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Complicated (Aleheather) by Officially_Bi
Complicated (Aleheather)by
Heather thought she had gotten rid of her ex-boyfriend from high school after moving to New York. However, when the only job she's been accepted for in weeks is his per...
The runaway Valedictorian(HICCSTRID) by Rocketman44
The runaway Valedictorian(HICCSTRI...by Grizzelrocket44
Modern AU. So after being neglected, bullied and ignored, Hiccup decided to runaway from his old life to create a new one. But after 10 years, his past comes back and he...
Y/n Haddock (Remake) - How To Train Your Dragon by -_UserNotFound_-
Y/n Haddock (Remake) - How To Trai...by ✾ 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖊 ✾
Y/n Haddock, a young viking whom had ran away from home long ago and never returned leaving the Chief, Chieftess, and younger brother Hiccup putting him as next in line...
Cold Heart by nuncaethereal
Cold Heartby Elspeth
And in one moment, everything changed. In one moment, they drove him away. In one moment, their Hiccup became so fed up and angry that he ran. He ran away as fast as he...
Lightning Rider by shadowisalivepeople
Lightning Riderby Shadow
The dragon riders have just got back from the edge, when Daguar arrives with some...intresting news. He has hared word of a mesterois rider, but not just on any dragon...
Slicing through the sky- how to train you dragon x male oc  by TheCrimsonWrath
Slicing through the sky- how to tr...by TheCrimsonWrath
The character's name is Ari Horrendous Haddock, and he's 16 years old. throughout he grows older, reaching 22 years old in the final installment, Ari's height also varie...
Chris' Daughter /Total Drama Fanfic/ by Uriel_Sinclair
Chris' Daughter /Total Drama Fanfi...by Urieee
(Y/n) Mclean, labeled as "The intern" is the daughter of the host Chris Mclean. She was just part of the camera crew until her father begged for her to be in S...
Escaping to You (A HiccupxHeather Fanfiction) by Suckerforsnowdays
Escaping to You (A HiccupxHeather...by Juliana Dela Cruz
To anyone who reads this, As it pains me to say this, I ran away from Berk. There I said it. Look, its not that I don't love being on Berk. But I can't help but feel li...
TDI sibling scenarios by space_is_cool1234
TDI sibling scenariosby welcome to the show!!
Hello! This is something I started on quotev and decided to also have going on Wattpad. (I do not own any part of TDI or It's characters. I Just like the show.) This is...
The Thunder Rider by young-warrior120
The Thunder Riderby young-warrior120
Patrick Adonis left Berk when he was 15, in search of his Mother and Father, who left him on his uncle Stoick's doorstep. Only a few months into his search, he met a inj...
Total Drama X Reader One Shots by wolfchibi27
Total Drama X Reader One Shotsby wolfchibi27
Reader x total drama contestants from all seasons yay!!
wasted summer (highschool au) | total drama fanfic by ilycourtneypookie
wasted summer (highschool au) | to...by ilycourtneypookie
"I wasted like half of my summer tryna hold on your hand" summer is right around the corner, this summer is gonna be different from the others, I just know it.
Is this all a game? (Aleheather) by Bellaquartz
Is this all a game? (Aleheather)by Bella
COMPLETED READ " GETTING HER BACK" AFTER THIS BOOK Total Drama has always been a popular show. So with Chris being desperate to get even more views and ratin...
Getting Her Back (Aleheather) by Bellaquartz
Getting Her Back (Aleheather)by Bella
SEQUEL TO IS THIS ALL A GAME? PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE THIS BOOK! Alejandro didn't expect her to be taken away. All he wanted to do was have the love of his life, run hi...
The Dragon Master by Elisedeluxe
The Dragon Masterby Elisedeluxe
Berk never did recover. Hiccup's disappearance left a large hole in their lives. No one ever realised how important the blacksmith was until he wasn't there anymore. Ast...
Aletyler {Marriage Falls} by R_Ya_Fruity
Aletyler {Marriage Falls}by R_Ya_Fruity
I didn't make the thumbnail, I got it off Pinterest!!!! This surprisingly became a three chapter story LMAO Characters may be out of character BUT I did write this more...
Dancing on glass~an aleheather story by Charlibarliwrites
Dancing on glass~an aleheather sto...by Charlibarliwrites
"Dancing on glass" is my own au.it's and alternate universe where heather is a famous ballerina,but at what cost?this story will be from heathers perspective.h...
Night Rider's rage by yeeter200023
Night Rider's rageby swr_httydluvah
what happens if Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III a abused teenager that is tortured by his father and beat up by the others breaks... what happenesif he can't take it a...
(httyd x monster hunter, valstrax reader) speed unleashed by DragonsBain1
(httyd x monster hunter, valstrax...by DragonsBain1
what would happen if monster hunters very own crimson comet crash landed in the Barbarick archipelago? find out in this story!!! (None of the humans can understand the d...