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His Slave ~ OC X Hans Gruber by SnapeBXTCH
His Slave ~ OC X Hans Gruberby SnapeBXTCH
After meeting her in the Nakatomi plaza heist, he used her for her body, her intelligence, her everything. She was his and only his. Anyone who even dared to look at he...
Alan Rickman Character Imagines by MrsGruber-Strange
Alan Rickman Character Imaginesby BB
This is an Alan Rickman Character book all different characters. Does contain smut. 🍋=smut Disclaimer: i do not own any of these characters. Rankings:#1 in sheriff of N...
Love and Family (Hans Gruber X Reader) by MrsGruber-Strange
Love and Family (Hans Gruber X Rea...by BB
About a year ago you went to Germany for a work training where u met Hans Gruber. You fell for him and he fell for you but since you were only going to be there for a mo...
PROHIBITED! (Young Snape X Reader) by MrsGruber-Strange
PROHIBITED! (Young Snape X Reader)by BB
Y/n Potter, James Potters younger sister just transfered to Hogwarts from Beauxbaton this year. It is her 3rd year of school, James is in his 4th. After being sorted int...
Alan Rickman Himself by MrsGruber-Strange
Alan Rickman Himselfby BB
These are Imagines about Alan himself. Not his characters, although there might be references about his characters. None of what os written is necessarily real or based...
Alan Rickman Group Chat by MissusSnape
Alan Rickman Group Chatby Married to Snape👀
❇️20223 January 14❇️ Some of Alan Rickman's characters in a group chat! Cuzzzz why not😂 🔥#3 Alan Rickman 🔥#36 Alan Characters Included: Lionel Jamie Sinclair Judge...
Alan Rickman Character prefrences by sips___tea
Alan Rickman Character prefrencesby sips
A book for most Alan Rickman character preferences.
Father First| An Alan Rickman Story by AlwaysHonored
Father First| An Alan Rickman Storyby AlwaysHonored
It's 2003, for Alan Rickman, it is an intensely busy season in his life. In between filming Harry Potter installments, he is filming Something the Lord Made. Love Actual...
Alan Rickman character headcanons by sips___tea
Alan Rickman character headcanonsby sips
This is a book of Alan Rickman character headcanons. If you do not know what a headcanon is, it is to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of...
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Alan Rickman character Q&A by Sevysnapechan21
Alan Rickman character Q&Aby Ysabella Davies
In honor of Alan Rickman, I'm making a Q&A book so you can ask your favorite Alan Rickman character anything or dare them! There will be mentions of LGBTQ+, Littles, dis...
A Dance With The Devil by MollyTsanadis
A Dance With The Devilby MollyTsanadis
A romantic dance on a magical night in Paris with your husband and partner in crime, Hans Gruber. The song that is playing: https://youtu.be/uHhE3c9v8dA
Sj_thefan's 12 Days of Ficmas 2020 by Sj_thefan
Sj_thefan's 12 Days of Ficmas 2020by Sj
Soulmate Aus for the 2020 holiday season (but not necessarily taking place during the holidays). My gift to you! Day 1 - Barry Allen Day 2 - Luke Patterson Day 3 - Thran...
Beauty Queen and The Real McShizzle Vs. Re-Animator by BobInTheComments
Beauty Queen and The Real McShizzl...by BobInTheComments
Piper McLean isn't the girl she used to be. Not since he passed away. She's done nearly everything she can to remove herself from the world that took the life of the boy...
Hans Gruber x reader by sips___tea
Hans Gruber x readerby sips
You are a part of Volksfrei Movement who left when hans to join his own group. You now have a job at the Nakatomi Plaza but get a call from an old friend. What will happ...
Tanja by NicoleTeutloff
Tanjaby delenn21
Der Bergdoktor / Eine schicksalhafte Begegnung könnte das komplette Leben der Grubers auf den Kopf stellen. #bergdoktor #derbergdoktor
In Memoriam/Alan Rickman. by Stuckyismylifeandotp
In Memoriam/Alan Rickman.by Floor Janssen
This is about Alan Rickman who died at the age of 69.
Valentines with my favourite characters by sips___tea
Valentines with my favourite chara...by sips
Hey everyone. In this book, I am writing stories of Valintine one-shots with different characters which I like. This will include Alan characters and star wars character...
BORN TO BE YOURS [ alan rickman ] by -thehalfblindgeek
BORN TO BE YOURS [ alan rickman ]by 🏎️ — jaz !!
In which, Alan Rickman and (Y/F/N) are two of the thousands of people who have not met their soulmate.. yet. " she's my entire world. " [ soulmate au: stay 18...
Way Down We Go//Hans Gruber x Reader by empressofalderaan
Way Down We Go//Hans Gruber x Read...by 𝓐𝓷𝔂𝓪
Hans survives his fall from Nakatomi Tower and escapes the police. You're on your way home from work when you see him bloody and battered. Normally you would never offer...