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guarded by ghouls [g.b.c.] by exulansis_writes
guarded by ghouls [g.b.c.]by Exulansis :]
𓆩*𓆪 𝘨𝘶𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 𝘨𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘴 𓆩*𓆪 ꒰ ͜͡➸ she just wanted her music. they didn't like that. so she found someone else who did. 𓆩*𓆪...
Antisocial. by Tarrzisdead
#2 Tarrz 🌴🦜🦚
Dewdrop x reader (Slow burn). The actual content in this book is so much better than the intro i swear Note, i dont know much about the lore so please tell me if i get s...
«From Fan To Apart Of The Band» by Harishimo
«From Fan To Apart Of The Band»by LiveLaughGhost
Ghouls x Reader (Supposedly semi Tall) (All Ghouls are Aged down, unless you prefer them older) What happens when your friend makes you tag along to a concert you never...
moons ||Sodo x Male Reader by inlovewithcopia
moons ||Sodo x Male Readerby Fallin in Love
"They'll never know how I'd stared at the dark in that room With no thoughts Like a blood-sniffing shark And while my dreams made music in the night Carefully I was...
Papa's Assistant x Reader by captainunicornpants
Papa's Assistant x Readerby captainunicornpants
Becoming Papa Emeritus II's assistant has brought a new meaning to your life
The Day I Live by PoisonedSugarPop
The Day I Liveby PoisonedSugarPop
(READ ALL BEFORE STARTING BOOK) This story should be updated fairly often depending on my schedule. It's also unedited, as I am constantly working on this story, trying...
My Boy~                                     -Cardinal Copia x Trans!Male!Reader- by ARACHN0PH0BlA
My $3ßߥ
He groaned as I kissed his neck, a small squeal escaping those beautiful pink lips of his... I wanted to ravage him. I wanted to bruise him, mark him, make him mine...My...
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Faith by JOKES_ON_U
Faithby S.C.
Valentine, a fresh out of college photographer was always devoted to her faith to God. Raised to do everything good and right in the world. She's both shy and timid, the...
It's Always Been You (Tobias Forge) by kissthego-goat
It's Always Been You (Tobias Forge)by Local Boogeyman
So basically this is what my other TF story "Why Me?" Should have been. Instead of the 80s this takes place in the late 90s. I took my time with this story and...
Skinby $3ßߥ
Tezro/Papa Emeritus III x Trans!Male! Reader! You smell like papa's Cologne... y/n, were you the one Papa had fun with last night?!
Don't Judge Her by ANamelessGhoulette66
Don't Judge Herby Ghoulette666
This book is about a girl named Laura. She seems happy, full of life, and just perfect. But she doesn't have a normal home life.
GHOULS! // ghost (band) fic. by casperrie
GHOULS! // ghost (band) casperriee
what was the consequence? your life had been thrown away practically, you losing hope in your future if you even had one. but it seemed as if all hope was lost, you had...
Star Crossed Lovers by GhostlyScales_411
Star Crossed Loversby Madison S. Bailey
You are Alina and life as you know it will soon change. Tobias has just moved to America to make touring easier and he had no idea it would change his life, would it be...
The Ghoul From Hell | Short Story by ValentinaGhuleh
The Ghoul From Hell | Short Storyby 𝖁𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖆𖤐
For a long time, in the village of Sotthen a guy was accused of being the son of the Devil and was locked up alive inside a deconsecrated crypt in a cemetery. As time pa...
Rain x dew  by Keke50902
Rain x dew by AetherLuvCatNBanana
Just something I'm bored on the bus but also- NVM JUST BORED ANYWAYS
GHOST BC Oneshots by juliaaa_hokka
GHOST BC Oneshotsby Writing is all
+18 Content. I write oneshots about the band GHOST. Hope you like my nasty stories. Requests are open :D
Nocturnal Me (Nameless Ghoul Rain/Water x Reader) by DingDongMcghee
Nocturnal Me (Nameless Ghoul Ding Dong McGhee
TL;DR- Rain falls head over heels for you. Slow burn ensues. Love was not something you ever understood, whether it be between mother and father, between friends and pee...
Flowers blooms  by MrsFlaredGhoul
Flowers blooms by MrsFlaredGhoul
An earth ghuleh by the 'ghoul name', Terre ghuleh, falls for the quiet loner of the church's band, Mountain. After bumping into each other, the two immediately sense a c...
A. Emeritus by MusicalOstrich
A. Emeritusby Musical Ostrich
Growing up in the church can be fun, especially when given the opportunity to travel the world and spread the satanic gospel. Aster has dreams to follow her family's leg...
Papa's Coming by VioletFordham
Papa's Comingby Violet Murderess
Written for lovely new friend ;) all the papas!!!! So much daddy!!