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The Woman Who Held A Gun To The Rebel Leader's Head by GerardWaysCat
The Woman Who Held A Gun To The vic
The Zones. A final resting place. The home of the Killjoys. And the closest thing to home she had. ((Danger Days AU fic. Ger-Z.))
The Woods by GerardWaysCat
The Woodsby vic
Outcast from their own species, a faerie and a human befriend each other, finding more than comfort and friendship in each other. ((A Ger-Z AU))
Lovely Death by GerardWaysCat
Lovely Deathby vic
death was only the beginning. ((ger-z one-shot))
In Your Blood by GerardWaysCat
In Your Bloodby vic
These sorts of things just ran in the family. And she was next in line. ((GER-Z SPY AU))
Slides by GerardWaysCat
Slidesby vic
In which Lindsey Ballato gets stuck in a tunnel slide at Chuck E. Cheese and staff member Gerard Way must get her out. ((A Ger-Z AU))