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Gay Fluff One Shots by NickyTheUnlovable
Gay Fluff One Shotsby NickyVuitton
Gay fluff to the max.
The Pajama Kid by SippingSpiffingTea
The Pajama Kidby SippingSpiffingTea
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significan...
Eternity ↑↑↑ Inotan by BirdsBeBabiesBro
Eternity ↑↑↑ Inotanby ×o RyAn o×
Tanjiro and Inosuke start going on more missions alone together, and they almost die on one of those missions. Sharing that situation gave them a connection, Inosuke tri...
Eric's Buddy by nertalert
Eric's Buddyby nertalert
It's December 8, 1976. Eric meets Buddy, Buddy meets Eric. But what would happen if Buddy was a regular? If he and Eric had a thing? What could've been? In this story y...
Drarry Fluff Oneshots :) by isthatabong
Drarry Fluff Oneshots :)by doctor bitchcraft
(ON BREAK/ON HOLD) Just a bunch of fluff oneshots! You know... like the name says... Hope u enjoy :)
twitter / jikook by chiminslies
twitter / jikookby chiminslies
"i'll block you" "I'll kiss you"
We Were Meant To Be (Budo x Taro) by Gem_Duckling
We Were Meant To Be (Budo x Taro)by Gem_Duckling
The leader of the Martial Arts Club, Budo Masuta, has developed feelings for his fellow classmate, Taro Yamada. After Budo befriends him, Taro starts to fall for him bac...
Jally Oneshots by Angsty_Emo
Jally Oneshotsby Vence
Cute (I think) stories of our favourite greasers. I do take requests but I'm backed up right now so I may not be taking in any right now. I'm in high school and obviousl...
AFTER ALL / momo yaoyurozu.  by sweet-amai
AFTER ALL / momo yaoyurozu. by star girl
raw divinity spills from your heavenly eyes, my dear.
Banana Fish Fluff by F3L1XF3RN3
Banana Fish Fluffby Hannah
Eiji had gone back to Japan after Ash got stabbed. He thought he was dead. But one day the Asian boy got a surprise when he saw the American boy stood by his doorstep
bloody Hell ( On Hold Sorry (◞‸◟ㆀ) by jarjar-
bloody Hell ( On Hold Sorry (◞‸◟ㆀ)by Jari
Jay is the younger brother of Bella but you wouldn't know that their sibling.They have very little in common and well...Jay just have a bit of supernatural in him. THIS...
One-shots! {Gay NBA} by KozWasHere
One-shots! {Gay NBA}by 🎰
✔Bonus stories/series with multiple ships!! ✔MalexMale ✔One-Shots ✔Requests ✔Fluff ✔Smut
boyxboy/fluff stories (Requests open!) by RokiRemi
boyxboy/fluff stories (Requests SadBoi
These are boyxboy fluff stories just a bunch of boys being cute. I do requests so if you want me to write you something just hit me up. Hope you enjoy :)
good little boy //cake// by rosetaako
good little boy //cake//by bella 🌹
a story about a good little boy who falls for a bad boy.
PHAN ONE SHOTS :) by phanatic_bandgirl
PHAN ONE SHOTS :)by My name is [Katie]
Oneshots to help PHIL your thirst for phan. Are you looking for a good time? Click now to meet Ironic meme loving trash in your area Any meme trash of Dan and Phil are...
Kagehina oneshots by FemaleVersionOfEren
Kagehina oneshotsby Leah
Just fluffy oneshots no smut, keeping it family friendly T^T
If I Could Tell Him by itsyrgrl
If I Could Tell Himby zz💙
!COMPLETED! Evan and Connor have been crushing on each other for years. Both are too nervous to tell the other how they feel, which leads to a lot of confusion for the t...
You'll Be Just Fine (BxB Budo x Taro Next Gen Main Ship) by TheShippinati
You'll Be Just Fine (BxB Budo x Shippi
Sequel to Do It |Taro and Budo's son, Ryukon Masuta, is a friendly, yet shy boy who falls for a boy named Keito Shidesu, a boy whose loyalty was sold to the Secret Saiko...
Pinky Swear (bxb) ✅ by JustNicole0001
Pinky Swear (bxb) ✅by JustNicole0001
❤️ FEATURED NOVELLA ON WATTPAD's @newlywrittenbooks ("Skittles | LGBTQ+" Reading List) 12.16.21 ❤️ 🌟FEATURED NOVELLA ON WATTPAD'S @FreeTheLGBT🌟 ("LGBTQ+...
Butterfly Boy by callmebutterfly
Butterfly Boyby callmebutterfly
Gay fluff is awesome ---------- Cover by me(lol it sucks)