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Twisted Games | ELITE | Gùzman Nunier by loveisweakness7
Twisted Games | ELITE | Gùzman Bekind-always
|Do you wanna play Do you wanna come play In my Twisted Games My Twisted Games? I like to scream in my nig...
The Innocent ↝ ÉLITE ¹ by wibblyywobblyy
The Innocent ↝ ÉLITE ¹by — m
❝Always the innocent are the first victims, so it has been ages past, so it is now❞ [GUZMÁN x OC] [ÉLITE: SEASON ONE] [BOOK ONE] [Disclaimer: I do not own Élite or its c...
Elite by dreamsofus
Eliteby dreamsofus
"Never love someone who treats you like you're ordinary" Oscar Wilde [elite characters x oc]
Cariño by jasminemiller43
Cariñoby Jasmine miller
Elité (Season 1-3)
A S H E S (ÉLITE) by mcr1009
A S H E S (ÉLITE)by mcr1009
In which a girl returns to her hometown and reunites with old friends, new problems and the ashes of a sparkling fire. [guzmán nunier x oc] - season one
Elite Boys - Preferences  by babyy89
Elite Boys - Preferences by Nessie
These are preferences about boys from Netflix show called Elite. ✨
Venomous (elite netflix inspired story) by sweetchiaraa_
Venomous (elite netflix inspired chiaraa_
Maria is a 16 years old girl. She and her friends are getting ready to deal with the elite world of Las Encinas. Her life becomes even more complicated and these years a...
Beneath me by several_mi
Beneath meby 𝐌
Stella Natalia Hernandez is the daughter of a business man, a designer woman. The younger sister of a well-respected Lawyer in whole Europe. Now, she is studying at one...
Mariposa (Camilo Madrigal x lectora) by unarepaoksi
Mariposa (Camilo Madrigal x ȡαŋί *-*
Las mariposas suelen ser peculiares, no pueden ver sus alas así que no saben lo hermosas que son _____ era una mariposa que no podía ver sus alas Camilo se las mostraría...
Opuestos ||Ovidio Guzmán|| by egoxentrixa
Opuestos ||Ovidio Guzmán||by Ego
Éramos tan distintos pero tan iguales al mismo tiempo que cuando huíamos del otro siempre acabábamos encontrándonos. Comenzada:16/03/20 Terminada:--/--/--
| Beautiful crime | ELITE S2 | by loveisweakness7
| Beautiful crime | ELITE S2 |by Bekind-always
"It's only murder if they find the body. Otherwise, it's just a missing person." After the assassination of Marina, the golden youth returns to Las Encinas. W...
Not So Élite by weirdo-101
Not So Éliteby weirdo-101
Cynthia Mateos. Heir of the Mateos Resorts and Lodges. Best friends with Gúzman Nunier Osuna, Ander Muñoz, and Polo Benavent Villada.
Carmuel oneshots by carmuell
Carmuel oneshotsby M
Just some one shot idea's for Elite's elite couple: Carla and Samuel
Quid Pro Quo [ÉLITE] by TheOthxrSxde
Quid Pro Quo [ÉLITE]by SaVvY
"It's the unknown that draws people." ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly, [Samuel x OC] [ÉLITE: SEASON ONE] [BOOK ONE] [Disclaimer: I do not own É...
~Mirabel Guzman~ by ellieGomez8
~Mirabel Guzman~by ellieGomez8
Non related CamiloxMirabel So I feel that Camilo and Mirabel have such a great dynamic and potential for a cute ship BUT THEYRE COUSINS AND shipping them as cousins is k...
elite imagines by desiresdt
elite imaginesby dol♡n§
𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖊 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 🖤
Valu//una historia para disfrutar... by AMAM123321
Valu//una historia para AMAM123321
Una historia para disfrutar...
Elite, Alexa Nunier by ddlppp
Elite, Alexa Nunierby ddlppp
When Alexa's sister, Marina, gets murdered, hers and her brother Guzman's life changes forever. She gets tired of hiding her feelings, wanting to keep up with her reputa...
Florzita -Elite by Liv4us
Florzita -Eliteby Liv4us
"I wouldn't do that if I were you Florzita" Whisper Lu in my ear. I look back at her, she still had some books in her hands, I glanced around just to see if an...
SIGO PENSANDO EN TI What will Melanie do when she finds out Polo's secret? Maybe she has a darker secret of her own.... ~♤ (CURRENTLY BEING EDITED) ◇English predominant...