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The Full Moon h2o/originals by vacanzaaggg_H
The Full Moon h2o/originalsby vacanzaaggg_H
Where a mermaid world clashes with a vampire one, after Cleo deals with a big change she is confronted with her past. Her friend Emma has offered to help, keeping a few...
An Original's Doppleganger by Choco_kitty05
An Original's Dopplegangerby 🐯🍫Çhøçø_kïttÿ🍫🐯
After the epic showdown of the H2O mermaids and the red haired mermaid Charlotte who lost her tail, Emma Gilbert decided to go on vacation before starting University and...
The New Agent by KaylaBignall
The New Agentby Panic_based_riot
NCIS is getting a new team member, and she has secrets. Will she be able to keep them hidden? Starring all your favorite characters from the hit show, the crime-solving...
Jade *COMPLETED* by purrb01
Jade *COMPLETED*by Ola Nowak
Jade Black is the daughter of Sarah and Billy Black. She is also the younger twin sister of Jacob Black. Since she was little, Jade has always believed in the Quileute l...
Magical Merpeople by KyssaraSnowheart
Magical Merpeopleby Snowheart
In an attempt to find the Grangers, raise a baby and get away from the spotlight of being two thirds of the Golden Trio and Wizarding saviors, Harry and Hermione decide...
Percy Jackson X H2O by SophtheWriter
Percy Jackson X H2Oby SophtheWriter
In the middle of study for college his mom and stepdad drop some news. They were going to Australia. Why? That's what Percy really wanted to know, but alas he didn't kno...
A Hatchlings Adventure  by We_own_the_night
A Hatchlings Adventure by Una Ursula
Jewel is a Hatchling that came from Mako Pod, when she woke up one morning she saw her pod and her older sister Amara disapper the only thing that was left was her siste...
McCall Pack's visit to Mako Island (Editing) by -1001mikaelson
McCall Pack's visit to Mako Island...by aleksander
After defeating Monroe The Whole Pack decided to take a vacation to Australia Gold Coast sponsored by Derek and Peter but after a day in the city they came across two gi...
Siren Song [Cam Mitchell, Mako Mermaids] by blushingwolves
Siren Song [Cam Mitchell, Mako Mer...by ✧・゚:* kc *:・゚✧
cam mitchell, mako mermaids in which a siren with a secret captures the attention of a land boy. [slow updates | covers and headers by me, using the picsart app] ...
Elli?  by KatherineSmith68
Elli? by Katherine
Elizabeth warren, Naughty, Bad gardes and always skipping, A normal teenager. But she had a secret, a secret that not everybody knew. She had a perfect life until it all...
Teen Mermaid by Alyssclari
Teen Mermaidby Alyssclari
The pack thought they would never again be surprised by meeting a new type of supernatural creature...until they ran into a group of mermaids. Lily had no idea that she...
Siren's Kiss ~ Mako Mermaids [discontinued] by Alicx_wx
Siren's Kiss ~ Mako Mermaids [disc...by Alice
Sirens have all disappeared except one. She was raised on land in the foster system, without knowing she was siren until she was 7 years old, due to her powers being sup...
H2o just add water season 4 by rikki_chadwick622
H2o just add water season 4by rikki_chadwick622
We continue h2o just add water at season 4 the way it should be made.
H2O: Just Add The Originals (Book 1) by youofsomesong
H2O: Just Add The Originals (Book...by Theo/Reggie
What would happen if Emma Gilbert and Cleo Sertori from H2O: Just Add Water were Rebekah Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall in The Originals? Takes place after H2O and after...
WAVES WAVES WAVES──h₂o, just add water by atinyidea
WAVES WAVES WAVES──h₂o, just add w...by bonnie
3WAVES in which janey taylor makes fast friends with three random girls the day she moves to town on account of the no ordinary event they all went through on...
H2O: Just Add Water | Season 6 by OriginOfStories
H2O: Just Add Water | Season 6by OriginOfStories
(This is a concluding season to iLovato's series. I would recommend reading their 4th and 5th seasons before reading mine.) While on a late-night swim, Rikki and Nash di...
H2o Just Add Water Season 4 by Emmsthemermaid
H2o Just Add Water Season 4by Emmsthemermaid
What happens when Emma is back and some enemies from the past Read on to find out more
H2O Mermaids: The Princess by Emma_flowers
H2O Mermaids: The Princessby Emma_flowers
Doris is a "regular" girl who believed in the supernatural. She was hanging with her friends only to find out something about herself. She is 14. Cleo is 15 al...