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First Love.  by Fuckgirl-Savage27
First Love. by Fuckgirl-Savage
You are a famous rapper. The best if I may say. Your a badass, and very playful at times. what will happen when you tour with fifth harmony and start ganing fellings f...
Fuck girl (Jenlisa/Chaelisa) by lilymlily7
Fuck girl (Jenlisa/Chaelisa)by lilymlily7
"You're the biggest fuck boy I've ever met." "Actually I'm a fuck girl. Feel free to call me daddy if you want though." Jennie is tired of games and...
Such A Bad Girl (On HOLD)  by yourdadislesbian
Such A Bad Girl (On HOLD) by Moira
Skylar is a lesbian fuckgirl, she slept with almost every lesbian in her school, they would all fall for her gorgous face. She would leave all of them heartbroken after...
Fuckboy, Fuckgirl by twelveyears
Fuckboy, Fuckgirlby Abby
In the summer of 2016, a fuckboy and a fuckgirl meet on Nantucket. They end up striking a messed up sort of relationship, spending the rest of their bittersweet summer w...
All The Things (Discontinued) by generallygendernt
All The Things (Discontinued)by Hell
This has turned into a book just for literotica 25/8/2019 -awarded #1 in fuckgirl
Juguemos un poco, cariño (lemon +18) by marcelin199
Juguemos un poco, cariño (lemon +1...by Leinibet Tapia
Eran una fuckgirl y un fuckboy juntos iniciaron un juego solo por divercion y termino siendo algo mas que eso... Termino siendo una tortura lujuriosa Pero tenia que par...
Playgirl Ryujin [On Hiatus] by BabyTigerBooks
Playgirl Ryujin [On Hiatus]by Charlene Williams
Ryujin is a playgirl she fucks around with everybody's hearts and make every girl fail in love with her when is it going to end.... Featuring ITZY TWICE BLACKPINK Eve...
My Sassy Teacher-C.H by MadisonHemmings2
My Sassy Teacher-C.Hby PrincessLashtonAf
❝So want a fuck lesson?❞ ❝Yes of course Mr.Hood ❞
Once a cheater aways a cheater  by Koolkatjade26
Once a cheater aways a cheater by Koolkatjade26
I say "I Told you Dinah" I sigh looking down. "Once a cheater always a cheater"
siren.  by KryssyKook
siren. by KryssyKook
I don't get why people make such a big deal out of sex. It's not like you have to love someone to successfully fuck them, I mean really. It's just something else to do...
Segunda parte de _El diario de una princesa triste_. Cafeina de versos . Cafeina de emociones Cafeina de arte Prendre un café avec vous, savourer chaque boisson, sucrée...
Fuckgirl by fxckuma
Fuckgirlby Uma Zamora
si quieres aprender a ser una fuckgil, lee esta guía...
Player and f*girl  by prettyshayne05
Player and f*girl by prettyshayne05
Okay this story is about a girl named Emily heart and she is very rich and she has to move and she runs into the schools player and which is Alex tucker ---- ALEX----- ...
a love story worth reading by justfallyou
a love story worth readingby Lovely
Meet Jade, she isn't a supermodel, or your smartest gal, or the best influence. She is a normal teenager, except she is involved in thr wrong group. She isn't the most a...
Sex addict by HaruuAngelaBJALEX
Sex addictby HERA MARIA 1994
"claire is , addicted of s*x, she Even know all about kinda opposition, and Claire don't know Ezekiel about real life and Ezekiel is wild More than him, Ezekiel nic...
Change. by theaxmills
Change.by theaxmills
Hi. My names Thea Johnson also known as the schools nerd. I'm going to let you in on a secret.... I have a huge(and I mean HUGE!) crush on Zach Thomas also known as the...
Summer Depression  by stayfrostynico
Summer Depression by Em 🖤
Elle Thurman was the School's good girl and a Senior. She had amazing grades and a decent sized friend group. That is, until Cheryl and Ryan Rosebanks Arrived to Sandbro...
queen dirty work by weshaneen
queen dirty workby ☻haneen☹
girl that goes crazy with all the boys at the club she gets drunk and hits on girls and guys even in other times she gets heartbroken her heart is a piece of stone but s...
More like Life-Updates🤷‍♀️ by DramioneLove4Life
More like Life-Updates🤷‍♀️by Lanii Malfoy
This is where I'm going to be posting random Life-Updates, Teehee.