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The Stranger Next Door by lastimebts
The Stranger Next Doorby kim hyejin
"really lisa?" jisoo spoke with her hand on the paining stomach because of laughing to much. "oh stop it jisoo. you really can't laugh at that" lisa...
Her Stripper Ways  by AndreasSalvarore
Her Stripper Ways by Andrea
This one is mature, so I'm gonna say 18+ but if you're 18 upstairs then please carry on...
||sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ|| •~ᴄʜᴀᴇɴɴɪᴇ~• by Ryuu_JeongJen
||sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ|| •~ᴄʜᴀᴇɴɴɪᴇ~•by Nini
Converted story Jennie and Chaeyoung were both what you would call 'Fuckgirl' plain and simple. The two didn't know one another but their best friends were more than ti...
You Have One New Follower - JensooxChaelisa by lustfvlx
You Have One New Follower - Jensoo...by Lustfvlx
This is a Blackpink Instagram story, which is about Chaelisa and Jensoo Read and found out how each ship comes together First chapter will be a little boring but just wa...
TOXIC LOVE<3♡ by XxXabCdefmeXxX
TOXIC LOVE<3♡by ciara rose boyton/burns
"Stop muthafucking playing with me, white boy" "Stop capping you know you like it" "And what you gonna do bout it if I do"? In which a girl...
Fuck girl (Jenlisa/Chaelisa) by lilymlily7
Fuck girl (Jenlisa/Chaelisa)by lilymlily7
"You're the biggest fuck boy I've ever met." "Actually I'm a fuck girl. Feel free to call me daddy if you want though." Jennie is tired of games and...
First Love.  by Fuckgirl-Savage27
First Love. by Fuckgirl-Savage
You are a famous rapper. The best if I may say. Your a badass, and very playful at times. what will happen when you tour with fifth harmony and start ganing fellings f...
Halo and Alexander by addison_bradley_2
Halo and Alexanderby addison_bradley_2
The eldest child of the Russo legacy and a club owner. Both sleep around and neither date. What will happen when the game they usually play on others, is played against...
Fuck girl .c.d. by daretodolan
Fuck girl .c.d.by Fanfic101
Meet aria gilinsky she was a fuckgirl. Her brother Jack gilinsky only had one rule about his sister for his friends " you can only fuck her if you change her"...
When it hurts by buela_blast
When it hurtsby buela_blast
Jaylah is 15 years old and has been through a lot most of her life. Her dad died when she was 7 years old and her best friend janiya died a year ago from suicide her bro...
Fuckgirl by mightybirlem
Fuckgirlby ♡︎
A famous fuckgirl and all the famous people she fucked
RANTS by DramioneLove4Life
RANTSby Lanii Malfoy
This is where I'm going to be posting random Rants, Teehee.
Kapit Bahay Ko Tinira Ko Sa Cr Nila by Shoya14
Kapit Bahay Ko Tinira Ko Sa Cr Nilaby SHOUYA!14
story spg R18 ang kwento nato Ay ngyare sa totoo'ng buhay, ibabahagi ko to kwento na to dahil gusto ko, ibahagi. First time ko lang gumawa ng story, Sana magustohan nyo...
F U C K B O Y ; J G  by softl0ve
F U C K B O Y ; J G by luv more
We moved passed my savage ways and my stupid games. I just wasn't prepared for his. SEQUEL TO FUCKGIRL COPYRIGHT SKIZZYMALOLEY 2016-2017
This guide is dedicated to anyone who accumulated several toxic relationships that destroyed them mentally, physically & spiritually. For those who gave all their love...
f u c k  g i r l  .emma chamberlain. by emmasdrinkwithnoboba
f u c k g i r l .emma chamberlai...by leen
"i hate this." "hate what?" "being in love with you." "wha- why?" "you're a fuckgirl!" "oh i see how it is."
Falling for a Fuckgirl/Slut  by HtxRaul
Falling for a Fuckgirl/Slut by Raul🍑❤️
Hi My Name Is Clay and this was my high school experience ❤️🖕🏼😩🍑🍆
Bully ☆ emma chamberlain by tobesolxnely
Bully ☆ emma chamberlainby 𝐓𝐏𝐖𝐊 !!
"out of all your lies i love you was my favourite," In which emma chamberlain falls in love with the girl she used to bully. emma chamberlain x oc girl x girl