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Someday || BaekYeon  by lexaoreo_
Someday || BaekYeon by BAEKYEON_STORIES
She fell first but he fell harder.
EXO 10th Member by squeakie3019
EXO 10th Memberby squeakie3019
it all started when my mom met my dad and they had me. then i became the only female member in one of the most popular k-pop boy groups of all time. hi i'm Gaea, and my...
Kpop Facts 케이팝 사실 by sugarybin-
Kpop Facts 케이팝 사실by Someone's
+ Hey yo kpopers! Army? iKONIC? VIP? Exo-L? Wait, there are so many duhh. Okey, if you want to know more interesting facts about you favorite idols or bands, yo...
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"She looked of fresh youth, her lips the shade of red rose... her hair cut short but her eyes were of demise." -completed- Author: Catal...
When I'm Gone(EXO D.O Fanfic)*COMPLETED* by ishipLUHANwithme
When I'm Gone(EXO D.O Fanfic)* Idlehart
What can a person do for the sake of love?
K-Pop Wallpapers {Complete} by ast_hope_
K-Pop Wallpapers {Complete}by ☄️piece of shit☄️
Status: Complete✔ Requests are open.
Wish Us Would Be Happy by viewtifulbaby_v
Wish Us Would Be Happyby Vivi
"bagaimana cara agar kau bisa bahagia?" "Bukan hanya aku, tetapi kita. Aku hanya ingin kita bahagia. Kuharap kita semua bisa selalu bahagia" Cast : ...
The Name's Kim Min Jae by h4lcifer
The Name's Kim Min Jaeby aleah
Meet Kim Min Jae. The heiress of SM Group who finally became a trainee of the company. A badass & witty girl who will blow you away with her charms. The girl who has a...
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b i n g s u applyfic by bingsudrafts
b i n g s u applyficby 💿👅
where 30 trainees from JYP , Bighit , SM come together to create a new food themed girl group. ; open [ 13 / 30 ]
Soul nightmares/ Stray kids ff hiatus  by Unicornbarf1221
Soul nightmares/ Stray kids ff SleepingMinCat 1221
" who are you ? " " someone in your dreams " A female, who is mated with 8 vampire males and sees them in her dreams, more like nightmares, due to...
Life of BTS's P.A (personal assistant) BTS fanfic by JiminJoe
Life of BTS's P.A (personal ChimChimJoe
Bang Minah who became BTS's personal assistant. How will her life be with the bangtan boys around her?
KPOP One Shots by goldmak1997
KPOP One Shotsby goldmak1997
Kpop short stories for everyoneeeee !!!! You can always comment if you want to request your very own one shot. Simply comment down the artist/group and (if you want) the...
Remembering Romance (TaEun Fanfic) [#Wattys2015] by PPGGFXion
Remembering Romance (TaEun Fanfic) Samuel Mok
Lee Taemin is the maknae of the famous Kpop boy group, SHINee. Together with the other SHINee members, they are leading the global hallyu wave that has been spreading fr...
Kpop Lyrics by musicloverfob
Kpop Lyricsby unseendreamer
Second volume of K-pop lyrics with translation.
Born To Be An K-Idol  by itsPinkRose
Born To Be An K-Idol by Angelie
There are many people who listen to Kpop music nowadays and there are many fans of different idols, but some people don't know the hard work and difficult times they've...
his fake girl » by japaen
his fake girl » b.bhby ライン
kim sora has always been the quiet, careful outsider. her high grades and low popularity has made sure she went through high school unnoticed until one day. byun baekhy...
Cita Antu seram lah sangat by Gamora0227
Cita Antu seram lah sangatby Kingmil4ever
Dua orang rakan meneroka alam semula jadi di sekitar Gunung Ledang.Pelbagai perkara aneh dan juga lucu di dalam cerita ini. Namun,SIAPAKAH WANITA ITU?
let's Learn KOREAN ! by Mysterygirl_017
let's Learn KOREAN !by Mysterygirl_017
This is a book made to teach the Korean language starting from the most basic things and onward .
AEGYOOO! by Jin_Joon
AEGYOOO!by Mateus