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Goodbye (MS boys x reader)  by gelitinn
Goodbye (MS boys x reader) by geli
Y/N wanted to start a new life trying to leave the past behind her she then decided to move to My Street where she met new friends and ended up falling for 1. Until she...
Aarmau : High school by LifesTooShortToCry
Aarmau : High schoolby LifesTooShortToCry
Aphmau was dating the hottest guy in school Garoth Ro' Meave everyone wanted to be with him. EVERYONE. But he chose Aphmau. But Aphmau feels she doesn't get any love fro...
travis x reader  by yassycakes2005
travis x reader by Charllotte Heart
in this you have just fought the shadow lord and got injered.
My street X reader by _fantasy_island_
My street X readerby _fantasy_island_
Just another My street story :P
Aphmau Roleplays  by Deceit-Sanders
Aphmau Roleplays by Annie or Nico
Aphmau Rps, mostly au's
Garoth/Laurence by marchingband2016
Garoth/Laurenceby marchingband2016
This is the story for the aphmau lovers. Me and Starr are debating if she is better with Luance/Garoth.
The Insane can never be Sane by Kawiishipper
The Insane can never be Saneby ~Oni~San~
*Not Edited* What if Aphmau was a psycho who kills just for fun? She's not the innocent girl people think she is... She's a killer
(Finished) The war against the Ro'Meave brothers ( Garmau Vlymau Zanemau ) by BeautifulWar11
(Finished) The war against the Ro' BeautifulWar11
Garroth and Zane love Aphmau and so does two people they never thought would This content is appropriate for all ages
long lost freinds or soon to be enemys.      an mcdxreader fanfic by Lunathewerewolf729
long lost freinds or soon to be Lunathewerewolf729
changed name sorry it didnt fit but im not giving away the story
killer robot *rewriting* by Carissalolme5
killer robot *rewriting*by healthmatters
Louis came back alive because of her father. How?simple he made her a robot like himself. The only thing Louis remembers is being push down a 8 story building,but who?wh...
Love is in the air ~MYS,LL,LLP,PDH, ONE-SHOTS,LEMONS AND FLUFF by Dahlila2006
Love is in the air ~MYS,LL,LLP, Dahlila2006
So this book is about basically the title... so... yeah requests are fine but I wont be able to post everyday so yeah that's basically it ~BAI~
Garmau High School by twinklebow300
Garmau High Schoolby twinklebow300
Aphmau's! First day of school
The legend of ianite's daughter (mianite and minecraft diaries crossover) by FallenAngelGoddess
The legend of ianite's daughter ( FallenAngelGoddess
Lady ianite of mianite and lord romeav of okasis have a child. This child has to go through hell to keep the rest of her family alive after her mother got killed as a ch...
Escape the dark ~ Book 1 by AgentAJAKAAngelHeart
Escape the dark ~ Book 1by AgentAJisObssesed
Angel is running from O'khasis after what happened to her and her family... who she never truly knew... she just knows that her father and mother were powerful magics us...
Minecraft mystreet fluff by Lexi  by urnewBestfreind
Minecraft mystreet fluff by Lexi by urnewBestfreind
romave lost sister mystreetxoc by Lunathewerewolf729
romave lost sister mystreetxocby Lunathewerewolf729
in highschool your best freind was vlad and zane but you also had sky luna and ammber her and her friends ran once the found out all there boyfreinds were cheating on th...