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A real CATCH (Garroth x Reader) by fanficceteral
A real CATCH (Garroth x Reader)by avacado
Y/N, a talented softball pitcher, joins her junior year of Highschool in a new school because of a scholarship. By chance her internet bestfriend, Katelyn, goes to that...
[ MyStreet Garroth x Reader ] Choosing you by naurbeyur
[ MyStreet Garroth x Reader ] ♭ᵉʸᵘʳ ˚ ❀
As the twin sister of the infamous flirt, Travis Valkrum, and a descendant of the Demon Warlock lineage, much like our father, I walked a path that was both a blend of d...
Little Zane by Ani-meow1200
Little Zaneby Tobi :D
Zane has bad anxiety and depression. He stresses over the tiniest of things and it drives him crazy. He finds comfort in things made for children. Every night before he...
Ro'meave's sister [Laurence X Reader] by Mellfaye
Ro'meave's sister [Laurence X Mel
[BEING REWORKED/EDITED!] Did you know that there's a little sister in the Ro'meave family? This is the story of 15 year-old Y/n, who started high school one year earlie...
The Ro'meave Sister~ A Mystreet Fanfiction (Mystreet boys X Reader) by GreenNinjaJazzy
The Ro'meave Sister~ A Mystreet Jazmin
You know Garroth, Zane, and Vylad, but did you know that they had a sister? Y/N moves to Mystreet next to her overprotective brothers, Garroth and Zane. She makes new fr...
Undecided Love  ~  [MCD x Reader] by ShipperLizzie
Undecided Love ~ [MCD x Reader]by Lizzie Atlantic
Y/n is on adventure to find out who she really is. As Aphmau's sister she takes on the role of the Lord's second hand, but who was she before this? And why does she feel...
Hidden Pain↠ GarrothXReader by _rozes
Hidden Pain↠ GarrothXReaderby _rozes
"I'm scared to be loved," ━─━─━━─━「₪」━━─━─━─━ It's been a hard life for Y/N. Ever since she was born, she's been thrown into a string of foster homes that hav...
Aarons Sister|Reader x LoversLane|An Aphmau Fanfiction by sociopathicvibe
Aarons Sister|Reader x LoversLane| - kai parker
WAIT? AARON'S SISTER IS COMING?! Yep that's right Y/N is moving back to Lovers Lane. We haven't seen her since High School! Man i do miss her beautiful Y/E/C eyes and he...
The Ro'Meave Sister by vbdorks
The Ro'Meave Sisterby A-Chan
A PDH fanfiction, all characters except the main, you, belong to Aphmau. The fanart on the cover belongs to Sharkkisser09 on DeviantArt! Some of the story plots will be...
Top Dog (Garroth X Reader) [Book Two] by fanficceteral
Top Dog (Garroth X Reader) [Book avacado
Serenely, Y/N and Garroth had sworn to each other that they would stay away from drama sworn individuals like Ivy and Gene. The promise seemed relatively easy to accompl...
THE WAY YOU DO [l.zvhal]by alex
laurance x reader book one of THE WAY YOU DO series
What will he think? ~ Ro'meave Brothers  by mothmansdaddy_
What will he think? ~ Ro'meave river
-this is discontinued there's no end stop reading this it's so shitty /lh- ___________________________________________ What will he think? If he found out I'm in love wi...
Mystreet Zane Lemons [SLOW UPDATES] by ElementalWolfPup
Mystreet Zane Lemons [SLOW UPDATES]by Inactive Bish
Mature content!! No INNOCENT minds aloud! Highest Ranking| 490 In Fanfiction ~ Feb 1st 2017
Aphmau MyStreet: Searching Hearts by HowlsBae26
Aphmau MyStreet: Searching Heartsby AngelWithAShotgun
❤ It's been 3 months after season 6 and Aphmau and Travis have come home. Aaron's memories of Aphmau are still faded, but his dreams may be more. After reading @Scorpio...
A Hard Knock Life  by EuphoriaisAngst
A Hard Knock Life by ZaitSucks
"Smile." "Don't show emotion." "Don't touch my brothers." We are the Ro'meaves and this is our story.....
MyStreet One Shots | X Reader by maru-kou
MyStreet One Shots | X Readerby aiko's
BOOK STARTED IN: 8-30-16 [MYSTREET SEASON ONE CHARACTERS] Here are one shots, MyStreet version! There's a lot of posibilities! Anyways, I love you guys and I hope you en...
A Ro'meave in Time by Blackcat6228
A Ro'meave in Timeby Blackcat6228
Inspired by other fanfics from other fandoms, Zane is stuck in a loop, whenever he dies he goes right back to a point in his life. He also gets stuck in alternate timeli...
Phoenix Drop High Season 1 x Cerberus!Male Reader by YaboiPizzaCrown
Phoenix Drop High Season 1 x YaboiPizzaCrown
STRAIGHT MALE READER STORY! Y/N otherwise known as Cerberus guardian of the Underworld is now a student at Phoenix Drop High after his adopted father Hades and his wife...
Unending Options [MCD x Reader] !Book 2! by ShipperLizzie
Unending Options [MCD x Reader] ! Lizzie Atlantic
This is the second book to Undecided Love. What will Y/n do since Aphmau and the gang has been gone? Does she even want them back? Has she learned any of her magicks? W...
Running || A Garrance Fanfic by _Shippers_Unite_
Running || A Garrance Fanficby Mystic
Being heartbroken is not an easy fix. Being heartbroken after a seventeen-year-long crush is even worse. Having to watch the woman who broke your heart be totally in lov...