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The Best of Friends | ✔ by indigosa
The Best of Friends | ✔by indigo ivy
Something's keeping seventeen-year-old Daniel up at night── something that's growing and developing within him, a certain desire he fears could bring chaos and shame upo...
Doomed to a Happy Ending by VenNerWrydavigy
Doomed to a Happy Endingby VenNer
A dragon, coping with the loss of his mother and his best friend, sets out on a journey away from his fathers home to try and find some peace. Something to distract him...
My Heart by Rozhina_AA
My Heartby •.•.• Rozhina•.•.•
I used to say I should be thankful that I'm with the people that I love the most, even though I'm sick. . . . . Well, he changed my mind. He still doesn't know I'm sick...
melancholy by ruqaiyyakhan05
melancholyby Ruqs
"It hurts and it hurts so bad that it burns so deep down" Sometimes life becomes so painful, you can't go on without falling apart melancholy- noun; a feeling...
Loved...Then Gone  by XxHeyIshMehxX
Loved...Then Gone by XxHeyIshMehxX
Have you ever felt alone? Do you know how people feel about you? I do. I know that I'm someone with only one friend, whom I've brought down with me, to this pit of hell...
Finding Claire by jjbell
Finding Claireby jjbell
Adeline's best friend, Claire disappeared 3 years ago. The police, her boyfriend, parents, and pretty much everyone just assumed that she ran away. The police searched l...
The Dark Knights by BeyondDreamz
The Dark Knightsby Dreamchaser_Shakur
A Night Time I'm A Soilder In Thoughts Be Encouraged By The Place Or the stateThis Poem Will Lead You To... Cover from @Mishkusk on Instagram
Do You? by 5everbooknerd
Do You?by 5everbooknerd
A poem about a girl who finds herself slowly falling for a guy...except she's not sure if he likes her back. She's afraid to love, afraid that the wrong someone will gr...
Into the blue by damseldenize
Into the blueby damseldenize
To all the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety you are not alone. I understand how it feels :'< To all of you who are dealing through a lot everyday...
Pessimistic by XxAngeeeelaXx
Pessimisticby i'd rather love me
......depressed.... can't handle the pain
CHAPTER 1 - Regrets CHAPTER 2 - When I was Young CHAPTER 3 - Robert CHAPTER 4 - A Different World
Heartsick by zyyshaa
Heartsickby zyyshaa
And yet here i am. Broken and bleeding in the inside, heartsick, I am here.
Me: The Legacy Of Failure by Shadow2422
Me: The Legacy Of Failureby Shadow2422
Louisa is tired of Lies , Rejection and Heartbreaks. All her life she has dealt with it . All she has got to do is die . It is a novel containing Mental Illness and some...
More than you know.. by NavyataSingh
More than you know..by Navyata Singh
Ever heard that a girl is so in love with a boy that she can do anything for him.? This is a story about a girl named Emma and a boy named Jason They met each other on s...
a poem I wrote for the boy I like by SheWhoListensToYou
a poem I wrote for the boy I likeby SheWhoListensToYou
so, once upon a time your author liked a boy, she wrote a poem on valentines day and gave it to him. he liked her back and they dated for nearly a year, then the day aft...
Pretty Little Birds by ImoSmith
Pretty Little Birdsby Imogen Smith
"But my wings don't spread like they used to, But I wanna fly with you, 'Til we hit the heavens." - Pretty Little birds by SZA. Shattered and heartsick, Beatri...
Heart Broken in every meaning by CantFindANewName
Heart Broken in every meaningby CantFindANewName
A Teenagers life is always complicated. Struggles with Family Life, School, and of course... Boys. But its even more complicated when you find out you have a rare, fatal...