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Intertwining Destinies by Ginnyclyde
Intertwining Destiniesby Ginny Clyde
Dr. Emerald Bruttenholm is the sole survivor of the Blackwood massacre and is taken to the BPRD to help them investigate the attack. She takes the meeting with the paran...
Slow change of heart: A Hellboy The Golden Army Fanfic  by i_like_pie_1234567
Slow change of heart: A Hellboy Th...by i_like_pie_1234567
Hellboy 2: The golden Army fanfiction Prince Nauda x Oc How the Elvish Prince eventually falls in love. *Completed*
Us kitties try our best... by Smittenkitten21
Us kitties try our best...by Daytona
After Liz left for good, Hellboy started to get depressed. He got worse at listening to people and acts carelessly like he doesn't care if he gets killed. Terrified for...
Abe Sapien x O.C by munkiful
Abe Sapien x O.Cby munkiful
the story of a new "mutant" and how she slowly falls for the resident reptilian and Homo-Sapien cross.
Prince Nuada by hiatus_updates_yes
Prince Nuadaby Baddie_el
An elf who eternally would hate mortals such as humans, his fury for them would never wear out. When he finds out he can gain new powers from a human, from The Dark Elve...
The Angelic and Devilish Swan by Cherrybomb9824
The Angelic and Devilish Swanby Cherrybomb9824
Carman Empusa Swan. The other daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan and Bella's fraternal twin sister. Carman is quiet and often seen as the silent beauty of the Swan famil...
Kroenen love story by Fuckaduck
Kroenen love storyby Fuckaduck
Liz has a kick ass sister who is best friends with Hellboy and Abe, I wonder what happens when she meets a man with a ticking heart.
Hellboy x Oc by JJM112
Hellboy x Ocby JM
Two sisters were called to help them with a great evil Hellboy is still sad over Liz leaving him for John when he gave her everything. "I shouldn't be acting this...
Extraordinary Sight by TashaSnell
Extraordinary Sightby Tasha Snell
Hellboy/OC - Tom Manning's niece, Alex, joins the BPRD as a defense trainer and with the power of premonition unbeknownst to the facility. But after a horrible vision in...
Prince Nuada X Reader  by HAMILTONTRASHYAS
Prince Nuada X Reader by SeaburyLove
You are a historian that studies a old ancient thought to be extinct race of elves and you get a job from a certain agency
The Star who Blocks the Sun by Enchanted0ne
The Star who Blocks the Sunby Araka
Nuada lost his lover, Sanjna, to a sudden invasion from the humans. As Sanjna's spirit was closely tied with the forest, she faded along with the trees and beautiful cle...
Pregnant with His Child by StarletPrime
Pregnant with His Childby Silver & Cross
Hellboy and Liz broke up and went their separate ways, Hellboy falls in love and started Dating a Girl Named Iris and iris finds out she's Pregnant but she doesn't know...
Hellboy's sister (DISCONTINUED) by Epicgamer2013
Hellboy's sister (DISCONTINUED)by Epicgamer2013
What if Hellboy had brought a sister out of the portal with him? This is her story. Hellboy's sister, Aravind, is a kind-hearted person. When she and her brother are fac...
Hellboy X Reader by Pandalion23
Hellboy X Readerby Pandalion23
Hellboy was one of my favorite childhood movies!!! I don't even know why....well yes I do. First, I fell in love with hellboy's misunderstood and hot tempered character...
B.P.R.D. by tfpfangirl13
B.P.R.D.by tfpfangirl13
After Edward left Forks, Bella, Paul, and Leah got job's at the Burke Museum of Natural History. A little while after they start working there a demon called Hellboy sho...
Elijah's hidden daughter by NoSocialLife682
Elijah's hidden daughterby NoSocialLife682
Before Hope Mikaelson was born Elijah had a friend called Ellen who was a very powerful sorceress. One day she came home scared out of her mind because she found out she...
Angels Grace by Tess_witha_Tea
Angels Graceby Tess Cooper
Team Hellboy is summoned to the Vatican after there were reports of an explosion of light. What they find is unexpected, and should be impossible. The team is up against...
Nothing To U. | Lil Peep by -welldamn
Nothing To U. | Lil Peepby <\3
"Worry bout yourself baby I'll be good, I just wanna die in peace tonight." Rest easy hellboy.
praying to the sky | lil peep by wavybvby
praying to the sky | lil peepby almond milk
"you're evil" "it's hot"
Lil Peep Imagines by fading_scars_
Lil Peep Imaginesby fading_scars_
Just a bunch of random Lil Peep X Reader imagines. - - - In Loving Memory Of Gustav Elijah Ahr Rest In Peace Angel, We Miss You❤ "Energy Doesn't Die"