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playaholic | mha textfic x reader by theonlyp34r1
playaholic | mha textfic x readerby p34r14nn
"*cutely stomps on light up sketchers*" "do it again and i'll beat you the fuck up." "kind of suggestive but ok." .·:*¨ ✘♚✘ ¨*:·. all play...
Diabolik lovers - scenarios by Dia-WHAT
Diabolik lovers - scenariosby Dia-WHAT
Scenarios with your favorite Sakamaki brothers and also a few oneshots. Read to discover a new world of how would they react to certain situations. #1 - Hahaha #2 - Haha...
saiouma oneshots by em0_n0t_f0und
saiouma oneshotsby Sky duo
smut chapter: 🍋 fluff chapter: 🐰 normal chapter: 💜💙 pregame chapter: 🐱🐶 Angst chapter: 🌧️ AU chapter: 🥀 Post-game chapter: 😈👿 This is finished because I'm not...
frozen flaws | park sunghoon by lattelunette
frozen flaws | park sunghoonby lunaッ
In the moment . . . where two flawless beings meet on ice. "You're so-" "Motivating?" "Intolerable." [au: accepting imperfections/ stuck t...
Stiles's Family is Visiting!?  by TheDeadlyVirus102
Stiles's Family is Visiting!? by TheDeadlyVirus102
One day at pack training the usual talkative Stiles is way too quiet they find out his family is coming to visit. But why does he seem so angry about that? This will be...
HTTYD: incorrect quotes, memes & pictures by certkidwhocantdomath
HTTYD: incorrect quotes, memes & p...by •Dumbass_who_cant_math_right•
Just incorrect quotes, memes and meme pics to make your day :) Ranking #38 in hahaha out of 3K stories (1/22/23) Ranking #22 in hahaha out of 3K stories (1/25/23) Ranki...
lawak kampus by ayuni424
lawak kampusby psycholover
Hye semua.. Kepada peminat lawak kampus boleh la baca and vote okayh.. Muahh💋
A Night With Mr. Gay [GAY SERIES 1] (COMPLETE) UNDER EDITING by LovelyDeym
A Night With Mr. Gay [GAY SERIES 1...by Majesty
I experience a one nigth stand with a Gay!?
Rejected again? by IceBubble4
Rejected again?by IceBubble4
Last published: April 6 Finished Jessie was rejected by her family, and held in captivity for 12 years. Then she is rescued by her mate, Malaki. But Malaki is a strong A...
Love KB by just-quiet
Love KBby just-quiet
Ok guys i have a story.. in the real story but not real life🤣.. aku ada tiga kembar.. mula dari zabella tapi orang panggil dia bal.. elok dah nama zabella tetiba tukar...
SpongeBob Memes by Browners55
SpongeBob Memesby Ethan
Just...Spongebob memes
A Good Demon [Countryhuman] by SusikinLikesPizza
A Good Demon [Countryhuman]by Susikin
[No description] My apologies, but the only way for you to know more is through reading. I like my stories to be a mystery for the readers and you'll understand the plot...
Funny Jokes And Comebacks by BooksAndMe4Ever
Funny Jokes And Comebacksby 》BookLover《
A book filled with amusing funny come backs and insults.
Fanfiction Terminology by b00kworm4ever
Fanfiction Terminologyby Bookworm
(for beginners) just a little something to help people understand the world of the Fanfic have you ever seen a sentence and thought "what the actual fudge cake!? wh...
The Curious Case of Luna Lovegood by JesseMorgan4
The Curious Case of Luna Lovegoodby Jesse Morgan
Harry signs up for more than he bargains for when he agrees to mentor Luna through her seventh year at Hogwarts While also teaching Defense against the Dark Arts. Togeth...
Give It All Up For Me by TheWalkingDead_Bethy
Give It All Up For Meby Allycia Barr
Blaine Anderson is the bad boy of Dalton Academy, leader of The Warblers. Kurt Hummel gets told to make himself useful and go check out The Warblers. When he gets there...
The Crown's Men | A ReyBrims Story by ScientificFrogLovr
The Crown's Men | A ReyBrims Storyby The_Silver
What if Reynolds and Brimsley were never separated? This story dives into their secret love life behind society's doors, showing that even where there is passionate love...
Bangladesh to Thailand the journey of Nil and Stranger's Love [BL] by nhela0721
Bangladesh to Thailand the journey...by Karth Neptune Pharm
Let's go on a journey with Nil and Stranger. The Journey from Hate to Love, The journey from Body to the soul, The journey to find a proper you..;) ;)