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Arcadian by Elijahtheshagger
Arcadianby Elijah<3
Arcadian (adj.) idyllically innocent; simple and untroubled by fear or worry. Harper Flores is the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine. She's kind, understanding and...
The Alpha's Prize by Midika
The Alpha's Prizeby Midika
"...I've never had an orgasm before!" I blurt out, backing away a few steps. He sits up, dark hair ruffled and messy from the fingers I ran through it. His eye...
Pricing The Heart by LeeleeKez
Pricing The Heartby Lily Orevba
Eloise has lost everything; her parents, home, and with the discovery of her uncle's plan to marry her off to a man nearly three times her age, her hope for a good futur...
Bottled Up by JKMacLaren
Bottled Upby J K MacLaren
Louise Bentley is a feisty, wild, 'let's-go-to-Capri-for-the-weekend-yeah?' kind of girl. She spends her days working at a party-planning company. Oh, and she never want...
Wedding In Pandemic ( Completed ✔)  by Spmoonchild3
Wedding In Pandemic ( Completed ✔) by Sreelakshmi Pradeep
Weddings are always special. But when it is your cousin's wedding it is even more. Maya is a sweet independent girl, who radiates happiness and energy everwhere she goe...
Rival Arrival by Snowritesx
Rival Arrivalby Snowritesx
'Look at me, Celeste,' he gently lifts her chin up with the tips of his slender fingers. 'I'm right here, okay?' *** When Celestine Vora enrols at the elite Marion Unive...
In Between, Lola Tung by hiddendeaths
In Between, Lola Tungby ellie
She toes the line between them.
The Scientist's Cultist by kmorgannn18
The Scientist's Cultistby K. Morgan
In the thrilling third installment of 'Agents of Time', the time travel team is on the hunt for Jack the Ripper - the unidentified serial killer notorious for his murder...
The Control Of Flames And Ashes  by EmanChaudary
The Control Of Flames And Ashes by Eman Chaudary
There's only one thing Seraphire Demascre has wanted . CONTROL. Control over herself , control over what she has , control over what she doesn't. But that is something...
One Temptation | Choi Yeonjun Fanfiction by jiminislovely13
One Temptation | Choi Yeonjun Mary⁷
Choi Yeonjun - A laid-back, ardent yet cunning CEO of the illustrious Falcon Estate. The epitome of a sly fox. Born and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is mo...
Buried Under Your Name by anntivej
Buried Under Your Nameby Andrea
Under the influence of a greater force none of them can explain, the six residents of the Meadows are prone to mass hysteria from time to time. Still, they solemnly den...
Kill bill by Erotickim
Kill billby kim
Book I of the Deadly trilogy Keegan Meadows Ceo of Meadows Detective Agency The Brains Charming, deadly and smart enough to hide it Vanessa De Novo Forensic Scientist/cr...
Unwillingly mine. (Kittyz) by Kyeost
Unwillingly mine. (Kittyz)by Xyz
Pham's corporation had recently been antagonized with false rumors, and owners have no idea how to bring back the image of the Pham family and Pham's corporation. Kang'...
Old Money, New Love by Melodytheplonker
Old Money, New Loveby Melody<3
16 year old free skater Sophie Bellerose, takes a leap of faith in a lottery ticket attempt. After crossing out all winning numbers, she claims five hundred thousand qui...
CHASING MEGAN by author_vishnupriya
CHASING MEGANby author_vishnupriya
One mistake and i caught his eyes. Nikolai Petrov may wear the guise of charm, but beneath it lies a relentless predator. His determination to make me his own is unwaver...
TEETH [chris sturniolo] by -poisonedheart
TEETH [chris sturniolo]by tomlinson
it's soul-crushing, really. that the one he loves is the one he can't have. chris hates piper (no, he doesn't).
By Any Other Name by ANHorton1227
By Any Other Nameby A.N. Horton
A princess on the run, Briar Aldrich has no choice but to take on the role of scullery maid when Lord Sterling Huntington stumbles upon her in the woods and doesn't reco...
She's No Longer With The Band by leilams31
She's No Longer With The Bandby leila
Aubrey has changed. She's a completely different person than who she used to be. She's a lot colder, and a lot more wary now. Nate has changed as well. He's not the sam...
Masked Desires by YourMumsCrustyFoot
Masked Desiresby YourMumsCrustyFoot🦶
Kennedy Graves had always been a woman who thrived in the shadows. Her life was a mosaic of secrets and covert operations, built upon a foundation of danger and dedicati...
A Court of Shadows and Starlit Song by EricaParthenopaeus
A Court of Shadows and Starlit Songby EricaParthenopaeus
This is a self indulgent fan fiction that is a what if I got Isekaied into the world of ACOTAR. I'm writing this just for me and for fun.