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Argent Eye by Louisa_Miller
Argent Eyeby Louisa Miller
Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Lightning, Ice and Metal. An Argent Eye is chosen by only one. Two? A rarity. Three? Unheard of. All seven? Impossible. Or is it? After being st...
My Vampire Boyfriend  by Nics_Amanda
My Vampire Boyfriend by Nics♡
Sampung taon na ang nakalipas ng mamatay ang kanyang mga magulang sa hindi malamang dahilan. Nasaksihan n'ya ang nangyare ngunit hindi na n'ya ito naaalala pa. Ngayun, l...
Letters to Santa by drantanddec
Letters to Santaby drantanddec
All made up. Do not read if not your preference. Fic where Ant is Neil's dad and Dec is Haydn's.
Trust Again: One Direction (Harry Styles and Niall Horan) by emilylove17
Trust Again: One Direction (Harry...by Emily
"So let's just ask the question everyone is asking right now, how did you two become best friends with Louis Tomlinson? And how does it feel to be famous?" &qu...
Just Like You by drantanddec
Just Like Youby drantanddec
Summary: Haydn uses a new...colorful word and Dec finds it hilarious. All a work of fiction. Do not read if not your thing.
Ice Skating by tessa2311
Ice Skatingby Sophie Wall
ice skating - hockey Mia wants nothing to do with skating anymore but when she moves to Calgary, Canada what makes her get back out on the ice and break through her fie...
Falling For A Criminal by NeverSayRawr
Falling For A Criminalby Taleesa :3
"So, he broke into my room--high, nonetheless--and then acted like it never happened when I confronted him. From that point on, he was stuck in my head and as hard...
Acceptance by InvisibleContrast
Acceptanceby InvisibleContrast
Nick Opal lived with his boyfriend, Adrien Opal. They had been living together for two years and had just gotten engaged. How will Nick react when he gets into the Haydn...
Innocent Sorrow: A Tale of Twisted Hearts Book One by SnowDarby
Innocent Sorrow: A Tale of Twisted...by Snow Darby
The Princess of Fire with hair of black and eyes of violet, The Spirit of Ice with hair of Snow and eyes of Quicksilver, the Warrior of Nature with hair of chocolate and...
Heart of Glass by SparksGlow
Heart of Glassby Kris and Elle
Everything has a past. For Skylar Veirtel, it's a past that wants to be forgotten. But then again, history always finds a way back doesn't it?
The 100th Hunger Games by thesaboteur7
The 100th Hunger Gamesby thesaboteur7
26 years after the 74th Hunger Games in which Katniss did not volunteer for Prim, no rebellion started so the Hunger Games continued... This is the Story of Haydn Ovase...
Enthralled by LAShunning
Enthralledby LAShunning
He was new. He was handsome. He had his secrets. And he wanted her. Hazel met him once at the train station and couldn't get him out of her mind ever since. When he sudd...
Arriel: Adventures by HaydnStevens
Arriel: Adventuresby Haydn Stevens
A boy named Benn is sent with with a group unique people who work for a company called JAD (Japanese and American Discoveries Corp) through a portal to another world, No...