jacksonby 𝗲𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗮
𝑰𝑵 𝑾𝑯𝑰𝑪𝑯; Loralai Fotia, an undetermined demigod with a cursed mother learns to tolerate Percy Jackson. fotia, Φωτιά - fire ⓒ eustelia, rick riordan percy jackson...
In your dreams✔ by hdkdjdbdhjeb
In your dreams✔by hdkdjdbdhjeb
Taehyung was born with the ability to step into other people's dreams, and lately he's really tempted to go visit his soccer rival -- Jeon Jungkook -- and give him the n...
Karlnapity One-shot by Jenniisherefor_drama
Karlnapity One-shotby ✿︎CoCo✿︎
The Tangled Web | Peter Parker by captain_yellow_96
The Tangled Web | Peter Parkerby captain_yellow_96
Emerson Jay has been best friends with Peter Parker for as long as she can remember. He moved into the house next door when they were six and the two quickly formed a bo...
Shigadabi Oneshots by KingCremation
Shigadabi Oneshotsby I write stuff
A bunch of oneshots I wrote for my favorite ship Shigadabi. Updates: Monday and Friday #1 in Shigaraki x Dabi 10/31/21