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What a storm leaves behind (Mha x All Might's daughter) by allmight_simp
What a storm leaves behind (Mha bakugo'smommymilkers
Female pronouns!! Y/N Yagi, the daughter of the number 1 hero always tried her best for her dad, but it never seemed to be good enough for him. Will she spend her life t...
Erica by Prickly_Thorns
Ericaby Sam
They say her voice was once bewitching to all who heard it. She was like a siren luring sailers to their deaths on quiet nights... Those are just rumours that once were...
The Forgotten Child by Little1Writer
The Forgotten Childby Little Writer
"Actually I do. I'm working", I said with no emotion at all. They didn't deserve it. They don't get to know how I have felt through the years without them, I'm...
Made For Mercy by CallMe__Legend
Made For Mercyby Legend
Werewolf fighting is just like dog fighting but more deadly and attracts more money. Verity is a female werewolf who was born into fighting, it was all she had ever kno...
Forgotten son of Olympus: time of Greece 1st by crosscrows
Forgotten son of Olympus: time Somebody
Percy Jackson is a strange child no one but Apollo and his mom knows the truth. Apollo becomes un-bond by ancient laws... when the reality isn't what it appears when eve...
The One They Lost  ✍︎︎✍︎︎✍︎︎ by bookLeah
The One They Lost ✍︎︎✍︎︎✍︎︎by bookLeah
"It's them it's fucking them!! The people who put me in that fucking orphanage the people who abandoned me and the people who I once called my fucking family" ...
the depressed potter by mysterypinecone21
the depressed potterby mysterypinecone21
my name is Saige Sirius Potter, I'm Harry Potters twin, im the one no one knows about, everyones herd of harry Potter, but not of me... we were raised together after our...
Izuku Lost And Betrayed by rosereader59572
Izuku Lost And Betrayedby kiwi kiwi
Izuku is a nice and gentle boy he has a good family and a good life at school he has a good group of friends goes to the top school of Japan and has a powerful quirk not...
Left To The Wolves by Ange_loves_reading
Left To The Wolvesby Angelica
A fifteen year old girl is left as bait so her family can get away from a pack of wolves that was chasing them. They take her in and she stays with them and learns the w...
I'm back and bad by -Reya--
I'm back and badby reya tirivanhu
Mirabelle Summers She has always been called Daisy's sister. She was always the shadow, the background, the loner. Everything she worked for taken and everything she lo...
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Remember me- Faith.E Mikaelson by JxcksonXvery
Remember me- Faith.E Mikaelsonby JxcksonXvery
Faith Esther Mikaelson the firstborn daughter of the Orignal Hybrid when he was still human. Abandoned by her entire family and no one beside her side except her cousin...
Forgotten | An Avengers Fanfiction | by HoshiUzumaki
Forgotten | An Avengers Hoshi
A new boy comes along as Mr. Stark's personal intern and Peter is soon forgotten by the Avengers except for Bucky and Steve, Peter quits and only keeps in contact with B...
The Rising Flame [Leo Valdez Fanfiction] by Son_Of_Pontos
The Rising Flame [Leo Valdez Son_Of_Pontos
When Leo returns, he is totally ignored for a whole year. But during this year he is trained en every kind of weapon. He grows so strong that he can take down an Olympia...
Estranged  by rahniqueee
Estranged by nique
19 year old, Merena who was never close to any of her family even though they lived in the same house. She never trusted anyone but her twin sister, Mercedes. Her mom ha...
When you've been forgotten by EllieAllisonJones
When you've been forgottenby EllieAllisonJones
Harry Potter has tried all his life to win his parent's approval that Alex so easily had. Ever since the day Alex was proclaimed the Boy Who Lived, Harry tried to be hap...
A Weasley outsider by shadowray17
A Weasley outsiderby shadowray17
Holly Weasley the sixth and forgotten Weasley. The twin sister of Ron Weasley. She was forgotten and never seen. Only comes out of the supposedly haunted attic when no o...
The Forgotten daughter by Mysterygirl1717
The Forgotten daughterby Mysterygirl1717
This story is about Bella and Jacob forgotten daughter Belle.She is part werewolf the other part is a mystery.She is the half sister of Nessie, she was forgotten because...
The millionaire daughter and the billionaire family by Lllllooooouhhh
The millionaire daughter and the Lili Louh
*PS - haven't updated in a long time and don't plan to :| ^ constructive criticism greatly encouraged^ Evanna Whitlock is the youngest child of the family that owns the...
Just a Memory by xFloraAurorax
Just a Memoryby Flora Aurora
The last thing Kai remembered was a flash before ending up 20 years into the future. His friends are no longer the ninja, but rather their kids. What happens when those...
Rejected But Not Forgotten (On Hold)  by ffavourrr
Rejected But Not Forgotten (On whatdowewant
"I, Hunter Blare, reject you, Rachel Daniels, as my mate and my future Luna." Right now I wanted to cry, but I won't give him the satisfaction of seeing me wea...