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I don't want to be a Malfoy anymore (drarry fanfic)  by XWandaXLoki
I don't want to be a Malfoy anymor...by wvxnds
I want to say this is not an x Reader story. And that I hope you like this story and pls check out my other story, thx. All rights go to the amazing J.K Rowling, I just...
The Time Turner by RareTenaring16
The Time Turnerby Fan Boys Rock
James Malfoy-Potter broke his cousin's, Rose Weasley's, time turner over the holidays. Now most of the next generation kids are stuck in 1995. Four blondes, three pairs...
A Present From The Future II Drarry II by Slythxxrinsarehot
A Present From The Future II Drarr...by YourMum
James Severus Potter, the mischief maker, totally like his grandfather along with his friends and siblings messes with Rose Granger Weasly's time turner. Suddenly the wh...
His Wolf (Drarry) by PaganKing16
His Wolf (Drarry)by PaganKing
The Golden trio are the famous werewolf pack, known for fighting against Voldemort but when they are captured they have no legal rights and are put up for adoption. What...
Cicatrices by Orseth
Cicatricesby Orseth
Mi alma esta rota Potter... no puedes lastimarme más.
Fireflies || Drarry bonded by _safxo
Fireflies || Drarry bondedby _safxo
What happens when an unfortunate potion mishap occurs? How will Harry and Draco cope? Read it. 🙃
'My Neko' (DRARRY / HARCO) by XxShiroHogwartzxX
'My Neko' (DRARRY / HARCO)by XxShiroHogwartzxX
'Draco Malfoy' the school's git,prat,bully and the school's daddies boy. That's what everybody thinks of him, nothing but a bad guy.....But did they really knew who he r...
I Swear This Time I Mean It ✔️ by SettleDown1D
I Swear This Time I Mean It ✔️by Jenny 🇺🇦
An 8th year Drarry fic where Harry barely speaks anymore, but Draco doesn't need words to understand him. After spending the summer together and beginning their relatio...
Drarry Drabbles  by SettleDown1D
Drarry Drabbles by Jenny 🇺🇦
Various Drarry one shots I come up with that don't fit in with the storylines of my full length Drarry books. Cover designed by @izzy_926 I don't own the rights to Harr...
True Place by z3rochillz
True Placeby Synamon
Drarry/Harco fanfic. Characters used aren't my own, the belong to J.K. Rowling however the plot used in originally mine. If the author of harry potter so chooses that I...
The Saviour by Kingrexxia
The Saviourby Kingrexxia
Harry Potter lives a lonely life and entirely devotes himself to his work as an Auror. The fateful encounter with little Scorpius Malfoy will bring him together with his...
Mine by Anime_Nerd___
Mineby Anime_Nerd___
Harry Potter hadn't felt emotion in his life until he met him. This is a drarry story and it is my AU ⚠️warnings⚠️ smut in later chapters 12+ Drarry/Harco Gay af Cov...
☆ You Drew Stars Around My Scars ☆ || ♡ DRARRY ♡ by Erika_TheMF
☆ You Drew Stars Around My Scars ☆...by ♡☆ U N K N O W N ☆♡
Four months after the Hogwarts war is over, for only that year, an 8th year is added for the past 7th years who missed out much of their necessary education. Harry and h...
A child? by EvaVieyra
A child?by Eva Vieyra
Drarry cuz why not? :p After Draco and Harry accidentally create a child during potions class, both seem to want to keep it, this causes them to now not only share a r...
Dear diary. I mean journal! (A drarry fic) by queen_pepe_bitch
Dear diary. I mean journal! (A dra...by Golden_Pepe
Draco felt embarrassed that he has to write in a stupid book about his emotions even more so that he was always writing about Harry Potter. Even though he always write...
Late Night Talking by SettleDown1D
Late Night Talkingby Jenny 🇺🇦
"Things haven't been quite the same There's a haze on the horizon, babe It's only been a couple of days and I miss you" Harry and Draco build up a tentative fr...
The Circlet Of The Founders by BangChanismy_husband
The Circlet Of The Foundersby BangChanismy_husband
A girl whose family was killed but she has power that the world has never seen before. A boy whose parents left him for his twin brother, never feeling their love. Follo...
Drarry Oneshots by Draco_the_sub
Drarry Oneshotsby mk_i_read_fanfics
Draco is a sub and you can't convince me otherwise. I'm taking requests ✌️😶 •Smut •Fluff Yasssss on with it you naughty hoes Btw Draco is a cute shortie in all of these
Vampire's at Hogwarts by A-Zebra-but-blue
Vampire's at Hogwartsby A-Zebra-but-blue
World famous Vampire Harry Potter has arrived at Hogwarts for reasons only Dumbledors knows. Draco has always been fascinated with Vampires What happens when He try's t...