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Anne McGarrett by footballroisin
Anne McGarrettby footballroisin
Anne McGarrett has been assaulted by her boyfriend who has threatened to 'go after' her family and friends if she breathes a word about what has happened. Anne's Brother...
The girl everyone forgot (Steve Mcgarrett x OC) by WolfSpan99078
The girl everyone forgot (Steve Mc...by Willow Child
Everyone forgot her, so she decided to make something of her self and moved to Hawaii. Everything was ok for a while, she worked at a bar near the north shore, and no on...
Normal is Boring (Spencer Reid/Criminal Minds) by alittlebitbias
Normal is Boring (Spencer Reid/Cri...by ♛
Nalani "Nali" Kale works for the NYPD as a Medical Examiner (Forensic Pathologist) and is considered one of the best. She spends up to ten hours with the bodie...
My Super Sailor by alexis_s_moore
My Super Sailorby Alexis Moore
A sister of one of Five-O's finest, finds her way into the heart of Five-O's leader. Does her brother become the protective one or does he let her make her own decisions?
Being Steve McGarrett's daughter.. by dynno_nugget
Being Steve McGarrett's daughter..by dynno_nugget
Keegan McGarrett goes to Hawaii not only to meet her father for the first time but to also live with him. They both have some challenges to face while getting to know ea...
Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
50 kids and A Oil addict Dad! by SoniisSoni
50 kids and A Oil addict Dad!by SoniisSoni
Then, the doors of the meeting room burst open to reveal two (my) kids standing there, unsure looks on their faces. I sigh America has kept his states hidden since he...
Garden | j. green by humansunflower
Garden | j. greenby killa ky
in which it was first all a bet or in which she learns vulnerability
Fifty-oneish by KRE4TIVE
Fifty-oneishby KRE4TIVE
America has 51 (psychotic) children to take care of and the only other person that knows is his half, Confederate. He's constantly late to meetings and falls asleep at t...
I Can Manage by ObnoxiousAmerican
I Can Manageby ObnoxiousAmerican
Everyone thinks America is an irresponsible player. Little do they know, he has the greatest responsibility of all.
Character Name Ideas by Ali459
Character Name Ideasby Alice Wonder
An extensive list of names from a variety of cultures, time periods, and realms. Includes meanings and pronunciations.
Fallin' For You-Part 2 by KeefeS66
Fallin' For You-Part 2by KeefeS66
Sophie Foster has just finished her first semester of her freshman year, and now it's time to go back to school. She can't wait to see how Foxfire has turned out since t...
Growing up McGarrett by SamanthaMc73
Growing up McGarrettby SamanthaMc73
Steve McGarrett has a pre-teen daughter Sam who is more than a handful sometimes. WARNING ⚠️ will contain spanking as discipline of a minor - non sexual. Please do not...
EAST by pradabadluck
EASTby 🥰
#743 in fan fiction #158 in girls #31 in breakups
Waves of Destiny (Twisted Wonderland) by PedePaulie
Waves of Destiny (Twisted Wonderla...by Dani
Ona had the perfect life. She lived on the beautiful island of Kaui with the perfect temperature and where she had the opportunity to surf and swim everyday. Sure, she d...
Me and you forever! by chickensaremean
Me and you forever!by Chickensarescary 👽
Fem x jaden Walton No wierd stuff cause that's just eww There will be kissing, hugging and maybe hickeys🤭 So yeh just read it First story and I write rlly fast so if I...
Held Captive by valerietovar566
Held Captiveby Valerietovar566
Held captive is about a girl (You) who has been kidnapped at age 13 and held captive in a weird Psycho Asylum looking building for 5 in Utah that then at age 17 gets fre...
Blood Is All I Can Remember ~🌸~ 1 by Sweet_Sydney14
Blood Is All I Can Remember ~🌸~ 1by Sweet_Sydney14
The Five-0 team was at HQ when they got a call. A woman heard gunshots and a scream. As the team gets to the scene, they discover the whole house is trashed and ransacke...
The Oceans Call by that_island_girl
The Oceans Callby that_island_girl
Steven McGarrett is the commander and head of Hawaii's number one crime fighting task force. With his partner Danny Williams by his side, his life is full of crime fight...
I'm Alive (Hawaii Five-0 Story) by Malfoys_Riddle
I'm Alive (Hawaii Five-0 Story)by Sebastian
[COMPLETED STORY] After being abducted for the past three years, Steve McGarrett thought he'd never see his little girl again. But when the team are sent a video one day...