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Gamo-chan x Silent/Cold Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Gamo-chan x Silent/Cold Male Readerby Senpai Noodle
Gamo didn't look forward to seeing anybody in a relationship. Or be friends with a boy for that matter. This changed however when her friends invited her to watch a rug...
Stop Toying With Me, Gamo-Chan! by EmperorSquid
Stop Toying With Me, Gamo-Chan!by EmperorSquid
A story about what would happen if an aggressive, sadistic, orange-haired delinquent, with a burning spirit that could rival most Olympic medalist butted heads with a bo...
Orange Flamed Love (Gamo X OC) by JoJoker22
Orange Flamed Love (Gamo X OC)by
A new face enters the art room and quickly catches the eye of a certain orange-haired vixen. I own nothing besides the OC (Dan) everything related to nagatoro is made by...
snap (male! Musician! reader x gamo-chan) by ndeunzjbwxjb
snap (male! Musician! reader x N
this is a story where the protagonist (y/n) snaps when nagatoro goes a bit to far. he then started hanging out with Gamo and they became closer. I don't own DTWMMN nor A...
The Kazehaya Virus by Human-Beanbag
The Kazehaya Virusby FlaccidAcid
When what seems to be a Zombie Virus takes over the City of Kazehaya, the Students of Kazehaya High-School do their best to survive this apocalyptic scenario they've bee...
Nagatoro Hayase x Singer Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Nagatoro Hayase x Singer Male Senpai Noodle
When a playful athlete and a bullied singer crosses paths, many wouldn't anticipate on how their relationship will end as. (#1 in Nagatoro) (#1 in Neyo) (#1 in Music) (#...
Nagatoro harem x Half Mongol Male Reader by Bryce4621
Nagatoro harem x Half Mongol Bryce
Y/n Buyantu has always felt like an outcast because he is half Japanese and half Mongolian. He has a direct bloodline to Samurai of the Edo Period and Genghis Khan and K...
Shikki x Angry Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Shikki x Angry Male Readerby Senpai Noodle
What's this? Another rugby fan fiction that had to do with the Nagatoro series?
President Naoto Hachioji by mocashinobi
President Naoto Hachiojiby Scribble Art's Studios
Before Naoto Hachioji (Senpai) met Nagatoro, He became a soulmate to Sana Sunomiya (The president of the art club.) Sana leave her school to after retiring from being th...
don't mock a disabled person (friends nagatora x male disabled) by BARMALEY112
don't mock a disabled person ( BARMALEY
jededaya koteral, a disabled boy from Europe who lost his leg in a car accident is now going to Japan to study and maybe find his one love, or as many as three loves.
If your a fan of Game of Thrones then you will love this! Dwarf Spy Henry King. Standing at 4 feet and six inches. Elegant, handsome and charismatic, England's most ill...
That Damn Smile (Gamo-Chan X Male Reader) Oneshot by atlas-stonewall
That Damn Smile (Gamo-Chan X atlas-stonewall
Saw other people doing these, so I thought I'd try my luck with Gamo
18Y/O Hayase Nagatoro x Male Senpai Reader by Victor_TheRiper
18Y/O Hayase Nagatoro x Male Victor Hernandez
You're an 18 year old student, who happens to be in the year of high school, Junior year, and yet you happen to be in the art club ever since happen to...
Please Don't Mess with Me, Nakase-Kun by Human-Beanbag
Please Don't Mess with Me, FlaccidAcid
Nana Hachioji has had a pretty hard life. Constant bullying and harassment from her piers has caused her to close herself off and become a shut-in. However, when a a you...
The Thrush and The Black Cat (Nagatoro X Male Reader) by Strike-Fighter
The Thrush and The Black Cat ( Strike-Fighter
Y/n always has been a loner, with only one friend there for him. But one day his life changed when he meets a rather mean kouhai after school. Disclaimer: I don't own Ij...
Love Tease (Hayase Nagatoro x Senpai Male Reader) by Jaxon0987
Love Tease (Hayase Nagatoro x Jackson’sWorLd
For this story, Y/n will sorta take the place of Senpai, but not all the same traits...Y/n was a Sophomore student in high school, he was a pretty tall dude, and just qu...