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Smut and stuff by KawaNoMizu03
Smut and stuffby River Sky
Goons, frouse, and more I hope you enjoy 😉
Search by Random_Storytime16
Searchby Random_Storytime16
"I'm going to get something to eat do you wanna come?" "Nah I got a video to finish editing. maybe another time." "Alright I'll be back in a few...
Backstabber by ElasticElli3
Backstabberby Ellie♡
frouse + smii7y+house!au A groups friendship. destroyed. by one friend, or friends, who backstabbed them all...
I'm here | DBH AU! by SunnyBoi42069
I'm here | DBH AU!by 🔥Sunny/Tanner🔥
FROUSE x DBH! Droid is bought from the store and is now in the hands of Puffer. Puffer is a good person who needs someone to help him, Droid is here for him. And Droid b...
Practice For Another Asset by neoeppes
Practice For Another Assetby Cyr
' Pezzy noticed the door to the inside of the enclosure was slowly opening, "What.." He was passing it when all of a sudden he felt a push and he stumbled into...
ultraviolent hearts by spencywrites
ultraviolent heartsby spencer/tanner :)
a spiderman!frouse au. a normal high-school student goes on a trip with classmates to a science lab, where they study multiple species of spiders. after a while of being...
Hazbin Hotel au by honkstroies
Hazbin Hotel auby Jonathan
Frouse in the Hazbin universe. Puffer, Pezzy, and Smii7y are overlords whilst Droid, Grizzy, Kryoz, and Blarg are just Common sinners. Obviously this isn't gonna be Pg d...
Wrecked ~ BigPuffer × Reader by DrColeDeKuiper
Wrecked ~ BigPuffer × Readerby Cole
"We're trapped here? You've got to be joking." Invitations were soaring into the inboxes of a large amount of Twitch Streamers and Youtubers to a large event o...
Frouse House + Other Ships by ItzExooo
Frouse House + Other Shipsby Exo
These will be ship stories I'll be making since I hate one shots idk why. But the people who will be in it ( I may add more people ) will be: Smitty,Blarg,Bigpuffer,Dro...
frouse oneshots by spencywrites
frouse oneshotsby spencer/tanner :)
different oneshots about pezzy, grizzy, droid, and puffer :)