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My GCSE  notes by LamsLife17
My GCSE notesby 🥀📙✌️🍃🌌💜
So we can all struggle together :')
Short stories - English GCSE by Ali647
Short stories - English GCSEby Alice
I'm going to upload any short stories that I have to write for my English GCSE, because why not?! I loved writing them and I might as well share them - it would be a sha...
IGCSE Descriptive Writing Pieces by rhiannon9703
IGCSE Descriptive Writing Piecesby rhiannon9703
A collection of descriptive writing pieces I wrote in practice for my IGCSE exam. However, please note that I do not claim these pieces will achieve a top band as these...
Descriptive Writing by RevnaVarinsdottir
Descriptive Writingby RevnaVarinsdottir
Edit 13.05.22 If anyone wishes to use these writings please go right ahead, don't bother messaging me asking to use them as I open Wattpad about once a year and I won't...
Collection of Narrative and descriptive writing by Slayer3aundre
Collection of Narrative and descri...by Mackenzie Hermoine
This book is a compilation of narratives and mainly descriptive that I collected for practice work for my IGCSE Language B English course. It could be great help for som...
IGCSE Descriptive and Narrative Writing (Examples) by trishapainuli
IGCSE Descriptive and Narrative Wr...by Trisha Painuli
This is a collection of Descriptive and Narrative Writing Prompts. Please let me know your opinions and Happy Reading!
Happy Days by graham_b
Happy Daysby graham_b
•A short collection of poems•
Bon Appétit by JayRayner_
Bon Appétitby Jay Rayner
Two lovers, one town, one brothel. Too many people in the way.
AQA GCSE English Literature Essay Examples by WTFdrarry
AQA GCSE English Literature Essay...by Maisie Riley
AQA ENGLISH LITERATURE (themes and characters) - An Inspector calls - Romeo and Juliet - A Christmas Carol - Power and Conflict poetry (ew) AQA ENGLISH LANGUAGE - D...
And Gerik calls by gayth1ngs
And Gerik callsby gayth1ngs
Gerald meets Erik at a dinner party that's basically it I spelt Erik with a K because I think it fruityfies him Updating sporadically! #m|m #aninspectorcalls #gerik #f...
The ultimate biology resource for O-Level. Notes written in different fonts for effective learning and to make it easy to remember. -Questions ✔️ ALLOWED -Criticism ✔...
GCSE Narrative Writing (A*) by invisiblecords
GCSE Narrative Writing (A*)by invisiblecords
When Lucas decides to end his life, May searches frantically to find him. But will she be too late, or will the storm strike?
bleachy keen by Iloveurmum123
bleachy keenby Iloveurmum123
Sheila Birling is shocked (😮) when an inspector shows up to her engagement party to tell her that her one true love committed suicide and died a slow and painful death...
IGCSE narrative writing  by twisstted
IGCSE narrative writing by a
What happens when the petrified young child is finally confronted by The Monster?
The Bible - By Jesus by Jamie-not-a-robot
The Bible - By Jesusby Mr Satan
Yo, waddup fucker, read it if you want, I made it when I was, 16 yeah? It's kinda funny in places
Macbeth Revision Guide by Not_Very_Smart
Macbeth Revision Guideby Not_Very_Smart
Online revision guide filled with quotes, themes and explanations from Macbeth
Growing pains by graham_b
Growing painsby graham_b
A collection of poems I write when I'm bored. Am I procrastinating? No. Definitely not.
gcse : english poems by thefatallovesong
gcse : english poemsby WILDFLOWER
all of the poems in the: 'power and conflict' section of the english literature gcse exam. none of these poems belong to me, i am simply uploading them for easier access...
English GCSE AQA: Comprehensive Analysis of the Power and Conflict Poems by shadytoffee
English GCSE AQA: Comprehensive An...by shadytoffee
I decided to make a book on all the Power and Conflict poems for the English GCSE exams. NOTE: This book's analyses are very long and wordy due to much information from...