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The Bellevue Program by TracyaKay
The Bellevue Programby TracyaKay
Bellevue, an exclusive surrogacy agency with flawless success. The surrogates, housed within the facility appear to be in optimal health and well being, participating fo...
death is my second name (avengersxreader) by mis_geeky_writer
death is my second name ( mis_geeky_writer
the winter widow is the most skilled assasins of all time. from her name you can guess which training she got. but that's not the only special thing about her. she is a...
Beauty within (Repo the genetic opera - Pavi x reader) by bleedingpupet
Beauty within (Repo the genetic bleedingpupet
You live in the year 2065, one of the most dangerous year ever . Due to your mother unable to pay for her surgery you took it upon yourself to repay her debt by working...
The Elementals by silversnowleopard
The Elementalsby Snow
My name is Tide. I'd love to say hi and all, but if I tell you my location two very bad things could happen. First, someone who isn't really on my list of favorite peop...
Wings by DizzyHurricane
Wingsby Dani Paige ♥☯
Firstly, it was just the prisoners that were used. Then it became orphans, and even some of the elderly. Now it is everyone in a society where people are struggling to...
Genisis-Red Mist x reader by Chloe_FERRET_T
Genisis-Red Mist x readerby Chloe
At the young age of 18 (y/n) aka Black Out and her little 8 year old sister (s/n) otherwise known as White Lightning were abducted from there home and inprisioned by the...
Repo! Your Opera by 2dsimp15
Repo! Your Operaby Tsamsiyu Metkayina
for the first time you watch Repo! The Genetic Opera and you love it from months of listening to the song "Zydrate Anatomy" you developed a huge crush on Grave...
The Last Human by chairsniffa
The Last Humanby Duane
It is the year 2087. The Last Human has been on the run for twenty years and is finally captured by the victorious alien conquerors, The Stellaris. He is brought before...
Mutt by dustin_the_wind
Muttby Dustin
Subject Trotter is what most people would call a monster. In the underground depths of a top secret government facility in Utah, Arthur Holmes is forced to comply in an...
Sometimes I Wonder Why I Even Bother by Irhaboggle
Sometimes I Wonder Why I Even Irhaboggle
Graverobber is slated for repossession. But then Amber Sweet saves his life... On second thought, maybe Graverobber would've preferred Repo Man. He certainly wouldn't ha...
Kid? Is that you? by ElleRene99
Kid? Is that you?by Elle
This story is set after the opera. It is about the growing friendship between Shilo and Graverobber. When their friendship is strained will they come out on top or will...
Taming The Tiger Man - An Urban Dark Fantasy Romance Genetic Engineering by Benitobonita
Taming The Tiger Man - An Urban Luna S. Winterheart
Angelina did not expect that her profession as a zoo veterinarian would lead to her being kidnapped in broad daylight by a secret organization that performs genetic engi...
Cipher Code {complete} by _logogriph
Cipher Code {complete}by FADEX
One day, Apocalypse came to pass. It started with a fog that engulfed the world. Thick and heavy in the atmosphere, nearly unbreathable to humans and able to corrupt...
Sci Fi Story Starters by Chlolou72
Sci Fi Story Startersby Chloe Porter
A few story inspiration points if your looking to write a Sci-Fi novel/story that might help get the ball rolling. If any are used I'd love to see what stories they insp...
Anthem's Fall by SLDunn
Anthem's Fallby S.L. Dunn
The young emperor Vengelis Epsilon narrowly escapes the reckoning of his empire at the hands of strange machines known as Felixes. The Felixes are identical in every res...
Adam 2 returns : The demon seed reborn by BeckyRuthStevens
Adam 2 returns : The demon seed Becky Ruth Stevens
What had once been Susan Harris's nightmare became her great-grand daughter's passion. She wanted to help Adam the organic super computer. He wants to create super comp...
DNA Genetic Testing Labs in India - Genes2Me by genetictest
Did you know? Researches indicate that the physical performance and fitness of individuals vary based on certain genetic factors. DNA genetic testing for fitness analyze...
Gifted: The Prequels (In Progress) by BecomeTheGifted
Gifted: The Prequels (In Progress)by Joshua Mendrala
This is the prequel to the book: Gifted. I will be posting a new (normally completed) chapter as soon as I finish them, up to the point that the book is finished, edited...
The Experiment by avaava122222
The Experimentby Ava Dean
Noah Alder is a science experiment as of which he does not know yet. his mother has yet to tell him yet she is grateful he is here, on an adventure to the hospital one d...