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dolan twins smut  by seasidehs
dolan twins smut by morgan
hey guys you may recognize these fics from my tumblr @vinylhazza where you will also be able to find all of the fics (refer to my master list) i will be updating this w...
Rehab*G.D* by Hanah136
Rehab*G.D*by Hannah
We are all in here for different reasons, but share one common interest, to try and get better, but his was more complicated than that, he had to get better, because of...
Undercover; G.B.D. by vulgardolan
Undercover; vulgardolan
"Revenge is a bitch, Grayson, you should've never gone undercover."
A Little Too Not Over You || g.d. by euphorichxlland
A Little Too Not Over You || euphorichxlland
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth. I'm just a little too not over you. copyright @bootlegrayson
Grayson Dolan Imagines by AmberW179
Grayson Dolan Imaginesby AmberW179
Giving you all the more reasons to love Grayson Dolan :)
How I Met Your Father  (G.D) ✔️ by nora7610
How I Met Your Father (G.D) ✔️by nora7610
Process of editing || "Alright kids. I'm going to tell you a story about how I met your father" "It all started in high school..."
Perv | Grayson Dolan by artealota
Perv | Grayson Dolanby artealota
"People like you need to fuck people like me." "People like you need to fuck off and stop grabbing and slapping my ass, or in other words stop sexually ha...
unsaid | g.b.d by flirtatiousdolan
unsaid | g.b.dby flirtatiousdolan
I feel it all. And I know he feels it too. The only thing is; it all goes unsaid.
Angel | Ethan Dolan by artealota
Angel | Ethan Dolanby artealota
"Now be an angel and bend over for daddy." Creds to my fucking goddess @slidershigh for plot @artealota
Bad girl G.B.D by annatypes
Bad girl G.B.Dby Anna
Where's the fun in following the rules?
Daylight Savings [E.D] by heathendolan
Daylight Savings [E.D]by paige
Soulmate AU in which the date you'll meet your soulmate is tattooed on your wrist, and (Y/N) has been waiting all her life. | originally posted on
Mabel- G.D by netivea
Mabel- G.Dby Netivea
*COMPLETED* + *IMPROVED* Cliché but not quite. There's always the new girl who falls in love with a bad boy, but the story is deeper than that.
Unacceptable//gbd by katie914
Unacceptable//gbdby katie
A short story on why dating your brother's friend is unacceptable.
island ☆ g.d. by rravensangel
island ☆ 𝐇.
In which a boy and a girl get trapped on an island together. * please excuse this awful writing, I am sorry for your eyes
halo☽ e.d by blisteringdolan
halo☽ e.dby syd & sav 🤠
"maggie i'd never thought i would be saying this, but you're my halo." "i'm your what?" "it's like you're my saving grace."