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The Story Of Alora Dwyer by VitaFortuna
The Story Of Alora Dwyerby Víta
Alora Dwyer is Bella Swan's step-sister. They became one family when their parents got married and Alore had to move to Arizona with her dad. She had to left behind so m...
Jade by Ola_N21
Jadeby Ola Nowak
Jade Cassandra Black is the younger twin sister of Jacob Black. Even though they are twins and have similar interests and views, Jade is not a shapeshifter. Her secret a...
H2O: Just Add Water | Season 4 by iLovato
H2O: Just Add Water | Season 4by ΛRIΞL LOvΛTO
Meet Nash McLaren, your typical 17 years old guy. Life's changes for him as he moves all the way from the concrete jungle of New York to the sunny tides of Gold Coast. T...
Cold Water | Jacob Black by maIiatates
Cold Water | Jacob Blackby robyn
In which, Freya Swan discovers that being a mermaid isn't exactly a fairy-tale. From fearing the ocean to the siren curse, can Freya Swan find her happy ending? [New Mo...
sirena // rikki chadwick  by dibs_on_u
sirena // rikki chadwick by no longer in use
"It's kinda stupid 'cause I get really jealous when I think of anyone else having you, when I don't even have you myself"
AWKWARD, zac blakely by florasluv
AWKWARD, zac blakelyby 𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒂
a girl's life can change in so many ways including getting banished from her pod and having to take away the powers of a teenaged boy. but lorelai wasn't hoping to be o...
McCall Pack's visit to Mako Island (Editing) by -1001mikaelson
McCall Pack's visit to Mako Island...by aleksander
After defeating Monroe The Whole Pack decided to take a vacation to Australia Gold Coast sponsored by Derek and Peter but after a day in the city they came across two gi...
H2O JUST ADD WATER SEASON 4 - An unexpected tale #love by I__Ship__Us
H2O JUST ADD WATER SEASON 4 - An u...by Tilde Nielsen
Forget everything you thought you knew about H2O Just Add Water, cause in this story everything is turned upside down. Follow Rikki, Bella and Cleo as they go through th...
An Original's Doppleganger by Choco_kitty05
An Original's Dopplegangerby 🐯🍫Çhøçø_kïttÿ🍫🐯
After the epic showdown of the H2O mermaids and the red haired mermaid Charlotte who lost her tail, Emma Gilbert decided to go on vacation before starting University and...
The New Agent by KaylaBignall
The New Agentby Panic_based_riot
NCIS is getting a new team member, and she has secrets. Will she be able to keep them hidden? Starring all your favorite characters from the hit show, the crime-solving...
A Wish on a Full Moon by FlareSouth511
A Wish on a Full Moonby FlareSouth511
After Cleo accidentally grants Kim's wish on the night of a full moon, everyone including enemies, family, and friends are transported into a theater to discover the tru...
Rikki • Derek Hale  by -voidisaac
Rikki • Derek Hale by ˗ˏˋ Void ˎˊ˗
❝You're a mermaid!❞ ❝Gee, what gave it away? The scales or the fricking fish tail that I have instead of legs?!❞ ❝Um... Well...❞ ❝That was a rhetorical question you idio...
Thats my girl  (RikkixFemReader)  by Lesbain_woman24
Thats my girl (RikkixFemReader) by The gayness has arrived
you and Rikki have been friends for a while, but something about her is off. She seems like she hiding something for you. (All of your friends are) you have to know what...
Bubbles into Waves by elizabeth200218
Bubbles into Wavesby elizabeth200218
Madison was a sweet girl who loved everyone but what happens when her parents get divorced and her mom moves her and her siblings to australia. what happens when she met...
Mermaids? [PJO/H2O] by da_blue_hairbrush
Mermaids? [PJO/H2O]by Σεσίλια
Percy and his family decides to spend time with Percy's cousin Cleo in Australia while Annabeth is staying on Olympus doing architecture stuff. DISCLAIMER: All the chara...
Metamorphosis~ H2O: Just Add Water by Not_So_True_Alpha
Metamorphosis~ H2O: Just Add Waterby Kyra
Keeping secrets is hard, hiding the fact that you're a mermaid is harder. When Natalie Sertori, her twin sister, and their two friends get stranded on Mako Island, their...
The Little Mermaid [HAVOK/ALEX SUMMERS] - ON HOLD by lestrangers
The Little Mermaid [HAVOK/ALEX SUM...by A
t h e l i t t l e m e r m a i d [full summary inside] [based on the movie x-men: first class] [alex summers/havok fanfiction]
See You Soon (See the Moon) by EccentricKait
See You Soon (See the Moon)by Kait
Darcy has known since she was five that her soulmate was unique. However its not until one fateful full moon night that everything changes and she learns her Babya had...
I realised that we all think we might be terrible people, but we only reveal this before asking someone to love us. ©souljaqs 16/06/24 - 00/00/00 season one - season t...