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The Junior Detective (Detroit: Become Human) by ASE715
The Junior Detective (Detroit: ASE715
(Y/n) Anderson is a nine year old kid who works alongside her father, Lieutenant Hank Anderson, to solve cases. After her brother, Cole, died she's never been the same...
Gavin Reed X Reader [ One-Shots ] by i_wanna_perish
Gavin Reed X Reader [ One-Shots ]by vyan
female reader. no smut. enjoy. Reminder that I write these as a coping mechanism, the way I write would change a lot, some of these are gonna be really short drabbles. G...
Kamski's Daughter: Markus x Reader by _Just_a_Ghost_
Kamski's Daughter: Markus x Readerby Bipolar-By-Nature
"YK200, register your name." Elijah said. He waited a moment before stating the name, "(Y/N) Kamski" The android's eyelids fluttered before she spoke...
Partners? Partners.  by CloudedNines
Partners? Partners. by ☁ Nines ☁
(ON HOLD) "Well then, I take it you're more interested in becoming close to me now, Detective Reed." "Shut up... Partners? " "Partners. " G...
≪Hanahaki Disease≫ Detroit: Become Human by bakugousmassivebicep
≪Hanahaki Disease≫ Detroit: Lex
It wasn't supposed to happen this way. You two were partners for months ever since the deviants, but you had fallen for him. He was not a deviant, so he never had felt l...
ANGELEYES, dbh connor by goresmore
ANGELEYES, dbh connorby 。・:*༺ gabriella
❝ He'll take your heart and you must pay the price. ❞ [ HUMAN CONNOR x ANDROID READER] [ STARTED: 15/03/2021 ] [ ENDED: ONGOING ] ...
Growl || Reed900 ✔️  by CarmenKB
Growl || Reed900 ✔️ by 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔶
"Get the fuck away from me," I growl. Started December 2018 - October 27th, 2019
one of my features (DBH connor x mute!reader) by thesmallstorm
one of my features (DBH connor x Star
The the year 2038 everything seemed to finally be looking up for the recently torn city of Detroit, not for young (name) who couldn't speak since an accident at age six...
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots ✔️  by CarmenKB
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots ✔️ by 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔶
Read the fucking title, meat bag. -not an xreader -dbh ships
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Multifandom one shots and smut. Mostly marvel by Vamp1re_cvm
Multifandom one shots and smut. Rue
Hi I'm kinda new to to this so please feel free to give feedback. There will be some dbh, marvel and DC crossovers. Some might not be crossovers. But there will definite...
Maybe more than a Machine (Gavin x rk900) by Jeez-its
Maybe more than a Machine (Gavin Jeez-its
Nines, an Rk900 Android, saves his DPD partner from a deviant attack. After hostility, 28 stab wounds, and some tea Gavin realizes that Nines isn't so bad. They bond, an...
trans reader x random requests by AJBolognase
trans reader x random requestsby AJ bean boy
I'll do ftm and mtf and if you request, mild smut. I will try to write gender neutral or gender fluid etc but I don't know enough about them and it gets hard with rememb...
Reed900 pictures & gifs  by ursamajorfuckup
Reed900 pictures & gifs by Meh
I'm too lazy to write a story so here we are lol This ship gives me fucking life omfg
Different blood same feelings (Reed900 fanfic) by Ladybug_fox
Different blood same feelings ( Brick
⚠️ Gun violence self harm suicidal tendencies and actions⚠️ Detective Gavin Reed is partnered with a newer model of the RK900, after success of the android revolution. T...
Partners - Reed900 series by ilse_writes
Partners - Reed900 seriesby Ilse
Resident asshole and homicide detective Gavin Reed gets a new partner: the android RK900. Gavin is not particularly thrilled to be working with an android. They're too p...
You're Better Than My Morning Coffee [REED900] by SquemonWrites
You're Better Than My Morning Squemon Lares
It wasn't surprising that after the revolution there was still tension between Androids and humans. It was to be expected that some people still were unwilling to accept...
REED900 ONESHOTS (occasionally more than one--) OOPS, ANYWAY YEAH THESE ARE SOMETIMES SAD SOMETIMES FLUFFY ETC ETC, I take suggestions, and then put it on my list of sug...
Damn humans. A reed900 reverse au fanfic by leafwrights
Damn humans. A reed900 reverse Leaf Skye Richardson
esentialy a reverse au love story between Conan Anderson(aka rk900) and gv200 (aka gavin) will contain smut and angsty shit there will be a thing with hank and conor bei...
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots by Bluemedallion
Detroit: Become Human Oneshotsby 😤🔥😩
do you like Detroit? I sure hope so! cause why else would you be here Tw: swearing throughout I haven't tried ships yet so uhhhh x readers are my specialty and fluff an...