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R O O M 1 9 7 // Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Edition by devilindisguise97
R O O M 1 9 7 // Harry Styles & Lo...by D E V I L
This is the story of two young men, both lost in the world, who were bought together by chance. One desperately wanting routine in his messy chaotic life. The other deep...
Baking In December by itstilliswhatitis
Baking In Decemberby itstilliswhatitis
@Nelli0212 gave me the idea to write a Christmas story where Harry owns a bakery and Louis wins a competition and gets to learn how to bake every day until Christmas. L...
Harrys "issues" by FandomDruggie
Harrys "issues"by Ollie
*This is NOT ageplay!! It is age-regression NOT kink!* When the boys find out that Harry has a bit of an issue on getting to the toilet on time, also having another 'lit...
Past lives by itstilliswhatitis
Past livesby itstilliswhatitis
Louis hated Harry. He was walking around like he was superior, thinking he was so hot and sexy. Well, Louis could see right through it. They had been in a band together...
Black Bird by curly_and_lou
Black Birdby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) Harry bullies Louis... but that doesn't stop Louis from falling for him. Rated R: language, mild drinking, violence, sexual con...
Tommo is Typing by ShyestExtrovert
Tommo is Typingby ShyestExtrovert
a witty story about two idiots who meet over the internet ft. dad jokes
"I don't even know his name-" Louis works at a Cafe and he also has to manage his uni at the same time. One day a gorgeous looking boy with curly hair and gre...
Innocence(l.s)✔ by sweetncrazy
Innocence(l.s)✔by 𝐀ツ
{COMPLETED} Louis, a 17 year old school boy, is the most sweetest boy you'd ever meet. Short and petite, a fiery ball of energy he was what people would say 'innocent' i...
The Two Styles by larryliveone
The Two Stylesby larryliveone
The one where Louis and Harry are married. Harry owns a business and Louis works for him. ~~ Also there is Mpreg in this sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. ~~ Enjoy x
Hidden Secrets. [l.s.] ✔ by _g0ldenL0uis_
Hidden Secrets. [l.s.] ✔by Kiwi
Harry [18] , a jock, plays any sport he can, hottest guy in school. He's of course popular and girls will do anything to get to him and have him in bed. but he has a dir...
baby angel 👼🏻 l.s (baby louis) by s_golden_
baby angel 👼🏻 l.s (baby louis)by s_golden_
louis is little boy who loves elephants and the colour pink. yes he maybe 26 years old but he loves to dance around in princess dresses and have a daddy to look after hi...
The Pizza Boy by 0writersblock0
The Pizza Boyby writersblock
What happens when a pizza boy rescues a boy from his abusive ex, saves the boys best friends life and teaches the abused boy to love again? In this story, we meet Louis...
Larry Stylinson One Shots by lou_28_sunshine
Larry Stylinson One Shotsby Brightest Witch
Just a bunch of Larry one-shots! Pretty self-explanatory. There will be a handful of more emotionally heavy stories. So just be aware! Also, I would love to hear any sto...
Larry Stylinson One Shots by louisthesunnn
Larry Stylinson One Shotsby Louis is the sun
A bunch of fluffy one shots of Harry and Louis! Mostly sick/hurt fics :) Requests are open :)
darling darcy [l.s.] by thetommoway25
darling darcy [l.s.]by thetommoway25
harry styles was 18 when he had a one night stand with famous singer louis tomlinson. he never saw him again after, and found himself pregnant with louis' baby. he's now...
Louis and Harry | instagram story  by doesntlivehere
Louis and Harry | instagram story by Egg sheeran
Unlike his two best friends, Zayn and Niall, Harry has always had stage fright. However, he is definitely not camera shy. What happens when Harry's natural good looks ge...
The Lying  Game ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8
The Lying Game ~ larry mpreg auby bestwriterever8
[FINISHED 2022] Everyone lies, and so does Louis Tomlinson. The lies he tells are usually small and insignificant, but he has told lies for which he has had to pay a big...
I'm Fine | Larry Stylinson by 1Dtillthedayidie
I'm Fine | Larry Stylinsonby 1DtillthedayIdie
[Completed] Louis has gone through a lot of things emotionally but no one has ever noticed or really cared for the matter. Harry is the best looking guy at school and t...
Untimely ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8
Untimely ~ larry mpreg auby bestwriterever8
Harry has had a crush on his work friend Louis for years, but timing has never been right for them. Just when Harry thinks it's finally time for him to confess his love...
This House (l.s.) by suburban_gothic
This House (l.s.)by suburban_gothic
Harry and Louis have been together for 20 years. Harry cheats. Louis cries. Harry is given a year to fix their family. Copyright 2020 @hilourry on AO3 If you don't like...