Genderfluidoc Stories

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Phoenix child:Yandere Tua/umbrella academy x genderfluid!Oc by Nikei-Yomiuri
Phoenix child:Yandere Tua/ Exhausted writer
Being raised by Mr.Hargreeves is not the idealistic idea,especially when your Genderfluid Pierro who hates their dad. Running away at the age of 15 they started over,a w...
TWO OBSESSION: Yandere fnf x male!Oc and Genderfluid!oc by Nikei-Yomiuri
TWO OBSESSION: Yandere fnf x Exhausted writer
(I made the cover) Life as a rapper isn't easy you can ask both Remy and Nick,they aren't related but they act like sibling. Just meeting the daughter of demons and her...
Jane or John Doe:Yandere Marvel x Genderfluid!Child!Oc by Ghostly_Napping
Jane or John Doe:Yandere Marvel Oddest helper
No memories of their life before Hydra. No information of who they are or what they were. No recollections of where they escaped or ran away from or their name would sca...
My OC's! by Str4wb3rry_Sp4c3
My OC's!by 🐙Squid🐙
Hai guys! Ik I haven't been super active on here but I'll try and beore active!! Just like the title, this is an OC Roleplay book! Or you could just look at my OC's! Som...
MY RESEARCHER!:Yandere Scp x Dr.Iceburg!genderfluid!oc x Yandere Dr.Gears by Nikei-Yomiuri
MY RESEARCHER!:Yandere Scp x Exhausted writer
We all know of Dr.Iceberg but not their real name meet Henry Iceberg Metalgears. Henry is Genderfluid and often uses she or they pronouns,Henry's a level 2 researcher so...
Vampire, Oc's Imagines by Mxrcjqckspnchqsc
Vampire, Oc's Imaginesby M
ON HOLD ❝I made some real big mistakes but you made the worse one look fine, I should have known it was strange❞ (Extended Summary Inside)
You are amazing:A comfort genderfluid book for me by Nikei-Yomiuri
You are amazing:A comfort Exhausted writer
The title says it all and any characters will be out of character idk I just make them and my oc is named Skylar
The one who controls the elements by snobodieshome
The one who controls the elementsby Sno/Oreo
Following the Story of Seirai Shimazaki, the product of a villains love story. 🌫️Seirai was a character created along time ago and I wanted to rewrite their story.🌫️ �...
Game Master (Stardew Valley x Genderfluid OC) by NikoBittz
Game Master (Stardew Valley x NikoBittz
Nikolas was known to be strange. They were quiet, almost silent, as they worked for the Joja Corp. Though they made it aware that they despised their job, they stayed a...
I'M IN AN STEREOTYPICAL BOOK!:Yandere Sterotypical Y/n book x Genderfluid oc by Nikei-Yomiuri
(A/n:if you seen the stereotypical y/n books thats what I'm doing but with my oc) Camie was born a female but uses he/her pronouns and loves fanfics,they stumble across...
Hey, Kid (Cuphead) by HarryPotterFan12339
Hey, Kid (Cuphead)by Ge0rge
Kid and Autumn travel to a different universe on accident. They meet new people along the way and even become friends with some. When they turn 18 they decide to go see...
Little Devil deer : Yandere Dream smp x  genderfluid Oc by Nikei-Yomiuri
Little Devil deer : Yandere Exhausted writer
Sam is Jschlatt's adopted daughter,she seemed to be a sweet innocent girl but BOY WHERE THEY WRONG!! She has committed arson,blew random things up,she also owns a gun,an...
One And The Same by EJisfeelingtheOOF
One And The Sameby Evan James Pool
Sam is a genderfluid person just trying to live their life, so what happens when Loki comes to New York for the first time and Sam is the only one to kneel? " The...
Istrian by SecretiveHeart
Istrianby Denver Jace
More one-shots for more characters in the Secretive Heart series!
Is This Happily Ever After  by MatchLILY
Is This Happily Ever After by MatchLILY
A story of three friends from our realm that find themselves entering Twisted Wonderland one by a tragedy, one by mistake another by sorrow and manipulation. The origina...