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Fresh New Antivirus by Hidden-Ajinn
Fresh New Antivirusby Hidden Ajinn
Fresh is Admin of the Multiverse!? This can't end well ... or can it? This is an alternate universe - er, multiverse - where Fresh is responsible for the monitoring and...
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Reincarnated as Fresh in Momma Cq by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Fresh in Momma Cqby SkeleSheena
What if someone died and reincarnated as Fresh in momma cq.... Can they stay in the storyline or change for a bit? Not reincarnated as a baby Fresh but being reincarnat...
Liberated ° Steve Kemp ° by hannahxx98
Liberated ° Steve Kemp °by Hannahmariexx
"You saved me, Steve. You liberated me in every way I needed you to. You're not the villain of my story; you're the hero."
RAD END (OLD) by ThirdyB3
(COMPLETE) The Rad-End is set in a Multiverse. The parasitic Fresh (plural) come up with a plan. Originally, the intention was for feasting. However, their demeanor will...
Momma CQ Oneshots [REQUESTS ARE OPEN] by IJustLoveFresh
Momma CQ Oneshots [REQUESTS ARE Choild!
After the last update of Momma CQ, I decided to wrote some onoshots about it. So now, every week on Mondays, I will write a oneshot of what I think will happen next. May...
Refresh: Update Needed by TheMiraculousMatt
Refresh: Update Neededby TheMiraculousMat
The "Genocide" Route of the Refresh universe. If This is the genocide you could say that Refresh classic is the Neutral and Refresh alternate is the pacifist...
A ''Fresh'' Story by IJustLoveFresh
A ''Fresh'' Storyby Choild!
It's a normal day ouside. Trees are orange, the weather is rainy. On days like these, The Queen family and its friends Should try to find the beauty in everything. Even...
Momma cq by BIGLIJ123456789
Momma cqby BIGLIJ123456789
I'm not the person who created this show/ au. I made it because I like this au and its cool. I don't actually nkow who made Momma cq but you can go on youtube and try to...
Fresh from Hell  by Saxon_Vamasite
Fresh from Hell by Ravage
A skeleton's soul would soon be compromised by a parasite. And made a science project.
An Artist And A Writer (Ink!sans x fem. reader) by kcanation
An Artist And A Writer (Ink!sans Kamder
an aspired writer embarks on a journey she never imagined, follow y/n as she travels threw aus, get's kidnapped and meets her future lover, y/n will always have to be on...
ENIGMA / Frank Subway surfers  by garlics4lt
ENIGMA / Frank Subway surfers by rhinestone eyes
y/n is 20 years old and hangs with her friend group, the "Subway Surfers". One night of skateboarding alone, her board falls down a flight of stairs into the s...
What Type Of Are You a Nerd? Fresh X PJ (naj) by FoxeyMars
What Type Of Are You a Nerd? Remy
In this story Fresh is a nerd and has a terrible life. Were he has to live on his own and is some what depressed. So he smokes and drinks. He used to cut but not much an...
Refresh: Extras 2 by TheMiraculousMatt
Refresh: Extras 2by TheMiraculousMat
This is the second series of oneshots in my Refresh universe. Each of these one shots should be considered canon in that universe unless otherwise specified. You know I'...
An Accident by 284zunblo
An Accidentby Zunblo
Fresh x Deccy + Side ships Momma CQ universe, our boyos are in High school This is a ship book, don't like don't read Magic is magic, don't question it cause I don't ge...
The Momma CQ House by JackytheSkeleton
The Momma CQ Houseby ghostly★
Soooooooooo it's about Decay move to the momma CQ house. So yeah! Really just random stuff that come into my mind.
The forgotten Memory by RainbowKun6
The forgotten Memoryby Rainbow - Chan
This story is about the Momma CQ Universe. The storyline is about Fresh,Error,and Geno realise they are brothers from the past. Cross,Ink and Reaper are brothers for thi...
The daily life of Fgod Errorfresh by Zero_Oxo_
The daily life of Fgod Errorfreshby I haven't been here awhile
Read to find out Ships: Error x Fresh FGOD Error Balance keeper / God of Chaos Fresh
I DIDN'T MEAN TO (a momma cq fanfic) by DFMNE404
I DIDN'T MEAN TO (a momma cq Dude
Not sure if someone has done this before but if someone did then i'm going to take my crack at it. Ok so if you remember when Error pushed Fresh down a flight of stairs...
Errors in Dreamtale by ErrormareFan
Errors in Dreamtaleby Drunk Nightmare
what happens when Error finds the destroyed Dreamtale years after the apple incident? how will Nightmare react to seeing his brother again?
Matt sturniolo imagines  by Xx_TeenWolf_xX
Matt sturniolo imagines by Xx_TeenWolf_xX
Just Matt. Cause Matt is amazing