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George Floyd x Shrek x Obama by CallMeKrayo
George Floyd x Shrek x Obamaby krayo
A fan-fiction involving, the one and only, George Ford F250
Fentanyl's Fatal Grip: The Tragic Story of George Floyd and Takeoff by 1080phoodvines
Fentanyl's Fatal Grip: The 1080phoodvines
A tragic retelling of the loss of life and a heart gripping story about the dangers of fentanyl.
WHY THE BLACKS?(GEORGE  FLOYD) by africa2000moseti
WHY THE BLACKS?(GEORGE FLOYD)by joseph moseti orenge
Blacks are suffering day in day out not at schools, markets,filling stations,at work and various places in their daily basis,,this poem has six stanza which are Sking w...
George floyd by fuzzxoxo
George floydby Readerxoxo
This was an unritious brutal death which I think deserves remembering so I will never take this down and wish for everyone to go into the comments and talk about this wi...
The day America fell by glowgauge
The day America fellby glowgauge
The utter dissociation Americans have with the news, there president, the understanding of the justice system, and a provocative race war destroying innocence while reek...
My opinion on what's going down by h0neyk0ala
My opinion on what's going downby Elessa Andrews
I'm pretty sure you all know about George Floyd, today I will be discussing my research on what happened and my opinion.
Need To See Action by young_dictionary
Need To See Actionby Darnell L. James
Story about the racial undertone in Amerikkka including George Floyd.
Black lives matter  by 198500J
Black lives matter by 198500J
Let's wake up to this indifference. Let's make a change.
No More Silence  (Editing) by Tixra04
No More Silence (Editing)by Tixra04
Our race does not give you the license to do whatever you want. We have had enough of our blood being needlessly shed and society is beginning to open their eyes to that...
They Said You Could Be Free by Marti8CT
They Said You Could Be Freeby Marti
A short poem about the monstrosities going on right now. Black Lives Matter and we can not sit silent while Black Americans lose their lives at the hands of law enforc...
Black Lives Matter by lilhushx
Black Lives Matterby Prescious Strawberry
Enough is enough. Our pain, our cries, and our need to be seen and heard resonate throughout this entire country. We demand acknowledgment and accountability for the dev...
George floyd R.I.P by cnshappy
George floyd R.I.Pby cnshappy
"I can't breath" were his words
black lives matter by vdfhufufufufuf
black lives matterby vdfhufufufufuf
hello guys as a white person i hear you but others dont so i will speak for you. i will speak with you. i am here for you all.
poems of events of black public figures #1 on claudettecolvin #8 on martinlutherkingjr #19 on claudette #25 on humanrights mentions of violence, murder, police brutalit...
Black Lives Matter by wifeofneptune
Black Lives Matterby Wife of Neptune
This will be my commentary on what's going on in the world with our fellow people who live with us: the black community along with the POC community. I'm planning on kee...
They Go to the Grave  by Wattbot99
They Go to the Grave by Wattbot99
Poem about police brutality and what happens to African Americans.
bulletproof [riot×tank]  by Spec_ops_guys
bulletproof [riot×tank] by anonymous
Two men sent by the same organization: Anonymous. Their mission: to fight for justice. They don't know each other till one day they join the same protest. The media gave...