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Monster: AOTx"Mute" Reader [Cover By: @sushimisfit] by mocha_macchi
Monster: AOTx"Mute" Reader [Cover...by Coolfox972
On the outside, you are pitied for being cursed with the inability to speak. Little did they know, you're carrying heavier aspects of yourself from the inside. Disclaim...
the new me.// Katsuki Bakugou x reader/ Levi Ackerman x reader by sheerohero
the new me.// Katsuki Bakugou x re...by Reader
going to Japan is quite hard for her since growing up on such wealthy family, Y/n L/n is sent to do a task for her father if she wished to have freedom and live her own...
For the One I Love  ||  Hanji x Female Reader by LucienneCross
For the One I Love || Hanji x Fe...by LucienneCross
You unexpectedly find yourself in Levi and Hanji's team. Amidst the chaos and cruelty of the world, will there be room for romance between a mere cadet and a squad leade...
A Second Chance (Marco x Fem Reader) by jen123454321
A Second Chance (Marco x Fem Reade...by jen123454321
'You look over to the spot your parents were standing not even a half a minute ago. Your ears were ringing, the big boulder in front of you earning your full attention...
Left Behind (Erwin Smith X Reader) by meoperson124
Left Behind (Erwin Smith X Reader)by Lolidkwhatimdoing
Hello, I saw that there wasn't much love for our hunky eyebrow dilf so I decided to contribute. This story will be taking place in Seasons 1-4 and a bit before that. Cra...
Attack on Titan Imagines (fxf) by SimpleTimes1
Attack on Titan Imagines (fxf)by StepOnMeKDLL
All characters are 18+ Taking requests
Long lost son... by imaweeb4892
Long lost son...by imaweeb4892
Hanji and Levi have a son who gets taken by birth by the Marley....where he gets raised to one day get revenge on paradise where he will reunite with his family once mor...
Hating Him(AOT Floch Fanfiction) by CeyAckerman
Hating Him(AOT Floch Fanfiction)by Cey Forster
Y/n is a normal high school girl with a circle of friend.She is cheerful and sweet girl to everyone except to one person,Floch.She hate him,no,Almost all of her friends...
DAILY MEMES. hzby elysse
⸻ HANGE ZOE X FEM!READER ❝ memes are important to me, just like i'm important to you. ❞ in which y/n l/n accidentally sent a meme to her boss. [TEXT AU] highest ranki...
Sacrifice For You (Hange Zoe x Female Reader) by avzine
Sacrifice For You (Hange Zoe x Fem...by eliza
In a world berated with man-eating, humanoid creatures, you join the Survey Corps. Despite a will to honor your fallen comrades by defeating the titans, you find yoursel...
Spicy Hange Headcannons by infinity_Hanji
Spicy Hange Headcannonsby 🛐Hange🛐
☆Consential spicy fantasies that you and Hange could get up to ;) ☆Most are female body X Hange.
Attack on Titan: The Show Season 4 by HungjuiChiu
Attack on Titan: The Show Season 4by Ray Chiu
A mysterious person transports Eren and the other 12 to a mysterious place so they can watch the future and react to them.
Keep you safe [Eruri] by ErwinSmithsRightArm
Keep you safe [Eruri]by Erwin simp 😌✨
Levi sustains an injury in an expedition outside the walls, and for the next six months, Commander Erwin makes sure he doesn't go on any more missions. The question is w...
Sins of the Father [Aot x Male Reader] by Knoxx__
Sins of the Father [Aot x Male Rea...by Knoxx
What would happen if an Ackerman with Royal blood was born? What are the effects and consequences of it? AOT X OC • Aot x Reader • Action, Drama, Romance...? Don't kn...
Saviour Shinobi  [Naruto x Aot crossover] by dummythiccbummy
Saviour Shinobi [Naruto x Aot cro...by dummythiccbummy
In a the midst of a treacherous battle between Kaguya and Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, a portal created by Kaguya opens. Team 7, minus Kakashi, fall in only to find themse...
 Roommates to Lovers [ Hange Zoe x reader ] by illumizoldyckpins
Roommates to Lovers [ Hange Zoe x...by illumizoldyckpins
You and Hange are roommates and slowly realize your feelings that you have for each other. Along the way of your secret relationship you face obstacles and other heart b...
Rogue by RedCoaster24
Rogueby RedCoaster24
A strange but intelligent titan lives deep within the forests of Wall Maria, right under the military's nose. What happens when the mysterious titan comes across two sma...
Jean x reader by philipssugarbabe
Jean x readerby Match
This is an A/U (Alternative Universe)!! Enemies to Lovers! Modern Au! Y/n Porter and Jean Kirstein have been enemies since what felt like forever. They just hated each...
You'll Be Mine || Levi Ackerman x Reader by leviackermanse
You'll Be Mine || Levi Ackerman x...by leviackermanse
as much as you don't want to like someone, feelings can't stay hidden forever- no matter the cost. <parts ib 'submit' by raven and 'business and pleasure'>
Power to Strive III by fanfictionwriter__
Power to Strive IIIby Nadine
Reminder: I don't own Attack on Titan or this story. This story belongs to ii-phoenix-ii on fanfiction.net. The Survey Corps group returns and watches Attack on Titan Se...