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Alnihayya  by muskaansmiles
Alnihayya by Muskaan.
Mashal Naeem thought she knew exactly who she was until she was rescued by her neighbour, flown on a private plane and driven on a talking car, kidnapped by terrorists a...
Palestwinians. by booohh
#2 booohh
Zach and Yasmine are two teenagers just trying to get through life by keeping their head held high and never letting their hopes drop. Although this can be hard when you...
Holding onto Charcoal by mangoseedz
Holding onto Charcoalby The Mango
{COMPLETE} Abdullah Parks is tired of his life-and for a good reason. He's a Muslim, he's American, and he's trying to balance between the two parts inside himself. His...
Greyscale [✓] by storiesbyshana
Greyscale [✓]by storiesbyshana
[Spin off to Suicide, Skittles and Skates] Hannah Adem is one of The Elite at Premrose Private School, standing at the very top of the social ladder. But when her world...
One Strong Ummah by masreyya
One Strong Ummahby Z
Assalamu Alaikum my dear sisters! Welcome to this mini-guide for muslimahs where you'll find: reminders, quotes, fun facts, anasheed, qur'an recitations, iman boosters...
Daughters of the Desert by AvalonRoyce
Daughters of the Desertby Avalon
Inured by desert life in sixth-century Hijaz, Rami sees the birth of his newborn daughter as a burden to be buried under the sands. Before he can act, his wife Malaak fl...
Nameless by FatimaMeher
Namelessby Fatima Meher
A letter written by a dead girl.
Holy Blood of the Martyr by Sarafina347
Holy Blood of the Martyrby Sarafina347
This very short poem is written for those who have lost and suffered through their lives and is just a reminder that their are people out there fighting til the very end...
What is Gaza Writes Back? by gazawritesback
What is Gaza Writes Back?by gazawritesback
-About the Gazawritesback Wattpad movement- cover by @salmasey
Why We Say #FreePalestine by mynamedoes_notmatter
Why We Say #FreePalestineby mynamedoes_notmatter
This is simply the WhatsApp exchange between two girls, living in two different countries, talking about the situation in Palestine. All rights reserved, 2016
Gaza: The Unrewarded Courage by me_fiza
Gaza: The Unrewarded Courageby me_fiza
This is not a story, nor any scripted article. It's a voice from my heart to the people of Gaza and all the Muslims all over the world who are under the unjust rule. May...
Silent Cries by nadz578
Silent Criesby Aisha
Palestine. I have written these poems in 2015.
Gaza-Man by sleepysoul48
Gaza-Manby Nada
A girl, who lives in Gaza, Palestine and has family in Ramallah, Palestine, named Haifa lives a normal, ordinary life. But in her dreams she keeps seeing a mysterious ma...
My Last Day by sleepysoul48
My Last Dayby Nada
A girl named Asil, suffers from grief when her brother Aqil is killed. After trying to find her inner peace, she loses family and even more. Read to find if she survives.
Let Me Speak by WithoutABorder
Let Me Speakby WithoutABorder
Let me speak for all of the people in the Middle East who want their voices to be heard. Let me tell you just how hard is. Let me shape how life threatening it can bec...
This is for Palestine. by ArabPrincess786
This is for Tasneem
"My sisters are being raped in Palestine! Innocent virgins are being raped in Palestine! Let say, it was your mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend, best friend or you...
Awaited Redemption by stillateenager
Awaited Redemptionby Stillateenager
Two weeks. Four students. Number one: Aarifah, with her endless struggles of maintaining a balance between her worldly and religious beliefs. Number two: Walid, with hi...
Miscellanea by gazawritesback
Miscellaneaby gazawritesback
dear palestine; a collection of quotes and poems cover by @xdemonsflowerx