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Justice by chocolatecake227
Justiceby Kayla
A poem dedicated to George Floyd and those who have died at the hands of police brutality in the United States .
George Floyd x Shrek x Obama by CallMeKrayo
George Floyd x Shrek x Obamaby krayo
A fan-fiction involving, the one and only, George Ford F250
Black lives matter  by 198500J
Black lives matter by 198500J
Let's wake up to this indifference. Let's make a change.
WHY THE BLACKS?(GEORGE  FLOYD) by africa2000moseti
WHY THE BLACKS?(GEORGE FLOYD)by joseph moseti orenge
Blacks are suffering day in day out not at schools, markets,filling stations,at work and various places in their daily basis,,this poem has six stanza which are Sking w...
Conjuring in Minneapolis II  by amandadione
Conjuring in Minneapolis II by Amanda Dione
It's February 2021, the trial for the murder of George Floyd is going to start in just a few days. I can feel it again, the tension building, the ugly showing on some w...
the advernture   s of Coach Ed and thedore: Section 1 by LilBrimbo
the advernture s of Coach Ed Jacob2016
thedore and coach ed are the best gay lovers and they meet eachother at a cofee shop. They have sex~! with men. And then And then the storeis continues when thedore dies...
Civil Unrest - Conjuring in Minneapolis  by amandadione
Civil Unrest - Conjuring in Amanda Dione
My outlook after living in Minneapolis during the summer of 2020 Update: I am pleased that the killer cop was found guilty, there are so many more George Floyd's who nev...
CANCEL CULTURE  by Wordsbyshaye
CANCEL CULTURE by Wordsbyshaye
Words from a fed up, black woman. I will not rest until we see CHANGE
Worst Things What Imfakestation Has Done by AngryCraft67
Worst Things What Imfakestation Angry Craft 67
Imfakestation are guys who mocks George floyd and Chadwick baseman and Kobe Bryan and here is the worst things what imfakestation has done!
SICK AND TIRED  by krushspencer
SICK AND TIRED by Eva Aniekwe
My country is a nation were we adapt to every bad situation.
War zone by beautiful_kirah
War zoneby Kirah
Being a colored person isnt easy when society judges you on the color of your skin.
What I Will Never Feel or Experience by RipkenDavis
What I Will Never Feel or Ripken Davis
This short story will take a very short amount of time but it has a big important message in it. It is about social injustice and how I, or any other whites, would have...
No More Silence  (Editing) by Tixra04
No More Silence (Editing)by Tixra04
Our race does not give you the license to do whatever you want. We have had enough of our blood being needlessly shed and society is beginning to open their eyes to that...
SAY. THEIR. NAMES. by Zachary529
SAY. THEIR. Zachary529
If you need a way to inform people quickly about the injustice in this world that's happening and what we're protesting for, give them a link to this story.
Petitions  by songmingihq
Petitions by black lives matter
Black lives matter, please help by signing petitions linked within this "story"
My Camera Roll  by Maysumii
My Camera Roll by Micheal Jackson
this is a compilation of my weird ass photos 💀
This Is Just For Me But Fill Free To Read by curious_red_balloon
This Is Just For Me But Fill Elliot
This is just my POV on what is going on these days... I will be uploading when I can. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay yourself ✊🏽