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Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version,) by KatieMossman
Percy Jackson The New God (Old Katie Mossman
Annabeth leaves Percy for another guy. When the gods once again offer him immortality, Percy Accepts. what will happen? Read to find out. Obviously I'm not Rick Riorda...
Meeting Their Younger Selves by Outis02
Meeting Their Younger Selvesby Outis02
Heroes of the future come back in time to tell the Demigods of Camp Half-Blood what is to come. Cross posted on
Percabeth fluff and other stuff! (Completed) by notentirelybonkers
Percabeth fluff and other stuff! ( Addie
Just simple oneshots, headcannons, and short stories featuring mainly Percabeth, but other characters from PJO, HoO and MC will be included. Mainly Fluff. A lot of silly...
The Son of Time by KatieMossman
The Son of Timeby Katie Mossman
This is the sequel to my other story Percy Jackson the new god, I suggest you read that first so this will make more sense. Twelve years have passed since Annabeth left...
Professor Jackson by antiherione
Professor Jacksonby Noël
This is completed and now I'm working on a sequel. My other story's title's are below. This is an adventure of Percy, Zoë, and Lucas Jackson with Nico Solangelo and Thal...
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Everyone Meets the Demigods by antiherione
Everyone Meets the Demigodsby Noël
Basically what the title says. I will include: Percabeth Jasper Caleo Solangelo Frazel Tratie and maybe Chrisse Don't read it if you ship anyone else. It will contain o...
Goode High School [Percy Jackson AU] by downlittleCUPCAKES
Goode High School [Percy Jackson ℒ𝒾𝓋𝒾𝒶
The seven plus Reyna, Nico, Will, Thalia, Grover, Juniper, Tyson, and Ella. Plus many more. In high school. (AU) WElP, Im CuRiOuS... HoW dO TheY SuRvIvE..???????? Im no...
Mortals meet demigods by thesword1
Mortals meet demigodsby they_sword
A no-mist book of mortals meeting demigods. Some new demigods and the classics. High school, college, adulthood and just camp will be included. Bear with me for the firs...
The Legacies (PJO/HOO) by CharityMoon
The Legacies (PJO/HOO)by Charity
When mysterious legacies show up at camp claiming to be from the future, and not knowing who they are, the Seven and Co. are determined to figure it out. After some time...
PJO/HoO One Shots by MyVintageUnderworld_
PJO/HoO One Shotsby Onyx
Just a couple of PJO and HoO one shots! Always open for requests! If you do, please state if you want something like a brotp or otp
Dreams (A Solangelo Story) by BeguiledDreamer
Dreams (A Solangelo Story)by sara
(COMPLETED) It's directly after the war, (Right where Nico told Percy,) and Nico has to stay in the infirmary for three days. With Will Solace. Not good.
Do You Love Me?| Percabeth Mortal AU by emerald3917
Do You Love Me?| Percabeth Stell
After high school is over can these friends really stay friends? Will it become more or will their relationship crumble under the pressure? Percy and Annabeth have known...
The Seven in High School and Camp by obliviowo
The Seven in High School and Campby 🍃🕊 josian 🕊🍃
K y'all. This story is trash 🙏. Im putting it back up for the sake of "memories". ENJOY THIS SHIT. Nico and the Seven decide to go to highschool. Calypso has...
Chaos's Blessing III Betrayed [Edited] by MelanyUltraFangirl
Chaos's Blessing III Betrayed [ Mel
This is from the year 2020 After the Giant war, Percy and Annabeth just want to have some peace. But alas, something has to happen. They get blessed by...well, y'all alr...
people meet demigods (mist and no mist) by stunningly27
people meet demigods (mist and Stunningly
abandoned/completed! basically a bunch of mortals, demigods, and even gods meeting demigods and demigod ships. Highest ranking: #10 in mist #5 in nomist #10 in mortalsme...
The New God (Percy Jackson The New God Rewrite) by KatieMossman
The New God (Percy Jackson The Katie Mossman
Percy Jackson's Summer at Camp Half-Blood was going just fine until the day he planned to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Annabeth Chase. Instead of it being o...
Gay groupchat  by Xflowers_in_bloomX
Gay groupchat by Em Otter
A Percy Jackson groupchat fic where everyone is gay basically I wrote 10 chapters of this on my AO3 account(it was originally posted on AO3 but I'm also posting it on Wa...
The Sky's Revenge by KatieMossman
The Sky's Revengeby Katie Mossman
The Third book in my fanfiction series. The first book is called Percy Jackson the New God. The second book is called The Son of Time. If you haven't already read tho...
Jiper's Child: Children of Olympus #2 by xpercabethx
Jiper's Child: Children of Percabeth Fanfics
Your favorite demigods (now gods!) are back in the even more action-packed second book of the Children of Olympus Series. Jiper's pregnant, Frazel's engaged, Gruniper's...
Royals by The-pjo-writer-girl
Royalsby The Book-Cat
When her mother tells her that she is to be married, Annabeth Chase's world is changed forever. Yet when she sees her husband to be, a feeling arrives in her stomach, ye...